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Fight Night: Rising Week 52 Recap

This week's Fight Night: Rising was the closest Fight Night in the history of the tournament. Four players were tied for first place coming into the final game! 

Our eight Challenger players from across multiple continents fought tooth and nail for $200 in prize money and one of the three returning slots in next week's tournament! Let's dive right into the action! 

Game 1

Last week’s winner, ACommonQuail, led early with his Keeper comp, but when it came down to the Top 4, he was the only one that wasn’t on a winning streak. Zan Syed’s 8 Brawler and Puttyx’s Olaf Slayer comps still had more than 70 HP left in the tank. 

With only 24 HP remaining, LastKardax’s Samira Slayer comp continued its win streak until only he and Putty were left standing. In their first encounter, Puttyx held on to his Redemption and placed it on Tristana mid-fight to maximize its healing effect. 

With her final breath, Sejuani was able to get off her Firecracker, stunning Kardax’s entire team and allowing Olaf’s cleave to tear through his clumped-up foes. In round two, Kardax’s Samira was able to dash to the side opposite of Olaf and take him out before Olaf could chase her down. 

In the final round, it came down to Olaf versus Samira. Samira took out Olaf’s first life, but as she stood gleefully over his body, he respawned and finished her off, netting Puttyx the victory in Game 1.     

Game 1 Winner

Game 2

Nosterelven played an early Fortune board and was able to cash out on 46 HP. He immediately leveled to 7 and put together a Brawler comp. Sphinx played a 9-Cultist comp with Kalista as his carry and was able to secure a Top 4. 

Zan Syed also played a Kalista carry in an Adept Duelist comp and was able to two-star both his Yone and Lee Sin. Davidas played a Fabled comp that performed well with a Vanguard spatula on Neeko, but he was knocked out in third by Noster. 

By this time, Noster’s comp had evolved into a Dragonsoul Mage comp supported by multiple two-star Legendary units including Sett and an Elderwood Sprout Swain. 

In the final round, Kalista was almost taken out by Noster’s Asol, but the Mystic synergy and Quicksilver allowed Kalista to survive the burst with a sliver of HP. Her Rapidfire Cannon (RFC) enabled her to safely wail away on the enemy, dealing more than 12k damage by the end of the fight. 

Another key factor was that Yone’s ability reduced the benefit of Swain’s Elderwood bonus, enabling Zan Syed to take down the beast and secure the win.

Game 2 Winner

Game 3

Sphinx played a Dragonsoul Slayer comp and dominated most of the mid-game. By the time the Top 4 was decided, he had amassed a 7-round win streak.

His streak was finally broken by Puttyx’s Spirit Sharpshooter comp. Fortunately for Sphinx, Puttyx was knocked out in the following round by Quail’s Keeper comp in an extremely close fight that was ultimately decided in a battle between Teemo and Kennen. Unfortunately for Puttyx, his Teemo chose not to attack Kennen, but instead unloaded his fury upon the nearby training dummy, resulting in a rather one-sided fight.    

Kardax’s Slayer comp was also knocked out in the same round but lost by a smaller margin, securing him a third-place finish.  

The game ended in the following round as Sphinx’s 10-unit Slayer comp punched a hole through Quail’s Keepers’ shields, putting an end to Kennen and Co. 

Game 3 Winner

Game 4

Coming into the final game, four players were tied for first place. Zan Syed, Puttyx, Quail, and Sphinx each had 18 points. It was time to go big or go home! 

What comp do you turn to when you need a win? Why, the strongest comp of course, Fabled! Just kidding. Three of the four point leaders put on their Slayer Socks went to battle. Unfortunately, when you have four people contesting Slayers (Kardax included), not everyone gets to have a happy ending. 

Sphinx’s Duelist Slayer comp dropped out in sixth place while Quail’s Slayer comp (Tryndamere + Samira) dropped down to 2 HP but managed to hang on for five more rounds and secure a fourth-place finish.    

That left Zan Syed, Puttyx, and Noster in contention for the victory. 

Zan Syed played one of his favorite comps in the final game: 8 Brawler. Three-star Shyvana and Nunu as well as a two-star Sett made this a very Beefy Brawler comp.

Puttyx went all-in with 6 Slayers, utilizing Tryndamere as his primary carry. A two-star Lee Sin and 4-cost Vanguards rounded out his comp. 

Noster played a variation of the up-and-coming Tristana reroll comp that gained popularity following Agon’s successful run in the first week of the NA Fates Regional Qualifiers

The Giant Slayer on Tristana worked wonders against the massive HP of both the Brawlers as well as the 4-cost Vanguards and Lee Sin. 

In the final round, Noster took out both Zan Syed and Puttyx, securing himself a spot in our next tournament. 

Game 4 Winner


Tournament Winner: Puttyx

Puttyx beat out both Zan Syed and Noster by a single point to claim first place. For the second week in a row, a first-time participant was crowned champion! He mentioned that Fight Night: Rising was actually his first TFT tournament ever. Not bad for a first-timer!

Zan Syed (2nd place) and Noster (3rd place) both continue their run in Fight Night and will be joining us next week for their third week in a row.



Slayer was still the top comp, however, Sharpshooter comps Top 4’d multiple times and the final game was won by a Spirit Sharpshooter comp that featured Tristana as its main carry. 

Brawler, Keeper, Duelist, Fabled, Dragonsoul, and even a 9 Cultist comp were able to Top 4. That’s nine different comps in the Top 4 in just four games!  

Next week’s tournament will be played on a new patch that includes nerfs to Kennen, Olaf, and Last Whisper. 

Will the Last Whisper nerf cripple Sharpshooter and Slayer comps? Will Kennen continue to electrify us with his presence or will he fizzle out? Check back with us next week to find out!

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