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TFT Fates Qualifier 4 Preview

During the weekend of February 26th, Giant Slayer will be holding the Fates Qualifier 4 for Teamfight Tactics. Twenty-four players from across NA will compete for a spot at North America’s Regional Finals. 

Amongst the 24 players in the Fates Qualifier 4 there were four different methods of qualification. 10 of the 24 players qualify for the event based on being at the top of the TFT ladder. This snapshot of the ladder is taken on February 24th. The next eight players qualify from Open Qualifiers. Four players qualified based on their placement from the last Qualifier. The final two players gain their ticket to the event from the Challenger Series events, one of these was on February 8th and the other takes place on the 22nd.


Of the 24 players, five already qualified for the event. Four of these players, GrandVice8, Bertasaurus, Robinsongz, and SpencerTFT punched their ticket to this Qualifier due to their performance in the previous Fates Qualifier. The other player, Nostereleven qualified for the event by winning the Challenger Series Event that took place on February 8th.


GrandVice8 is a TFT streamer for Team Fade2Karma. GrandVice8, Lightcharger main, has been a top five player for most of the first three seasons as well as ending in Top 3 in Sets 2,3, and 3.5. GV8 really enjoys playing Syphoners for the drain tank potential. GV8’s most important focus in the game is knowing appropriate tempo. As a more cerebral player, GV8 says that knowing when to push vs. econ matters a ton. GV8 also says that he would choose to be Nunu of all the champs from the set, posting a very full pepe as his reasoning.


Bertasaurus climbed the ladder quietly this set, only streaming for the Qualifier they played in. Bertasaurus currently sits at ninth on the ladder with an impressive 744 LP in Challenger at the time of writing this introduction. Bertasuarus, a Molediver main, favors focusing on itemization in the current meta. He is a major fan of playing Wukong Reroll in Set 4.5, but also offered up 6 Keeper as his favorite composition in Set 4. As a fun extra bit of information, Bertasaurus chose Teemo as the unit he would be from the current set. His reasoning being that he enjoys playing Teemo on Summoner’s Rift.


Another major TFT streamer and Molediver main, Robinsongz earned his spot in the Fates Qualifier through the previous Cloud 9 Qualifier, placing fourth. Robinsongz held rank #25 during Set 1 and continued to place highly on the ladder in each Set following. Robinsongz fights for his second attempt at the NA Worlds Qualifiers with this event. As an Elderwood Aurelion Sol fan, it makes sense that Robin believes that the most important piece of the game is having a good chosen. Robinsonz chose Sett as the unit he would choose to be from this set.


The final player who qualified through the Cloud9 Fates Qualifier is SpencerTFT. SpencerTFT, a Molediver main, held Challenger each set since the conception of the game and is one of the youngest players in the tournament so far. Spencer's preferred composition is Spirit Zed. He also recommends focusing on Econ during your games in the Set. His reasoning being that since the release of the game the Top 10 players have always been econ players. For Spencer's unit of choice, he would choose to be Aurelion Sol because he is very strong.


Nostereleven, the final known quantity and Bloodmoon Umbra main, won the Challenger Series event on February 8th gaining their spot in the Fates Qualifier 4 event. Noster won the first game of the day with an early Dragonsoul Tristana Carry which they eventually adjusted into a Vanguard/Brawler comp. Noster quietly gained points until Game Five when he pulled out a Warlord Sharpshooter comp to win the spot in the Qualifiers. Nostereleven enjoys playing Elderwood comps and prioritizes picking the right comp in the current TFT Meta. Noster also states that he would choose to be Sett because “BOOM!”


Watch these 5 and 19 other players from across the competitive scene fight for their spot in North America’s Regional Finals. Watch the event on at 4:00 PM PT on February 26th and 27th. The final five games of the event will premiere on at 4:00 PM PT on February 28th.

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