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Fight Night: Rising Week 50 Recap

On Thursday, the Giant Slayer team ran its 50th Fight Night: Rising tournament. Since January 2020, the team has helped to discover new TFT talent and facilitate the growth of competitive TFT by hosting one of the longest-running TFT tournament series. 

Perhaps it's fitting that on the 50th tournament of Giant Slayer, Slayers dominate the Top 4.

Tournament Top 3 Players

Last week, Infern1x had a very positive outlook after placing 2nd, stating "Didn't end up getting the 1st, but there's always next week". 

This week, he made good on that statement and took home the victory, winning two of the four games and never placing lower than 3rd throughout the tournament. He piloted Slayer, Fabled, and Kayle comps and played Samira as the core in his Slayer games.

Fight Night veteran Sphinx showed up in style, winning the first game with a 3-star Trydamere carry. He played Slayer comps in every game of the tournament, prioritizing items for Trydamere. He forced Tryn to spin to win and we'll see him again in next week's tournament.

UK Challenger SharpeyX rounds out our Top 3 for this week. He played mainly Olaf Slayer but also had success with a Fabled comp. 

Top 4 Compositions

Top 4 Compositions

Game Recaps

Game 1

Sphinx played an early Chosen Nasus but dropped it after the first carousel. He naturally found 2 Sivirs before the first carousel and he grabbed a third from the carousel to make a 2-star Sivir directly after the first carousel. 

He played 4 Sharpshooter with a Duelist frontline. He found a Chosen Tryndamere at level 7 and did not lose a single round after that. He transitioned into 6 Slayer + Jax (for frontline and Duelist). 

At level 9, he switched out the Jax for Lee Sin and Yone. He ended at 88 HP on a 15 round win streak.

2nd: Fabled Vanguard Mystic (Neeko)

3rd: Slayer Vanguard (Samira)

4th: Executioner Adept (Kayle) 

Game 1 Winner

Game 2

Infer1x played a Chosen Vanguard Garen for Warlord + Sharpshooter. He grabbed a spatula from the carousel and made a Vanguard spat and added in Wukong for 4 Vanguard. 

Tristana was the item holder for Neeko. At the Stage 3 NPC round, he found the components to make yet another Vanguard Spat which brought him to 6 Vanguard. At level 7, he sold his Garen, swapped in his Neeko, and found a Chosen Spirit Kindred which he played for only a single round before selling it again.  

He eventually found a Chosen Fabled Nautilus and played 8 Vanguard + 2 Mystic. He went to level 8 to add in Chogath for Fabled. He used his loaded dice and found 4 Neekos which let him 3-star his Neeko and eventually his Yuumi. 

It came down to a game of rock paper scissors between the last three remaining players. Concentrad0’s Keeper comp and Allie’s Sivir comp. The pure damage from Concentrad0’s Sett 2 was able to beat Infern1x, but couldn’t survive the AD of the Sivir 3 and was knocked out in 3rd. 

In the end, the 8 Vanguards armor was too much for the Sivir and Infern1x was able to claim a decisive victory.  

2nd: 4 Sharpshooter + Vanguard, Mystic, Spirit (Sivir 3)

3rd: 6 Keepers + Sett (Xayah, Kennen)

4th: Slayer comp (Olaf, Tryndamere)

Game 2 Winner

Game 3

Leonard “Trickzter007” played Cultist Twisted Fate and a Vanguard frontline. He put his Olaf items on Kalista and added Jax for Duelist + Divine. 

He rolled hard at level 7 and eventually 2-starred his Olaf and slammed a Dragonsoul Spat on Trydamere. He found a Chosen Vanguard Sejuani and played 4 Vanguard, fielding a pair of 2-star Sejuanis. 

It came down to a 1v1 against Infern1x’s Kayle comp. Both were on win streaks when they met. In their first match, Jax was able to stun Olaf, and Kayle (placed on the opposite side of Olaf) was able to safely take out Olaf and Friends. 

But the tide turned in the following round as Trickzter was able to 3-star his Olaf. In round 2, Infern1x was able to Zephyr the Olaf and it came down to a 1v1 between Kayle and Olaf. The golden Olaf came out on top, barely. 

In the final round, Infern1x swapped in Lee Sin to try and punch out Olaf, but Olaf went into Ragnarok mode before the first punch and won the match for Trickzter.

2nd: Divine Executioner/Adept (Kayle)

3rd: Slayer + 4 Mystic (Tryndamere)

4th: Dragonsoul Slayer (Olaf) 

Game 3 Winner

Game 4

Infern1x played a Chosen Dragonsoul Brand for Dragonsoul and a Brawler frontline. He received 2 Neeko’s Help from the first two NPC rounds. 

At level 6, he sold his Chosen, picked up a Chosen Spirit Yuumi, and transferred his carry items to Sivir. He then transitioned into Sharpshooter + Keeper. 

He sold his Yuumi at level 7 and found a Chosen Cultist Pike, but the real power came from the Samira in his shop. He used the double Neeko’s Help to instantly 2-star the Samira and played Slayer + 4 Sharpshooter. 

He sold the Pyke at level 8 and picked up a 3-star Chosen Slayer Darius. He then added in Yuumi and Zilean for Spirit and Mystic. His 9-win streak was ended by the 3-star Nautilus (equipped with an Anima Visage) of Moo2’s Fabled comp. 

He pondered on his options to defeat this Naughty Nautilus: he could shred the titan's armor with Yone, punch him out with Lee Sin, or slam him down with Sett’s pure damage. Fortunately for him, The Last Whisper of Sphinx’s Trydamere took care of the Armored Beast Titan. With the Titan Threat eliminated, Infern1x was able to defeat his fellow Slayer Player and claim victory.   

2nd: Vanguard Slayers (Tryndamere)

3rd: Fabled Vanguard Mystic (Neeko)

4th: Slayer (Olaf) + Adept

Game 4 Winner


Slayer continues to dominate the Top 4, but Fabled's high resistance to the damage output of Slayer champs could potentially make it a fair matchup. 

The 6 Keeper comp that supposedly originated from Brazil, has finally arrived on the shores of NA. Might this be the ultimate counter to Slayer Players? We'll find out next week, till then, catch ya later Slayer Players!

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