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Challenger Series #4 - Recap

16 of the best North American TFT players who have yet to qualify for the $20,000 Reckoning Mid-Set Finale competed for the last remaining spot and a $2,800 prize pool. 

Day 1

9 different comps won the 10 games played on Day 1! The only comp that won more than one game was Abomination Spellweavers powered by three-star Zyra. 

Kayle Knights, Rangers, Dawnbringers, Forgotten, Yasuo Dragonslayers, Pantheon + Varus, Redeemed Lux, and Invoker comps all managed to win games!

By the end of the day, Kyivix led with the highest point total. He won a game with the Varus + Pantheon combo (aka Bulldozer) and grabbed Top 2s with Forgotten and Skirmisher comps.

Melt in heart and Auqaa were only a single point behind him.

The eight bottom players were eliminated, including NA Worlds representative Kurumx.

Final Standings: Challenger Series #4, Day 1

Day 2

On the final day, players needed to first reach 24 points and then win a game, or hit 40 points in total to claim tournament victory.

Game 1

Kyivix started with a Dawnbringer Assassin Brawler opener with an early Katarina. At level 5, he added in a third Forgotten champion and built an early Shadow Locket and Zephyr. At level 6, he transitioned into 6 Forgotten. 

He found a Spatula at the Stage 3 NPC round, building an Assassin Emblem for his Draven, then leveled to 7. A very fortunate Shadow Blue Buff turned up in his Armory and was instantly slammed onto his Ryze. 

He rushed to level 8 and rolled down to find more Assassins, adding in Diana and Nocturne for the 4 Assassin buff. His Shadow Runaan’s Deathblade Assassin Draven was deadly. But coming into the Top 4, he was on a three-round losing streak. 

It looked like the end for Kyivix, but with great Zephyr placements and amazing Ryze chain stuns, he managed to take out all three of the remaining Dawnbringer players to secure the win in Game 1. 

Game 1 Winner

Game 2

PickleOnion started off with Nightbringer Assassins with a Nocturne carry. At level 5, he added in Vladimir for Coven and Renewer.      

At level 6 he played 4 Assassins with a Nightbringer front line.

At level 7, he slammed an Assassin Emblem on Morgana and went up to 6 Assassin. In the next Armory, he even found another Assassin Emblem for Lee Sin! He added in Ivern for Revenant and stayed at level 7 to three-star his Nocturne.  

Three-star Lee Sin and Katarina were found as well. At level 8, he played Lulu for Mystic until he found Kindred to take her place.

At that point, only Bertasaurus’ Pantheon + Varus combo team remained. Even with 4 Ironclad, the three-star Assassins were able to punch through Bert’s team and secure the win for PickleOnion.        

Game 2 Winner

Game 3

At last, Bertasaurus got his revenge in Game 3! He started off with a Dawnbringer Legionnaire team with an early Runaan’s Riven. At level 5 he added in a Brawler. At level 6 he went up to 5 Dawnbringer and added in Draven for Legionnaire. 

He built a Dawnbringer Emblem on his Draven, so he was able to hit 6 Dawnbringer with Legionnaire at level 6! At level 8 he transferred the Emblem to Heimdinger and added in Ivern for Invoker. He was also able to three-star his Riven. 

He later swapped out his Heimerdinger and transferred the Emblem over to Viego. At level 9 he added Volibear and Mordekaiser for Legionnaire and Revenant. Garen arrived in the final round to complete the Dawnbringer dream team, and together, they took down Velay’s Skirmishers.

Game 3 Winner

Game 4

Next up it was Velay’s turn to get revenge. He was all about Hellion in the early game. 5 Hellion at level 5 and at level 6 he added in a second Knight. At level 7 he added in Vel’Koz for Spellweaver and gave it a Hellion Emblem. 

At level 8, he dropped the Knight and Vel’Koz to put in Teemo, Ivern, and Heimerdinger for 7 Hellion plus Invoker and Renewer. With the upgraded comp, he was able to save gold and reach level 9. Volibear was in for Revenant and a stronger front line. 

His eight-round win streak was ended by Bertasaurus’ super tanky Rell. Velay quickly dropped Ziggs and Kled to put in Garen and Kindred for Mystic and Knight. His final opponent’s (Auqaa) 4 Ranger Aphelios could not survive Teemo’s fury!        

Game 4 Winner

Game 5

Coming into Game 5, both Kyivix and Bertasaurus had reached the 24-point threshold and needed a first place to secure the tournament win. But for the third time in a row, the previous game’s runner-up took the win. 

Auqaa used an open fort strategy (lose-streaking early and not buying until later to gain interest) and was below 80 HP by the first carousel. He played a weak Forgotten board to continue his losing streak. At the Stage 3 Armory, he leveled to 6 and rolled down to find 6 Forgotten. When he finally had his first win, he was already down to 42 HP, while the top player was still at 100. 

At level 7 he added in Taric. He continued to win and at level 8 he added in Morgana for Mystic. Bertasaurus’ Dawnbringer team ended Auqaa's win streak after eight rounds. Auqaa grabbed an Assassin Emblem for Morgana and at level 9, he added in Rell for Cavalier. 

The final match-up was against Bertasaurus’ Dawnbringer Invoker board; if Bertasaurus took the round, then he would win the tournament. 

But Auqaa was able to position his Draven and Ryze away from Bert's Volibear and Garen, taking a decisive win to secure victory and extend the tournament to a sixth game. 

Game 5 winner

Game 6

After their strong finishes in Game 5, both Velay and Auqaa reached the 24-point threshold. Kyivix led the early game with an early Dragonslayer Skirmisher board. He also managed to find Spatulas to build a Force of Nature. 

Kyivix's 11-round win streak with 6 Skirmishers was ended by PickleOnion’s Forgotten board. Velay was the first of the “eligible-to-win” to fall; his Hellion board was no match for Rue loves you’s 6 Dawnbringer team. Auqaa’s Forgotten squad fell next in fifth. 

Coming into the Top 4, Bertasaurus led the pack on a five-round win-streak while Kyivix was on a five-round loss streak. But when they met in a battle for the Top 2, Bert’s Ironclad Kayle team was narrowly defeated by Kyivix’s two-star Viego, and Bertasaurus was out! 

Rue’s Dawnbringer board was the only thing standing between Kyivix and his spot in the Mid-Set Finale. In their first fight, Rue's triple Zephyr and Shroud combo were too much for Kyivix to handle and he dropped down to single-digit HP!

If Rue won the game, then Bertasaurus would surpass the 40-point threshold and claim the tournament victory!

Kyivix dropped his seventh Skirmisher to put in 3 Mystic and tried his best to dodge Rue’s Zephyrs. The added magic resistance proved to be the difference-maker, and Kyivix narrowly beat the Dawnbringers to claim the win and the tournament!

Game 6 winner

Kyivix wins the Challenger Series #4 with a standout performance!

Kyivix showed his prowess throughout the tournament, finishing at the top on both days! He claimed the 32nd spot in the NA Reckoning Mid-Set Finale and $800 in prize money! 

Bertasaurus tied with Kyivix for points but was unfortunately unable to take the win in the final game. However, he did take home an impressive $550.

Velay rounded out our Top 3 and earned $450 for his valiant effort.

And with that, we have our 32 players for the Mid-Set Finale that will be held July 15-18! With $20,000 in prize money and 4 spots in the NA Regional Finals up grabs, it’s going to be a good one!

You can find more info and the list of qualified players here

Challenger Series 4: Day 1 VOD

Challenger Series 4: Day 2 VOD

Final Standings: Challenger Series #4, Day 2
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