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Fight Night: Rising Week 49 Recap

Patch 11.4 hit a couple of days ago and this week’s Fight Night: Rising was one of the first TFT tournaments to be played on the new patch. Arguably, the biggest change of the patch was the increased chance to find a Chosen in your shop (From 33% to 50%). 

Nerfs hit key reroll champions hard and most traits were adjusted slightly. Numerous item changes and a couple of system changes were also implemented. 

Fabled units also got a pretty good buff. By good, I mean “Concentrad0 forced Fabled in three of the four games and won the tournament” kind of good.  

Kayle did not win a single game in this week’s Fight Night: Rising. Slayer comps took the first two games, a Fabled comp (yes, you read that correctly) took Game 3, and a Brawler comp took the final game.


This week’s Fight Night: Rising lineup included five Challenger players from three different continents. 

Our champion this week (and last week’s runner-up), Concentrad0, played Fabled in the first three games. In Game 4, he found a two-star Sivir and a Samira at level 7 and decided to pivot into a Slayer comp.   

Silver medalist (and former Fight Night Champion) Infern1x, played a wide variety of carries throughout the tournament: Samira, Darius (3-star), Tryndamere, and Sivir. He seemed to favor Sharpshooter-based comps, but in the final game, he tried a 6 Dragonsoul Mage comp. 

Rounding out the Top 3, content creator Gangly played a Kayle comp, Slayer comp, and won Game 4 with an 8-Brawler comp. 

Last week’s winner, MrMeeseeks, forced Slayers in his first three games. He won Game 1 but unfortunately wasn’t able to secure a podium finish. 

Samira was highly contested throughout the tournament and there were multiple Olaf players in his 2nd and 3rd games. In Game 4, he played Enlightened Talon, but was taken out by the other Talon player and ended in 4th place overall.


- The Top 3 Agree, Slayer comp is OP  

In preparation for this article, I wrote to this week’s Top 3 finishers and asked them about their tournament strategies, favorite starting item, and what they thought were this patch's strongest comps:

Q1: What was your game plan or strategy coming into the tournament? 

Concentrad0: ”I soft forced Fabled. Coming into the tournament, I didn’t know how to play Slayers and Dragonsoul (S tier comps), so I play Fabled which I thought was strong comp.”

Infern1x: “I had played a few games earlier in the day and I realized this patch fits my playstyle very well so my strategy was to try and think of funny things to say during the interview. Didn't end up getting the 1st, but there's always next week. I believe my strongest suit is playing a strong board early-mid game. In the last patch, you were semi-obligated to stay level 3 in case you hit a reroll Chosen; this patch, you can level freely. You can grab Chosens that make your board strong now and swap out later fairly easily due to the increased Chosen chances. All this combined with the fact that now the strongest comps don't require spats like they did last patch, allows me to just play strong boards and streak without sacrificing late-game power for it.”

Gangly: “My main strategy was to find try and find clear direction for my comp by [3-2], and try to force whatever build I felt I had the highest probability of hitting. Even though flexible play gives more outs, having a clear plan eliminates nerves and helps me focus on which units I need for my win condition.”


Q2: What is your favorite starting item?

Concentrad0: “In the previous patch was Glove for sure, but now reroll is dead, Talon is bugged, and HoJ is bad in Slayers. I'm still a little lost in this patch. In today's tournament, I went for Tear because I was soft forcing Fabled. In ranked games, I'm going for Bow because I’m flexing between Kayle and Slayers comps mostly.”

Infern1x: “Sword, Glove, and Bow are all very good and flex into all the good comps. If I had to pick one, I'd take Sword because it's very much needed in all the Slayer comps that are popping up. Sword also still leaves you room to play something else with items like GA, Hextech Gunblade, Zekes, or Giant Slayer.”

Gangly: "My favorite starting item is Bow. It's a core component in the comps that I'm most comfortable playing (Kayle, Olaf, Brawlers), and is highly contested making it more difficult to get later on. Finding an early RFC or Runaans also allows you to find direction for your comp earlier on in the game."


