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Fight Night: Rising Week 48 Recap

Fight Night: Rising is Giant Slayer’s weekly TFT tournament. It features some of the best TFT players from all over the world. Each week, five new players join the previous week’s Top 3 to compete for $200 in a best-of-four. 

This week’s lineup included 4 Challenger players from the NA and BR servers. But surprisingly, the Challenger players only managed to win one of the four games. Two Master players claimed victories in the other three games. 

Before we hop into the games, let’s take a closer look at the playstyle of this week’s Top 3 players.

MrMeeseeks, Fight Night Winner, Olaf Forcer, and B.F. Sword Enthusiast

Favorite starting item: Sword 

Top carry: Olaf

In his post-game interview, MrMeeseeks shared with us his secret, game-winning strategy. It pretty much boiled down to “Force Olaf Slayers”. 

He was a Slayer Player every game. Olaf and Morgana were his primary carries and Samira + Swain had their backs. 4-cost Vanguards were up in front, and Pyke and Tristana filled in the gaps providing the Dragonsoul, Slayer, and Sharpshooter synergies. 

He prioritized Runaan’s Hurricane, Guardian Angel (GA), and Deathblade (DB) for Olaf, and Morellonomicon for Morgana. 

MrMeeseek's Top 3 Positioning Tips for Olaf Slayers:

  1. Frontline Olaf to ensure that he receives the Dragonsoul buff. GA is critical to guarantee that he can survive any initial burst damage before reaching Super Saiyan (aka Ragnarok) mode.
  2. Aatrox goes opposite of the enemy carry to pull them into the Danger Zone.
  3. Position Olaf and Aatrox together to eliminate key enemy units and ramp up the DB stacks quickly.


Concentrad0, the Enlightened One

Favorite starting item: Glove

Top carry: Talon

Concentrad0 played 4-Enlightened every game. He played Talon and Morgana as his carries in three of the games. In the remaining game, he played Kayle and Nasus as his carries. 

He did not slow-roll at level 5 but instead opted to hold copies on his bench. In one game, he was able to 3-star his Nasus at level 7 and his Janna at level 9. In another game, he 3-starred his Fiora at level 8. 

Coming into Game 4, he led in points. However, Talon was highly contested (3 of the Top 4 that game played Talon), and he was knocked out in 5th. He ended with one point less than MrMeeseeks. 

I caught up with him after the tournament and he clarified that he was not a one-trick Enlightened player. His decision to go Enlightened was based on what he hit (strongest board) and his knowledge of his opponents’ favorite comps.


Yiggles, the Kayle Aficionado

Favorite starting item: Bow

Top carry: Kayle

Yiggles played Kayle in three of the four games. She played Executioner Kayle with 4-cost Vanguards in two of her games and also played Kayle in an 8-Duelist comp. 

But she found her highest placement (a second-place) with Ninja Assassins powered by a 3-star Akali. She will return next week together with Concetrad0 and MrMeeseeks.


Games Recap

Game 1

It was a neck and neck battle for Top 4. At one point, the 3rd highest player had 12 HP  and 7th place had 2 HP. Four players were eliminated in the round that followed. When the dust settled, DimDanSum’s Divine Kayle comp and Concentrad0’s Enlightened Talon comp were all that remained.

Concentrad0’s 3-star Talon almost single-handedly took out Dan’s team twice. Both times, Dan tried to position his Lee Sin to kick out the Talon but failed both times. 

In the final round, Dan was able to level to 9 and put in Sejuani. The Azir and Sejuani managed to chain stun the Talon, while Kayle lay into the Talon with her waves of light. With the Talon felled, Dan was able to claim the round and victory in Game 1. 

Game 1 Winner


Game 2

MrMeeseeks found a Samira and used his two Neekos to instantly 2-star it. On the next carousel, he found a Titan's Resolve to add to his Infinity Edge (IE)/Last Whisper (LW) combo on Samira. He did not lose a single round after that. 

He also found a Chosen Duelist (yep, Duelist) Sejuani. Concentrad0 and Yiggle’s Kayle comps were no match for Samira and Olaf’s fury. 

Game 2 Winner


Game 3:

Game 3 was again a rematch of Dan vs Concentrad0. At one point Dan was in 8th with 16 HP, while Noel and Concentrad0 were still sitting on 70 HP. But Dan’s 3-star Veigar and Ornn 2 worked overtime to keep the 6 Elderwood 5 Mage comp in the game. 

Dan’s 3-star Veigar with IE/JG/HoJ won the first round in their 1v1. But on the last round, Veigar’s HoJ did not roll healing and Concentrad0 was also able to 3-star his Janna. It was a close match that ended with Rakan vs Yone. This time, Concentrad0 was able to secure victory. 


Game 3 Winner


Game 4:

At 23 HP, MrMeeseeks found a Chosen Slayer Olaf. He also recognized the high number of crit-based comps (The other four players in the Top 5: Executioner, Talon, Akali) and built 2 Bramble Vests. 

He dipped to 12 HP when he took a loss against the lobby leader’s Kayle comp. Noel had 73 HP at that time. In the following round, he found a Samira in his shop. And from 12 HP in 6th place, he didn’t lose again. 

The next time he met Noel, his Samira was able to kill two of the 3 Executioners, and Olaf revived to finish the 3-star Kindred. With Noel out of the game, Yiggle’s Ninja Akali comp was all that stood in the way of victory. 

Akali managed to take out most of the Slayer comp but struggled against the Bramble Vested Aatrox. The Aatrox managed to pull in and disable the Akali, and Olaf revived to finish the job. 

Game 4 Winner


Statistical Observations 

  • Kayle was played in a wide range of Top 4 comps: Executioner, Divine, Enlightened, and even in an 8-Duelist comp.
  • MrMeeseeks played Olaf Slayer every game and managed to Top 4 each time.
  • Enlightened comps powered by Talon and Morgan also performed well, grabbing a Top 4 spot three times.
  • Reroll comps were only seen twice in the Top 4. Note: according to a source, most of today's competitors were not reroll players.
  • Kayle won only one of the four games! Olaf Slayers took two wins, and Enlightened Talon scooped up a win as well.
  • Morgana + Swain appeared in three out of the four wins. This deadly duo deal percent-based damage, reduce healing, and cut enemy damage by 40%. Great against Brawler, Asol, and high-HP reroll comps.
  • 4-cost Vanguards are dope. They were a staple in the end-game of a wide variety of comps. If you are lacking front line or disables, consider them.
  • Pre-leveling to 4 at 1-4 only happened twice in the entire tournament. Holding strong 1-cost units or hitting 10 gold for interest, seems to be the top priority these days.



Olaf with the right items can win lobbies. Veigar 3 is still viable. Pre-leveling is highly situational. Kayle is a flexible carry. 

An Enlightened base comp can utilize a wide variety of carries: Talon, Morgana, Kayle, Nasus, Yone, Lee Sin, etc. Not a single brave soul dared to play a Fabled comp, however, there is a Fabled buff coming next patch. Fabled Forcers rejoice!  

Will Concentrad0 get his revenge next week? How will the upcoming changes to DB and Olaf affect MrMeeseeks’ performance? Can Yiggles wiggle her way into victory? 

Or will one of the five new contenders crush the returnees’ dreams? Tune in next time to find out in another Fight Night: Rising on a brand-new patch!

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