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Thoughts On The New Classes?

Hey everyone! Prism here.


Over the past two days we've learned a bit more about some of the new traits coming to the mid-set expansion of TFT Set 4! For those who have missed it, I'll post the links to the Twitter posts below.



Both of these classes excel at killing low health targets! These are similar to Hunters, except that Hunters auto-targeted low health enemies with their trait. It seems like Slayers and Executioners will have to get the units to low health before their traits kick in.


With Yuumi being the only other unit that I can think of that heals other units directly, positioning seems more important when playing against these traits. It is not stated that Slayers will be able to jump or teleport like how Assassins or the now-extinct Shades do, so I wonder if that will be another bonus for Slayers.


What do you all think of these two traits? How are you planning on playing around them when they come out? Are you more content with these low-health traits than you were with Hunters?


Thank for reading!

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