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11.4 Trait Tier List

Hello! Welcome back to another trait tier list this time for patch 11.4! With rerolling falling way out of favor we've seen flexible synergies like Dragonsoul and Slayer rise to the top of the meta. Overall it feels like a much healthier meta than everyone just pressing D which is great. Of course it's still a bit of a mess as most patches are after severe meta shakeups but at least players are rewarded once again for playing flexibly. As usual this tier list is not meant to be a hard guide to follow in terms of what to play as every trait is useful depending on the right situation. Consider it more about the differences in how common each trait is, as well as the impact they have on the meta. With all that said let's get to it!

S Tier

To begin with we have the synergies in the S Tier! This tier consists of Dragonsoul, Slayer, Executioner, Blacksmith and Vanguard! These synergies have a lot of influence on the current meta and are used consistently in most games.

At the top of S Tier we have Dragonsoul! Dragonsoul was rising in popularity at the end of 11.3 and in 11.4 has solidified itself as one of the best traits in the meta. What makes Dragonsoul such a powerful synergy is how well it scales. Right from the early game up until the end of the game it’s going to be useful thanks to the increased stats the blessing provides, and of course the burst of damage the blast does.

One other reason as to why Dragonsoul is doing well are the champions. It has multiple late game carries with Aurelion, Olaf and Swain while having solid early to mid game champions like Tristana, Brand and Shyvana. These factors all come together to make Dragonsoul a top trait for flexible players.

Another trait that exemplifies flexible play is Slayer. Slayer isn’t quite as good as Dragonsoul at scaling all game but once you enter the mid to the late game you’re going to find a lot of players running some variation of this trait. Whether that’s with Olaf as the carry, Tryndamere or simply waiting until late game with Samira. Even Zed is still playable as a Slayer carry, though he’s not quite as common as he used to be. With both Slayer and Dragonsoul it's worth keeping in mind that the B patch did nerf Olaf slightly. He's still going to be one of the best four cost carries but not quite as strong as before the Runaan's Hurricane change. Instead look to maybe play more Tryndamere carry as he's doing well in the meta.

Next we Executioner which is not that flexible of a synergy but is still top tier nonetheless. Kayle is the main reason this synergy is doing well because she’s a solid mid to late game carry. But since Executioner relies so heavily on Kayle that means if you’re not able to two star her or don’t have good items for her, then the chances of placing high are much lower. Basically think of Executioner as a first or eighth synergy, whereas Dragonsoul and Slayer are better for consistent top fours.

Up next is the S Tier mainstay of set 4.5, Blacksmith! The artifacts that Ornn creates are, in general, quite good and will often increase the chances your board will win rounds. Of course there is a difference in power between the artifacts but hitting a strong item like Eternal Winter is going to boost the strength of your board by a large amount.

Vanguard is still the premier frontline synergy for the current meta, especially with Brawlers receiving a nerf in 11.4. Overall the defensive stats make Vanguard champions ideal frontliners but more importantly,  most of them have some form of crowd control. Aatrox, Sejuani and Ornn can fit into any composition and provide a huge boon to your board with their CC. Even Nautilus has a place in the meta with Vanguard/Mystic rising in popularity. Overall if you're in need of a frontline then the best option will be Vanguards, specifically Sejuani as she's one of the most sought after currently.

A Tier

That’s it for S Tier so let’s move on to the synergies in A Tier! This tier consists of Daredevil, Syphoner, Mage, Divine, Cultist, Elderwood, Mystic, Assassin and Brawler! These synergies are commonly used in top four compositions and are all around consistently useful.

Kicking off A Tier we have Daredevil! Samira is still one of the best late game five cost champions, though she did receive a slight nerf as her attack range went down. This hasn’t really affected her too much but it’s worth keeping in mind as positioning her isn’t as easy anymore. Overall though with Slayer being a top trait, Samira is an easy choice to throw onto a late game board.

Next we have Syphoner which is one of the strongest splash traits in the current meta. Spyhoner just fits so well into multiple compositions, especially those using either Slayer or Dragonsoul. This is mainly due to Swain as he enables several synergies and is a late game powerhouse. Unfortunately Nasus has fallen off after several nerfs so this trait does rely mainly on Morgana and Swain to carry it.

