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Challenger Series #3 - Recap

The third iteration of the Challenger Series saw 16 of North America’s top TFT players battle it out for a piece of the $2,800 prize pool and a slot in the Mid-Set Finale.   

Day 1 

After six exciting games of TFT, Justniice topped the scoreboard on Day 1. He noted that preparation and flexible play were the keys to his success. He won games with Dawnbringer and Nightbringer boards and said that his favorite comp was Dawnbringers with Karma carry. 

Melt in Heart and Stompalittle tied for second place. They played mainly Forgotten, Dawnbringer, and Redeemed comps.

Final Standings: Challenger Series #3, Day 1

Day 2 

The eight highest-scoring players from Day 1 moved on to the final day.  

To win the tournament, players needed to first reach 24 points and then win a game, or hit 40 points in total to claim tournament victory.

In Game 1, it came down to Ramblinnn versus Guubums. Ramblinnn had a 6 Forgotten board with itemized Draven, Ryze, and Mordekaiser. Guubums played a 4 Dragonslayer Nightbringer comp and was only level 7 but had three-star Yasuo and Lee Sin as his primary cores. 

In their first fight, Guubums’ Lee Sin was able to take out Ramblinnn’s Ryze just as Ryze revived from its Guardian Angel. Without the disables from Ryze, Yasuo was able to take out the rest of Team Forgotten without much trouble. 

In the final fight, both players had less than 10 HP. Shadow Blue Buff Ryze was positioned directly in front of Yasuo, permanently stunning the swordsman and his friends. By the end of the fight, Ryze has dealt more than double the combined damage of Draven and Mordekaiser!  

Game 1 winner

Game 2 saw melt in heart take a dominant win against the rest of the lobby. He ended the game with more than 50 HP! The rest of the Top 4 was playing comps that output primarily magic damage. 

His final opponent was Stompalittle’s Invoker Teemo board. The 4 Mystic enabled the Forgotten champions to survive Teemo’s wrath and give melt in heart the win in Game 2. 

Game 2 winner

Game 3 saw Forgotten versus Forgotten action in the Top 2. Guubums’ and Riverx’s boards were almost identical, however, Guubums was level 9 and had Taric while Riverx was only level 8. 

In the final fight, Guubums positioned his Viego to steal the enemy Draven and that sealed the game for Guubums who ended on a 7-round win streak. 

Game 3 winner

Game 4 saw Ramblinnn square off against sètsuko in the final round. Ramblinnn’s Invoker board had taken down sètsuko’s Dawnbringer comp in the previous round. 

However, this time, sètsuko’s Karma took down the Teemo early in the fight, and with Ramblinnn’s main source of damage gone, sètsuko’s team was able to take down the mighty Garen and secure the win in Game 4.

Game 4 winner

Coming into Game 5, Ramblinnn and sètsuko had crossed the 24-point threshold and could win the tournament with a first-place finish. But neither of the two broke into the Top 3. 

It was Riverx and Sphinx that faced off for the win in a Dawnbringer versus Nightbringer match-up! Three-star Riven up against three-star Yasuo! However, Riverx had two Zephyrs that kept key units out of the fight and Riverx’s Yasuo-powered comp took down the Dawnbringers in two rounds.  

Game 5 winner

Five of our eight finalists could win the tournament with a victory in Game 6!

When it came down to the Top 4, three of the remaining players (Guubums, Sphinx, and Ramblinnn) would claim tournament victory with a first-place finish. Ramblinnn could also win by hitting the 40-point threshold if melt in heart took a first.

Sphinx was the first to have his dreams shattered as his Forgotten comp was taken out by melt in heart’s Pantheon Varus duo!

Ramblinnn’s Forgotten team was the next to fall against the Pantheon Varus power couple! 

Guubums needed to win against melt in heart or else Ramblinnn would cross the 40-point threshold and win the tournament right there and then!

Guubums had a Dawnbringer Renewer board powered by Karma. The 4 Renewer trait enabled Guubums’ Heimerdinger to cast multiple times during the fight and its pure and percent-based damage was able to cut through the Pantheon, Varus, and friends!

Game 6 winner

Guubums - Challenger Series #3 Tournament Champion!

After finishing fifth in the second Challenger Series, Guubums came back stronger and more confident, winning two games to claim the victory and his spot in the Mid-Season Finale! He was the ultimate flex player, using five different comps in the six games on finals day.

Ramblinnn was the tournament’s point leader, reaching the Top 4 in all six games played on Day 2. He played a wide variety of different comps including a Lux + Ivern carry duo in one of his matches. 

Sètsuko rounded out our Top 3. He favored 4 Dragonslayer coupled with Nightbringers and Legionnaires.  

The strongest comps today were 6 Forgotten with Shadow Blue Buff Ryze (3 wins), Invoker Renewer Dawnbringer with Karma carry (2 wins), and Nightbringer Dragonslayer with Yasuo carry. 

Itemized Lux and Varus + Pantheon also caught our eye.  

That's all for today folks, but the fourth and final iteration of the Challenger Series is coming up on June 30 – July 1. Tune in then for more exciting TFT action!  

Challenger Series #3, Day 1 VOD

Challenger Series #3, Day 2 VOD

Final Standings: Challenger Series #3, Day 2
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