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Top 10: New Items 11.2

Hihi! Welcome back to another article talking about the TFT meta! Well, this isn't exactly about the meta because this is a top ten list of the new items introduced in set 4.5. I'm talking about the Ornn artifact items as well as the items you can get from the Lucky Lantern. For anyone that isn't familiar with these items, basically Ornn has the Blacksmith trait and after a certain amount of rounds (depending on his star level) he will craft special 'artifact' items. 

The Lucky Lantern on the other hand is a special loot box that has a chance to appear every game with an assortment of things inside it, some of which can be four new consumables known as Loaded Dice, Magnetic Remover, Training Dummy and Reforger. In both cases you're not guaranteed to find these items so that's why I'm doing a top ten with just these new ones. 

With that in mind you should definitely take this list with a huge grain of salt because you're going to use these items if you get them. But it is good to know the power levels for each of them so you can judge the situation accurately when you come across them. That was a pretty long winded introduction so let's go ahead and get started!

10. Obsidian Cleaver

Alright up first in the tenth spot is Obsidian Cleaver. As you can see above it's going to shred the armor and magic resistance of any enemy unit hit by either the spells or attacks of the champion you give the item too. It's a powerful effect -- as practically all of the artifacts are, but to me it isn't as strong as some of the other items you can get. Of course, as mentioned in the introduction, you don't really have a choice as to which artifact you get so hey if you end up with a Cleaver you're going to use it.

It's a decent carry item though ideally you will want it on someone either casting frequently or attacking fast. Immediately what comes to mind is Kayle who will get a lot of value from the shredding effect. That said it's not exactly the ideal item for her, which is the main drawback of Obsidian. By the time you're going to be getting an Ornn artifact you're likely already on full or near full items for your primary carry. 

For champions like Kayle you want specific items for them so it's hard to factor in an item like Obsidian Cleaver. That means you may want to consider this item for secondary carries, leaning towards champions that can apply the shred quick enough so your primary carry can do more damage. Overall it's a useful item but may not always fit that well into your composition.

9. Magnetic Remover

Next at number nine is Magnetic Remover. This is an item you can get from the Lucky Lantern that has... well, niche uses. It can be quite useful in the right situation or you may get it later on in the game and not really find yourself having much use for it. Despite all of that I find it to be one of the better consumables you get from the Lucky Lantern because it adds flexibility to your board.

You can slap items onto a champion that you want to keep and then pop them off once you get a carry, or a better champion to use those items. It also really helps a lot when you want a specific component from the carousel but the champion it's attached to is going to automatically upgrade to a two star. In that case you can just pop the item off afterwards.

So yeah, it's not as crazy of a consumable as Neeko's Help or another item we'll talk about later but it's certainly useful in the right circumstance.

8. Rocket-Propelled Fist

Coming in at number eight is Rocket-Propelled Fist, also known as Blitzcrank as that's what the effect is. I've always loved the gameplay that Blitzcrank adds to the game because it punishes players not paying attention and rewards others that actively scout. But in the climate of set four there's quite a few ways to counter an item like this.

Quicksilver is the most obvious, as well as Trapclaw though that's far less common on a backline carry. But Quicksilver is commonly used on backline carries and is core for them most of the time. Another way to counter it is simply by not having your important champions in the corner or use bait like Azir's sand guards. And just scouting is an easy way to play around it as well.

Despite all of those potential downsides I still rate this item (relatively) high because it changes the flow of the game and forces players to react to it. It can be a cheeky way to cheese a round just like Zephyr and clever positioning can also reward the player. It's not the best item but definitely useful.

7. Gold Collector

Next is the Gold Collector at number seven. Honestly I could see this item being rated much higher because an execute is really strong. But since it's only at 10% it may not matter as much so it's kind of a toss up to me whether it is really good or just slightly above average. I'm sure there's ways to math it out that can answer these questions but just from looking at it and using it I've felt like it's good but not overpowered.

I do really like the theme of the item as well as the implication it has on champions that hit multiple units. Again we can use Kayle as an example but another champion to consider is Samira. Toss this on Samira and when she dashes in to cast her ability she could very well wipe multiple champions with the execute.

The gold per kill is more of a gimmick in my opinion than anything. Objectively it's always good to get more gold and I have noticed you get a decent amount of it each round. But the downside to it is that by the time Ornn comes into play and you get this item the extra gold may not be as impactful as some other items effects. Still, I'll never turn down extra gold and if you high roll an early Ornn and get this item you may be able to push your economy to a faster level nine.

All in all I like this item as the execute has a lot of potential.

6. Zhonya's Paradox

Moving along we've got the number six item, Zhonya's Paradox. It's a neat item that basically saves the unit wearing it, similar to something like Guardian's Angel or Zilean. While it doesn't behave exactly the same as those the end result is the same; keeping a unit alive longer. Honestly it's pretty simple on paper so there's not much to think about when you get it, just toss it on the champion you don't want getting killed too quickly. That simplicity keeps it from being higher on the list but effect is useful enough to be middle of the pack.

5. Anima Visage

Next up is Anima Visage at number five. I absolutely love the idea of this item on certain champions, specifically high health units like Brawlers. The amount they can heal with it is crazy. Shyvana, for example, gets a lot of value if you give it to her with both her traits and her ultimate. Sure it's a niche item because you won't always have high health champions to give it to but in the games that you do it's going to be insanely valuable.

The downside is not having an ideal champion to give it to or if other players are running healing reduction, assuming it works against this item. Since items like Sunfire Cape are quite common it's likely they will have healing reduction which does lower the usefulness of this item. Still, it's my favorite artifact because it can make certain champions nearly un-killable, though I recognize that isn't exactly the healthiest balance. 