Interestingly enough, Mage is not only doing well just because of Aurelion Sol. Okay, yes, he is a major factor in the viability of Mage as a whole but Veigar is a viable option as a secondary carry. Plus there’s the occasional Twisted Fate or even Brand carry, depending on the game. Basically, Mage has far more applications in the current meta than it has in the past and while Aurelion Sol is the best Mage, he’s not the only Mage.

Divine, unfortunately, is back to relying entirely upon Kayle to be relevant in the meta. With Nasus' carry being killed off by the nerf bat, there’s no other viable carry for Divine to be used for besides Kayle. Luckily it’s such a useful trait for Kayle that Divine is naturally pulled up in value. That said if you’re not playing Kayle then it’s likely you won’t find much use for this trait. We will say that even though Divine is more or less attached to Kayle you will see Lee Sin tossed into most late game builds (if there's room). This is because, well, Lee Sin is ridiculous with his instant kill effect. So even if Divine isn't all that common, at least Lee Sin is!

The surprise of 11.4 is the rise of Cultist! Essentially what has happened is that with all of the nerfs that happened in 11.4, Cultists as a whole has gained a lot of value because it was untouched. In fact, 9 Cultists were buffed!

Mixed into that is the shift away from rerolling so that having a strong mid game is important again and six Cultists is one of the best mid games you can have. There’s still a lot of issues with the scaling of Cultists as they don’t have a solid late game carry but as far as the early to mid game goes, Cultists is one of the best. Sivir is a big reason for that mid game doing well, though Cultist doesn't necessarily need her for that. But since she serves well as a mid game carry it makes sense to have her with six Cultists.

Elderwood clings onto relevancy thanks mostly to Aurelion Sol, though Veigar is a decent secondary option as a carry. Xayah is alright but with so many players contesting her in Executioner compositions, it’s difficult to make her the main carry for Elderwoods. But overall Elderwood is an average tier defensive trait that is just there to provide a frontline for Aurelion.

There’s quite a bit of magic damage in the meta which means Mystic is going to be useful as a splash trait. In addition to that we have also seen the rise of Vanguard/Mystic as a top tier composition. But when we’re talking about Mystic it’s mainly because of how easy it is to splash into most compositions.

Assassin is in an interesting spot for the meta as there’s several carries that still rely on it such as Akali, Katarina and Talon. But none of those carries do that well late game. For the most part we are mostly seeing Assassin used in the early and mid game. That’s alright as having a strong board during those parts of the game is important in the current meta.

It's worth noting that Talon received a bug fix in the B patch so we may end up seeing him played more!

And for the last synergy in A Tier we have Brawlers! Brawlers may honestly deserve a lower spot in the tier list but we’re keeping them at the end of A Tier due to their strength in the early game. And if you can secure a Shyvana 2, they still do well in the mid game. But once the game enters stage four and beyond, Brawlers will fall off drastically, so keep that in mind when using them as your frontline.

B Tier

Let’s move onto the B Tier synergies! This tier consists of Spirit, Fabled, Sharpshooter, Duelist, Exile, Warlord, Emperor, Adept and The Boss! Overall these synergies are capable of doing well in the current meta but for the most part are just average at best.

At the top of B tier we have Spirit! Spirit took a bit of a beating in 11.4 as several compositions that used it were nerfed. Zed has fallen off while Diana is no longer a consistent carry. But as far as being used as a splash trait, Spirit is still going strong, but finding a way to fit it into most compositions may prove difficult.

Fabled has risen up in the meta thanks in part to all of the nerfs dished out in 11.4. Plus the meta has slowed down since rerolling is weaker, which means Fabled has a chance to come online in the mid game. Nautilus and Neeko benefit greatly from the Fabled buff and while Cho'Gath is strong without it, having a stun hit the entire board is pretty good.

Overall the issue with Fabled is that you need the trait for Nautilus and Neeko to do well. Outside of Vanguard/Mystic/Fabled you're basically never going to use the trait which makes it far less valuable than a lot of the A and S tier synergies.

Sharpshooter’s are doing better in the meta with Sivir rising up as a mid game carry. But the trait took a heavy hit with Nidalee 3 being nerfed into oblivion. Consider Sharpshooter almost like a splash trait and not really the type of synergy you focus on for carrying. That said it is somewhat useful for Samira if you're running her as a carry late game and there are some builds that utilizing Tristana 3. So there are times where Sharpshooter is going to be more than a splash trait.

