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Wild Rift Summoner Series: Second Circuit - Major 2 Recap

Wild Rift Summoner Series Major 2! The past month all came down to this, the top teams from Major 1 at the start of the month were joined by the top teams from Circuit 2’s Qualifiers. Together they’d not only be fighting for their share of a $10,000 prize pot, but also to automatically qualify further in this series of events. The top two qualifying straight to the Regional Championships, while #3 to #6 go straight to Major 3 without the need to requalify.


Immortals vs Grilled Cheese

Day 1 kicked off with Immortals vs Grilled Cheese, and while Grilled Cheese picked a bit of a left-field composition for Game 1, they did grab the Singed that had helped them find their First Seed in Qualifier 1. This time, it wasn’t enough to stop the engage coming from Immortals. With every Champion having some sort of crowd control, and multiple long range or global abilities, once Immortals got their lead they were able to push it. When Grilled Cheese thought they caught YikeZ around the 15 minute Dragon, they thought they’d found a way back into the game. Immortals quickly collapsed, using a Galio Ultimate and Camille Teleport to answer the engage; finding an Ace and finishing the game. Over 10k Gold lead and 17-6 in Immortals favour.

Immortals came into Game 2 with new additions to their draft bringing in the Akali to add some spice; while also drafting Galio for the engage and global presence. In response, learning their Game 1 lesson, and also as an answer to Akali, Grilled Cheese drafted hefty engage with Gragas and Vi leading a well-rounded composition. Immortals hit the ground running here, getting a Gold lead through farm within minutes and also claiming Double Scuttle. By 6 minutes, Immortals were 5k Gold up, having destroyed both the Baron lane Towers, and 4-0 on Kills. Grilled Cheese made sure to put a stain on Immortals’ scoreline, taking it to 16-3 before the game was closed out. It was a strong performance from Immortals to kick off the day, showing their ability to find leads and snowball.

Elsewhere, we saw Tribe Gaming come out ahead against Farewell Boba, and Cloud 9 found their victory against Sentinels. The only series to go to three games was NME vs Brawl Stars Pros, which the former came out of victorious.



Tribe Gaming NA vs Immortals

We continued to follow Immortals’ journey, this time as they faced Tribe Gaming in Round 2. Tribe NA were here as the reigning champions, having won Major 1 to claim their spot at Major 2. These titans clashed straight from the get-go in Game 1, and the early game was filled with skirmishes and Jungle invades, blinking health bars all round; but it took until 4:40 for the first kill to come through. After an insanely even 10 minutes of play, the end began as Tribe Gaming claimed the second Dragon for themselves. Looking for priority in the Middle lane, it looked like Immortals where b-lining straight to Baron as a response to Tribe taking the Dragon, but they turned for a fight thinking they had the advantage. They did not.

It took one more Baron, and the ensuing fight, for Tribe Gaming to close the game. Only 7-3 on Kills, but over 11k ahead on Gold.

(Game 1 Gold Graph)

Tribe Gaming took control of Game 2 right from the start, priority in lanes meant they could sneak a little Gold lead from early on. Running the Nasus and Senna Dragon lane gave them even more power to play around, especially after MaxGreen’s Nasus claimed First Blood. While Immortals fought to find picks, Tribe Gaming controlled the map and objectives. With Baron buffing them up, Tribe NA grouped for an easy push, one that Immortals could not defend against. While Immortals didn’t necessarily let Tribe run away with the game, they couldn’t stop them from the 13:40 finish. 12k Gold up and 10-3 on Kills. Tribe were here to make a statement, and their eyes were on the Regional Championships.


NME vs Cloud 9

Cloud 9 started Game 1 fighting for priority in lanes, even bringing their Kai’Sa and Leona from the Dragon lane to Mid to support Meals, as Cloud 9 fought to give their Twisted Fate priority and the ability to use his Ultimate efficiently. This meant Cloud 9 thought they had control over the Dragon-side river, and they collapsed on what they thought would be a pick but they quickly found themselves on the losing side of a three for nothing trade; giving over a near 2k Gold lead to NME in the first couple of minutes. The grave was essentially dug just 5 minutes into the game, with DNZio flashing forward to pick up a Quadrakill on Xayah as the teams fought around Dragon. A couple more fights and a Baron buff is all NME needed to take Game 1 of this series.

Game 2 went similarly for Cloud 9, with them somehow being caught in their own Blue-side Jungle to give over two Kills to NME just minutes into the game. While it wasn’t a huge lead for NME, it just seemed like Cloud 9 were falling apart as they couldn’t fight, and this just put NME further and further ahead. Being over 5k Gold up and 10-2 on Kills at just 10 minutes meant that NME weren’t afraid to push their advantage further; claiming Baron and another fight at 11 minutes before closing the game before the 13th. NME came in as the second seed from Major 1, and they were lining themselves up for a rematch against Tribe.


