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Fight Night: Rising Revamp

For the past two years, Fight Night: Rising has brought highly-skilled TFT players from around the globe together to battle for fame, glory, and prize money in the weekly best-of-four tournament. 

We are proud to have played a part in the continued growth of the competitive TFT community. But after today, Fight Night will never be the same! 

The Giant Slayer team is happy to announce a complete revamp of Fight Night: Rising!

We are increasing the number of participants, the number of games, the number of returnees, and most importantly...increasing the prize pool!

We are doubling the number of weekly competitors, from 8 to 16!

Fight Night has become a staple in the TFT community with thousands of viewers each week. This increased exposure has resulted in a high number of applicants. 

We have increased the number of competitors to 16 to give more players a chance to join in on the action! We’re excited to provide these additional opportunities for up-and-coming players to compete with the best and make a name for themselves. 

The final two matches have increased importance in the new format.

We've increased the length of the tournament to five games. In the preliminary phase/stage, the 16 players will be randomly seeded into two groups for a best-of-three.

After the preliminary stage, the eight lowest-scoring players will be dropped, and the top eight will move on to the final stage for a best-of-two.

At this stage, the points values are doubled (example: first place is worth 20 points).

At the end of the tournament, players' points from all five games are totaled to determine their final placement and the winner!

So if you Top 4, you're coming back for more!

A higher number of participants means more competition, and finishing in the Top 4 will be more difficult than ever. To make up for this, we will now invite the four highest-scoring players back to next week's tournament.   

Prize pool increase details:

The weekly prize pool has been upped from $200 to $300. Here is the new distribution:

  • First place:     $150
  • Second place:    $75
  • Third place:     $50
  • Fourth place:    $25

More money = more Little Legends...but don't quit your day job just yet.

Thank you all for your continued support! 

Fight Night Rising has achieved tremendous growth thanks to the players, viewers, and casters! We hope you will continue to enjoy and participate for many more years to come! None of this would be possible without the amazing TFT community!

If you have any suggestions or ideas, you can write to us on Twitter or join our Discord.

Catch Fight Night Rising live every Thursday on Twitch!

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