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I feel like not even challenger players understand how magic resistance and armor works. 
If I were to state, that if my Vayne has 900 health and i get 4 mystic synergy active (ignoring for a second Vayne base mr), that means my Vayne now has a 900 increased health against magic dmg, and if I added another 100 mr (200 mr), that would increase that health another 900, a shocking majority of people would disagree with me here. 

The normal argument against this is, they refer me to how league of legends client counts magic resistance dmg reduction when you hover your mouse over the MR UI, and it gives you a percentage, like 56% reduction. And the more Mr you add, the less the percentage changes. The problem with the percentage is, it gives the perception that MR is less and less effective as you gain more and more, but this is not actually the case. No matter how much mr you have, if you add 1 magic res, your units gets 1% more health against magic dmg. Meaning, the enemy has to output 1% more magic dmg to kill that unit than they did before. 

Lets read from the league of legends wiki on how mr works. 

"Every point of magic resistance requires a unit to take 1% more of its maximum health in magic damage to be killed. This is called "effective health".

Example: A unit with 60 magic resistance has 160% of its maximum health in its effective health, so if the unit has 1000 maximum health, it will take 1600 magic damage to kill it.

What this means: by definition, magic resistance does not have diminishing returns, because each point increases the unit's effective health against magic damage by 1% of its current actual health value whether the unit has 10 magic resistance or 1000 magic resistance."

There is of course an equation for when you should buy health (i.e warmog) and when you get mr (mystic), which is a more difficult task, and I don't rly care for that. I just need folks to understand how magic res works, so it makes it more clear for them when to put in no mystic, 2 mystic or 4 mystic, or even 6 mystic. It can be a bit counter-intuitive at first, but it makes perfect sense. 

The thing that I use to get wrong was: I thought that, magic res works like a shield, if you get 100 mr, then that gives you a shield that is equal to your max health against magic dmg. But this perception is incorrect because how mr works, is, it makes each 1 point of your hp, more tanky against magic dmg. So, if you have 1 hp, and the enemy unit has 1 magic dmg per spell, and you have 4 mystic (100 mr), the enemy unit has to do their spell TWICE, to kill your unit with 1 health. And the first spell, will make ur unit have 50% health, and the next spell will reduce that health to 0%, therefore kill your unit. Each unit of health becomes more tanky against magic dmg. That's it. But the shield "perception" is easier to understand, and is essentially not "TOO" incorrect. Practically correct.

Tl;dr if your vayne is 2 star, it has 900 health, if you have 4 mystic, that means, enemy has to ouput 1800 magic dmg to kill your Vayne. That's 100% more dmg than they would've needed, and you can keep doing that without it being less effective.

Final words: Sry, my use of language is very clunky, I'm aware. But, I was hoping to have as human & natural way of explaining as possible. This is at least how I make sense of things.

This is a great thought! Really helps contextualize how damage and health works. Good stuff.
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