Tribe Gaming NA vs NME

The Major 1 rematch was here for the Upper Finals, and Tribe vs NME didn’t disappoint. Game 1 kicked off with an ARAM, as the Jungler’s positioned themselves ready to start their clears as the rest of their team faced off in the Middle lane. A quick skirmish didn’t amount to anything, and the teams moved back to their lanes; trading with their opposite number as they moved across the map. A split map started to come in, Tribe Gaming diving the Dragon lane, trading two for one as Ttigers fell to the Tower, as NME had a more clean dive, killing Chuck in the Baron lane.

The game stayed even, as the teams traded blows, but Tribe Gaming took the lead as they claimed First Tower and the first Dragon. A fight over the first Rift Herald was a massacre, and Tribe soon found themselves 10-6 on Kills and 5k Gold ahead before we hit the 7th minute of the game. Chuck’s Darius allowed Tribe to push their advantage, plenty of Rocketbelt Apprehends to engage meant a 6/1/10 scoreline for Tribe’s Baron laner.

Game 2 opened with another ARAM, but this time NME were able to find a kill onto Chuck as the Renekton tried to go to his Baron lane. As with the first game, the teams traded blows constantly. Tribe were eventually able to edge a lead, sitting 7-4 after claiming a 13-minute Baron. NME punched back, getting an Ace less than a minute later as the teams squared up around the Dragon; with Janna’s Zephyr following Twisted Fate through the Destiny to clean up the fight.

The teams came to bash heads again in the 17th minute in a 5v5, this time it went pretty evenly; NME backed away as their health started to dwindle. Starting had other ideas however, flashing forward and throwing a Red Card to slow NME’s escape as it hit four members. The slow allowed MaxGreen’s Nasus to flash forward and start the clean-up, and it set Tribe Gaming up for a 4k Gold lead as they went into the final fight of the game. The series ended at 19:20, with Tribe Gaming 10k up on Gold as they took one step closer to the $5k prize.

This put NME straight to the Lower Bracket Finals, in prime position to get a rematch in the Grand Finals.



Cloud 9 vs Grilled Cheese

Day 2 of Major 2 started with Cloud 9 taking on Grilled Cheese in their Lower Bracket series, fighting to keep themselves alive in this event. Cloud 9 opened the series with a relatively standard draft, while Grilled Cheese came in with curveballs. A Master Yi for the Jungle was just the beginning, as we saw a Vayne in the Middle lane meaning Galio was sent to the Dragon lane. While we thought this could just be Grilled Cheese copying Cloud 9’s Qualifier tactics, putting their duo lane Mid, the Jungle instead became the duo as Yi found himself supported by a Stove’s Lulu. This all didn’t work out for Grilled Cheese however, and Cloud 9 were able to punish the fact that Galio was 1v2 against a Varus; defenceless to the push, especially as they brought the Jungler and Ziggs down to claim the first Tower. By time we saw the first fight at just 4 minutes, Cloud 9 were over 2k up on Gold just through farm and Towers. Cloud 9 were able to continue to strangle Grilled Cheese of resources, denying objectives and growing their lead until they became untouchable. The scoreline reflected in the game end time, 15-6 as the Nexus fell at 15:06, Cloud 9 nearly 20k ahead on Gold.

With the experiment failed, Grilled Cheese went back to the drawing board, coming into Game 2 with something a little more standard. The game started with Cloud 9 pressuring the Baron side of the map, using their priority especially in the Mid lane to roam around the map. This time, it spelt doom, and their catch onto Tekshi’s Darius in Grilled Cheese’s Jungle turned into two Kills for Grilled Cheese. It was the smallest of leads, and it didn’t last long. A Dragon fight was the start of the end of Grilled Cheese’s Major 2, as they were engaged on in a choke point, against a Gragas, Alistar, Lucian and Corki, bringing the AoE pain from Cloud 9. From there, all Grilled Cheese could do was delay the inevitable. A closer game, but Cloud 9 still came out on top. 13k Gold lead, 18-6 on Kills.


Immortals vs Sentinels

Our second series saw us flip to the other side of the Lower Bracket, with Immortals taking on Sentinels. This matchup happened in the exact same round of the Lower Bracket in Major 1, with Immortals coming out on top. Could Sentinels get their revenge?

Immortals came into Game 1 with a plan, Hoon’s Yasuo backed up by various knock-ups. While we were all hoping for a huge five-man Malphite Ultimate to set up for the Yasuo, it was never needed. Immortals had enough tools to find picks and engages, winning skirmishes and having one of the cleanest games we’ve seen this event. Immortals closed the game at 16:36, the only stain on their clean sheet was the two Towers that Sentinels had destroyed, apart from that it was a deathless game and a 22k Gold lead.