Duelist got hit by several nerfs which has lowered it back to being a mid-tier composition at best. It’s still a viable trait to use but it will be weaker in the early and mid game than previously which makes it far less consistent. Yasuo getting nerfed hurt the trait a lot since he was a big part of why Duelist did well during stage two. Heck even Fiora was partly responsible for Duelist's stage two dominance and they even nerfed her! Combine all of the nerfs together and it's not a surprise we're seeing Duelist played less.

Going hand in hand with Duelist is Exile as Yasuo was one of the champions that got nerfed in 11.4. While he is still an okay champion during stage two, he’s far less likely to carry than before. Of course there is still Yone to carry Exile but in reality when you’re thinking about Exile as a trait it’s more about Yasuo in the early game. Yone doesn’t really need Exile to do well.

Sadly patch 11.4 took Warlords down several pegs in the meta as both the trait itself and Katarina got heavy handed nerfs. Katarina is still a viable mid game carry and while you can scale into the late game with her if you three star her, overall Warlords are back to being a stage three synergy and that’s it.

Interestingly enough we have seen the rise of Tryndamere in the meta, but more so with Slayers and not really Warlord. But if you're using Tryndamere as a carry it can be useful to give him the additional stats provided by Warlord.

Next up is Emperor which is still an underwhelming trait. Azir is still a great five cost champion, though with both Keeper and Warlords being weaker in the late game his place in the meta is mostly for his crowd control. That said his sand guards do have use in baiting out abilities from champions like Aatrox or Aurelion Sol but with the target dummy being in the game the sand guards no longer have a unique role. Still, Azir is great so we can’t be too harsh on this trait.

It’s difficult to find a spot for Adept in the meta. Overall it’s still a commonly used splash trait since Irelia is used for Divine, Shen can be splashed in for Mystic and Yone is strong late game. But the issue is how useful is Adept? It’s good against champions like Aurelion Sol that don’t attack quickly or have scaling, but champions like Olaf and Kayle don’t really care much about being slowed. Thus Adept is in a weird limbo state of being a useful splash trait but also not being that useful as it’s entirely dependent upon the lobby.

And the last trait in B Tier is The Boss. Sett is kind of a niche five cost in the current meta. Overall he does provide good damage against late game champions if he’s two stars but finding a place in your composition for him is really difficult outside of maybe Elderwoods.

C Tier

And now we can move onto the last tier, C Tier! This tier consists of Ninja, Keeper, Enlightened and Fortune! These synergies are useful in the right situation but have less of an impact on the meta than the tiers above them.

Ninja fell off pretty substantially in 11.4. For the most part they’ve been replaced by Assassin compositions, or Slayer in the case of Zed. Individually the units are fantastic but as a four piece trait you’re not going to see it used that often.

Okay so Keeper’s are great early game, fall off in stage four and are basically useless late game. That drastic fall off in the mid game is the main reason we have Keeper’s so low on the tier list. But they are really good early game, so don’t bypass them early just because they are weaker later on.

For both Ninja and Keeper we want to highlight a specific champion, Kennen. Kennen has been somewhat underwhelming in set four but after the most recent round of buffs he's a really good three cost champion. This does increase the value of Keeper somewhat, as well as Ninja. But there's not too many late game applications for Kennen at the moment so expect him to mainly be used during the mid game in stages three and four.

Enlightened is still in the same place it has been for a while. It has useful champions like Morgana and occasionally Talon but the trait itself just doesn’t matter that much. And it essentially has no real value outside of those two champions, especially with Fiora receiving a nerf. Enlightened definitely needs some love in future patches to make it a more well rounded trait.

Keep in mind that Talon did receive a bug fix so he may be more common in the meta, though again Enlightened isn't really that important for him.

And the last trait for patch 11.4 is Fortune. We want to make it clear that Fortune is not a bad synergy if used well. It’s only rated so low on the tier list because most players are going to get baited by it and likely lose the game because of it. Since it’s not that great of a synergy for the majority of players we have to place it at the bottom, but we’re well aware that in the right hands Fortune can do really well.


Alright that's it for the trait tier list! Overall the meta is in a better spot than 11.3 but given all of the changes we're likely going to need 11.5 to smooth out all of the issues. Personally I prefer flexible play so I'm happy to see rerolling fall off.

Thank you for reading and if you'd like additional content you can find more over on the GiantslayerTFT YouTube here and twitter here! You can also follow me on twitter here!

And as usual I recommend checking out as it's a great resource for TFT!

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