4. Death's Defiance

At number four we have Death's Defiance! Now we're really getting into the borderline overpowered items as this artifact can be absolutely bonkers on the right champion. While yes the damage is non-lethal, if you have it on a champion like Swain the non-lethal damage will basically not matter since he's going to be dealing his own damage along with it.

Currently the meta revolves a lot around strong frontline, especially with Vanguards being so good currently. Not to mention other champions like, as mentioned, Swain. Giving Death's Defiance to them basically guarantees a lot of extra damage being done to the enemy team. Sure it may be weaker against burst compositions but there's enough sustained damage in the meta that you will get a lot of value out of this item.

3. Eternal Winter

At number three we have Eternal Winter. I'm not completely well versed on the buffs and nerfs each artifact underwent on the PBE but I know this item used to be even stronger than it already is. But even with the nerfs it's still one of the best artifact items you can get as slowing the attack speed of a champion damaging the unit is really good.

Frozen Heart is the obvious item to compare Eternal Winter to and that one is about proximity, meaning you won't always be able to get the slowing affect on the enemy carry. Eternal Winter, on the other hand, is when the wearer is being damaged, so any stray AoE or sustained attacks against them will slow that unit by 50% for two seconds. And on top of that if it happens five times they are then frozen, or stunned, for two seconds. That's.. really good, like really good, even if it can only happen once every ten seconds.

Again like with Death's Defiance there's a big emphasis on having a strong frontline which this item will help with a lot. It's easily the second best artifact you can get and in some cases the best.

2. Manazane

As for the best artifact you can get well, that's Manazane which comes in at number two on the list. I rate this item as the best Ornn artifact because of how good it can be on certain champions. On paper it sounds like a spammable champion would do well with it since they'll be able to cast again soon after but no, instead give it to champions with larger mana pools. The reason is simply that those champions have high mana pools because their spells are really impactful.

For example, my favorite champion to give this item to is Zilean. Slap it on him and once he casts, his next cast will be really quick and basically give your board a huge advantage. Or put it on a frontline champion with good CC like Sejuani that you want to guarantee a second cast off their ability. Basically any champion with a large mana pool is going to love this item.

The downside is that you may not always have a great champion to give it to, which is why it is interchangeable as the best artifact with Eternal Winter in my opinion. Both are really good but they shine the brightest in the right situation. I do admit I am also inherently biased towards mana-gaining items as I want impactful spells to go off multiple times in a fight, so other players that lean towards a different playstyle may not value this artifact as high.

1. Loaded Dice

And the number one item on the list is Loaded Dice! Quite frankly this consumable is absolutely bonkers. When used properly it has huge potential to give your board a huge power spiker. It's honestly a bit too good and does add an extra layer of randomness to the game that I'm personally not a fan of. Sure when it drops every player will have it but take for example one player uses it and only rolls champions they don't need where another hits multiple of the same champion and get a really fast three star.

While that example may be extreme it's not improbable, especially since players have begun already solving the best times to use the item. In any case there's no real contest for the best new item added in 4.5 as Loaded Dice easily wears that crown.

Honorable Mentions

Alright that was it for the top ten list but there's still a few more new items to talk about as honorable mentions. Keep in mind that again, these new items are ones you can not build so if you get them you're going to use them, but it does help being aware that these four are just a bit lacking compared to the top ten.

First up is Target Dummy. This consumable can be useful since it's basically a free sand guard, plus the health will scale throughout the game. So it's not bad, but it's not great, it's just average and not as exciting as the other new items. It's certainly not game changing but at the end of the day extra health is going to be useful.

The last Lucky Lantern item to talk about is the Reforger. I think this item can high-roll and be insane but in my experience it's mostly been underwhelming. I do like that it adds an option to change existing items but since it's random... well, it doesn't always pay off. But if you do use it generally you have components or items that you don't have much use for so at worst you have a neutral result and at best you get a better item. I like it but again, it's so far been really underwhelming in my experience.

The second to last Ornn artifact is Randuin's Sanctum. Despite only being an honorable mention I do think this item is amazing in the front line since it's just a defensive stat boost. The issue with it is mostly the range as it's only affecting adjacent champions so it makes for awkward positioning to really get the most value out of it. Because of the awkwardness it can cause I do think it's one of the weaker artifacts since you rarely get full value.

And the last item to talk about is Infinity Force. Really the item is good because holy cow does it give a ton of extra stats. But... that's all it does, it has no additional effects. Because of that I can't really rate it higher than other artifacts because most of them have at least some impact on the game whereas Infinity Force is just more stats for one champion. It's good, but lacking the same flair the other artifacts have.


That's the end of the list! I do want to make it clear that the intent of rating these items is to give players an idea of what potential each artifact and consumable has. That way when you're in game you'll have a better idea of your relative strength when compared to the rest of the lobby. With other items in the game I can directly compare them because it's possible to obtain them consistently which is not the case for both artifacts and Lucky Lantern consumables.

With all that said the new additions to the game are... interesting, though in some cases they feel like they didn't really need to be added (cough Loaded Dice cough). I'm sure the understanding surrounding these items will change as everyone plays set 4.5 more and gets better but for now having a baseline idea of their strengths should (hopefully) be useful in your games.

Thank you for reading and if you want to see more content check out the GiantslayerTFT YouTube here and twitter here! My articles get posted on the twitter when they go live and we put out regular YouTube videos. Usually my blogs are companion pieces to those videos so most of the time you can choose between watching a video or reading. And if you'd like to you can find my on twitter here.

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