Game 2 was messier, Sentinels picking the Yasuo this time to show Immortals how it’s done. Immortals played on the edge, dancing around death in the hopes of finding advantages as they dived in the Dragon lane; but the teams stayed even for the first few minutes. It was a 4-minute Rift Herald fight that saw Sentinels draw First Blood, Beginnings’ Alistar setting up for Yasuo’s Last Breath.

MTS tried to put Sentinels on the Riven’s back, finishing the game 7/0/2, but Immortals held on despite the odds. Sentinels stacked the Dragons, but it was Immortals that took the Elder Infernal Dragon. With a brief respite, Immortals then moved for Baron to allow them to finish the game. Ending the incredible game in the 25th minute, just 10k Gold separating the 18-11 teams.


Cloud 9 vs Immortals

This set Immortals and Cloud 9 up for a Lower Bracket Semifinals matchup. Again, these teams met in the same round of the Lower Bracket in Major 1, with Cloud 9 taking the win. Immortals were here for revenge.

With so much AoE on the side of both teams in Game 1, the first teamfight was explosive. Fighting over the Rift Herald, Immortals threw out an Ezreal Ultimate, Nami Ultimate, Corki Package, Gragas Ultimate and Graves Ultimate; netting themselves two Kills as Cloud 9 couldn’t quite respond. With little engage on either side, it meant fights were around objectives as both teams were forced to meet.  Every Dragon meant a fight, and Cloud 9 soon found themselves in the lead with two Dragons to their name and leading on Kills; but Immortals held onto the Gold lead. With Immortals then able to claim the Elder Ocean Dragon, Cloud 9 tried to sneak away the Baron. The ensuing fight lasted for nearly a minute, with an Ace coming through for Immortals. With 40 second death timers it was an easy end for them, closing the game out in 20 minutes, as close as it could be.

Game 2 was all or nothing for Cloud 9, the threat of being knocked out of the bracket meant they drafted power. Malphite and Wukong to give them engage, with Draven to provide damage. It couldn’t have started better for them, with Jxcki’s Draven grabbing First Blood in a 2v2 Dragon lane skirmish just a minute into the game. Within minutes, both Junglers joined the Dragon lane party, clashing in a 3v3 that went the way of Cloud 9 once more; 4-0 up before the fourth minute.
With priority in the Dragon-side of the map, Cloud 9 took control of the objective. In return, Immortals took the Rift Herald; keeping them in the game through the Gold it provided as it knocked down Towers, and also allowing IraqiZorro to leave lane and influence the rest of the map. This proved vital, as the Akali led Immortals to winning fights, the Dragon lane cleaning up as Immortals closed the gap.
With Dragons being a win condition for Cloud 9, they looked to claim the third at 13 minutes. Unlucky for some, unlucky for Cloud 9. They claimed the objective, but in return Immortals claimed a Quadrakill for IraqiZorro. With Baron in Immortals’ hands, Cloud 9 looked to fight as a way to halt the inevitable push; but Immortals had Teleports to respond and a 10/2 Akali appeared. A Quadrakill came in for Gume this time, as Immortals found the Ace to end the game. Cloud 9 fought, but Immortals lived to their name just wouldn’t die.


NME vs Immortals

We moved on to the Loser’s Finals. While both NME and Immortals were set up for a podium finish, and a trip to Major 3 at least, a win meant a spot in the Grand Finals and being seeded straight to the NA Regional Championship.

Both teams were poised offensively to start Game 1, but neither were willing to commit to Level 1 plays; showing that both were ready to fight, but also unwilling to make mistakes. The game instantly swung in NME’s favour as DNZio was able to turn a fight with a beautiful Bladecaller. NME never let go of their 2-0 lead, and even though Immortals sought for advantages, NME kept their lead steady for the first ten minutes.
Immortals found a pick onto Aluy in the Dragon lane, meaning that rest of NME tried to burn the Baron with the numbers advantage. This is where the action begun. Immortals ran straight to the objective, not only getting a kill before the fight really begun, but also stealing the Baron away. In the ensuing 3v5, NME still somehow came out on top. Not only getting an Ace, but also wiping the Baron buff off of all of Immortals. When the teams met once more at the respawned Baron, NME were able to find a four for one trade. Truth’s Corki went legendary, and NME took the game at 19:26.

Game 2 started slow. With a Nasus Senna in the Dragon lane, it was clear there wouldn’t be a lot of action for a while; the only real movement was Immortals making good use of the Rift Herald in the Baron lane to claim an early 2k Gold lead.
As we approached the second Dragon of the game, even Gold and a 1-2 scoreline, NME found their opportunity to take firm control of the game. With the likes of Kai’Sa, Malphite, Xin Zhao and Katarina on NME’s side, it was easy for them to get onto Immortals’ backline. An easy four for one trade, and a Dragon went their way.
A fearless and fed Kai’Sa led NME’s charge, and we’ve all be against a fed Katarina. IraqiZorro led Immortals’ defence, singlehandedly drawing the game out and giving Immortals a way to contest the game. When IragiZorro fell as Immortals tried to contest the 17-minute Baron, it allowed NME to freely take the game; claiming Baron, taking another fight, and ending the series. Immortals were so close to bringing it back, but NME found the opening needed to get their rematch with Tribe Gaming.