Q3: What are the strongest comps right now?

Concentrad0: ”Olaf (3 Slayers + 3 Dragonsoul) > Tryndamere (3 Slayers + 2/4 Duelist) > Sivir”.

Infern1x: “Slayers and all their variations are for sure at the top in my opinion, followed by a variety of comps like Neeko, Kayle, Brawlers, Dragonsouls, Sharpshooters with Sivir 3*, etc.”

Gangly: “Kayle and Slayers seem to be the strongest comps in the meta right now. With reroll comps phasing out, playing flexible late-game comps that allow you to splash in strong Legendary (or other strong) units seems to be the most consistent way to play.”



Game 1

MrMeeseeks had a rough start with his Cultist comp. At one point, he was at 58 HP, while the next lowest player had 82 HP. 

He did, however, have the perfect Olaf items and found an Olaf at level 5. He picked up another Olaf on the next carousel and used his Neeko’s Help to 2-star him. 

Then he went on a 16-round win streak until Concentrad0’s Fabled (Neeko 3) comp managed to burst his Olaf. Fortunately for him, Concentrad0 was knocked out in the following round. 

Gangly’s Kayle comp and Infern1x’s Darius Slayer comp couldn’t handle the Olaf, and MrMeeseeks ended on 42 HP. More info on MrMeeseeks’ Olaf comp here can be found here

Game 1 Winner

Game 2

Infern1x played Fortune Brawler with an early Sunfire Cape. He slow-rolled at level 5 to 3-star his Tahm, then he played 4 Brawler + Fortune and added Cultist. 

He sold his Tahm right before the round 5 carousel (at level 8) and rolled down to find a 2-star Samira and tech in Slayers. He grabbed a chosen Adept Shen for Mystic. 

It came down to a 1v1 against Concentrad0’s Fabled comp. He took a loss when Concentrad0 dodged the Shroud. Aatrox was able to pull Infern1x’s team into a giant Neeko bomb, while Chogath’s ultimate kept Samira and Co. on timeout. 

In the final round, both players were in the 1-hit territory and Concentrad0 3-starred his Yumi. But Infern1x’s Shroud caught key units, delaying their abilities, while Neeko targeted a lone Sivir. And with that, Infern1x was able to close out the game. 

Game 2 Winner

Game 3

Concentrad0 played a Sunfire Cape on a Chosen Nasus. He slowly added Mystic, Spirit, and Vanguard. Nasus healing combined with Divine and Yuumi + Janna provided great survivability during the early game. Kindred contributed some burst damage from the backline. 

At level 7 he sold the Nasus, found a Chosen Chogath, and transitioned into Fabled Mystic Vanguard. Then he econ’d up again and went to level 8 where he 3-starred his Neeko and Nautilus. 

Dinodan’s Kayle comp was looking scary, but Concentrad0 managed to Zephyr the Kayle. In the final round, he sold his Yuumi to freely place the Zephyr a second time and was able to catch the Kayle again and win the match. 

Game 3 Winner

Game 4

Gangly sold his Chosen Nidalee at level 5; then he found a chosen brawler Shyvana. He played 4 Brawler + Elderwood + Dragonsoul. He was able to 3-star his Nunu and Shyvana, and a Sett on the carousel brought him to 8 Brawlers. 

Concentrad0 played a Sivir carry with Samira Slayers, and had 8 Sivirs for 7 rounds, but failed to find the last Sivir to 3-star her. 

A beautiful Sett slam followed up by a great Chogath ultimate secured Gangly the victory. 

Game 4 Winner



The Top 3 Agree, Slayer is OP. Also, Fabled is playable now; Fabled players rejoice! Kayle is still strong. If you want to learn how to play Fabled and Slayer comps, Concentrad0 and Infern1x both offer coaching. Gangly also creates some sick TFT content.

Will Slayer Players dominate next week or will Kayle reclaim her top spot? Or will 6 Sharpshooter + Slayer surprise everyone!!? Tune in next time to find out.  

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