Tribe Gaming NA vs NME

These teams took a similar path to the Grand Finals in Major 1, where they clashed in a five game series to end the Circuit. This time, Tribe were looking strong having not dropped a single game through the bracket, but we knew NME weren’t exactly slouches. This was a hype matchup as the teams fought for the lion’s share of the $10,000 prize pot.

Draft for Game 1 gave us throwbacks, NME bringing in the Xayah and Katarina they had just shown success on in the preceding series, while Twisted Fate came in for Tribe after the dominant performance in their previous series the day before. We instantly saw the power of Tribe’s composition, utilising the pick potential to dive the Dragon lane within the first two minutes; an easy First Blood for Starting’s Twisted Fate. As revenge, Truth found a solokill with his Katarina onto the TF. While the game seemed even, NME found success with their teamfight-orientated composition as the skirmishes began; the Dragon lane even turning a 2v3 into a Triplekill for DNZio’s Xayah.

The game swung back and forth like a pendulum, but when it mattered, Tribe found the fights they needed to take Game 1.

(Game 1 Gold Graph)

Game 2 saw NME bring something new to the table. Banning away disengage Champions, like Nami and Janna, gave NME room to bring in the likes of Fiora and Darius without the worry of being kited. In return, Tribe ran back the pick composition; with Twisted Fate and Renekton for the single target, point-and-click stuns.

By the 6th minute NME had grown impatient, Tribe had quietly begun to accrue a Gold lead, so they decided to throw four members at the Dragon lane. We saw a Seraphine Encore and Varus Chain of Corruption help to stave off NME’s engage, Selmaw’s Exploding Cask not doing quite enough for NME's engage, and a Piercing Arrow still came through for First Blood onto NME Aluy. Tribe continued to find picks, and by 10 minutes they were a comfortable 7k Gold ahead and a clean 4-0. NME finally found their first Kill at 14:10 with a huge Gragas Ultimate into a Darius’ Apprehend, sending Oldskool to the grey screen as Tribe sieged with Baron. This was only a bump in the road, and Tribe finally finished the game at 16:20. A clean game, with a 12-1 scoreline and 8-0 on Towers. Match point.

Game 3 came and Tribe came back with a pick composition once more, Xayah once more in play and a Camille and Twisted Fate to lock people down. NME, on the other hand, went back to what worked in their Losers’ Finals series. A dive composition with Kai’Sa, Lee Sin, and Rakan to lead it. This was do or die for NME, and they were here to do.

Tribe weren’t willing to wait around this time, pushing for a kill onto Tibe within the first couple of minutes. A beautiful Bladecaller gave Tribe two Kills, after Selmaw took First Blood. The blood thirsty Support was targeted, however, as Ttigers ganked the Dragon lane to shut the Gragas down and give Tribe the slight Gold lead.

As the game got bloodier, it got closer. NME took the lead in terms of Kills, but Tribe held the Gold lead, controlling objectives as they led in Dragons and Towers.  With control over the map, and the confidence to boot, as soon as Tribe got a couple of Kills, they headed straight to Baron.
As a response, NME looked for picks, and thought they found two in the Dragon lane. By time they had realised they had gone top deep, it was too late. The hunters became the hunted, and Twisted Fate, Darius, and Camille were able to close the gap onto their prey; a 13-minute Ace came through, and with Baron it was an easy push for the win.

With the series win, Tribe not only claimed their $5,000 prize, but also the First Seed going into the Regional Championship. NME, of course, follow as the Second Seed with a $2,000 prize; not something to be sniffed at.



We will see Immortals, Cloud 9, Grilled Cheese and Sentinels in Major 3; everyone, and anyone, else still have another Circuit they can qualify through, and the Last Chance Qualifier.
For now, we look to Tribe as NA’s hope at Worlds. This team is a cohesive unit that control the map, winning in every position. They didn’t drop a single game at this Major. Impressively, in the past two Majors they’ve only dropped three games; that is three out of twenty one games played. While all teams will be scrambling to make the NA Regional Championships, they now also have to answer the question of just how they can beat Tribe Gaming NA.


"Tribe are the train conductors ~ CHOO CHOO ~ Tribe all the way"


You can still sign up for next week’s Qualifier as we go into the Third Circuit! And make sure to be here to watch the action if you’re not playing!
Also, did you know the Wild Rift Summoner Series NA Regional Championships have been locked in for October 8-10? We’re building up to that $70,000 prize pot!

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