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Fight Night: Rising Week 54 Recap

This week’s Fight Night: Rising featured Challengers and Grandmasters from four different continents, including your very own Fight Night recap writer. Spoiler alert: I finished in 6th place overall.  

Nostereleven started with an 8th in Game 1 but came back with a three-star Swain to win Games 3 and 4 to claim his second consecutive Fight Night victory. Let's hop right into the action!

Game 1

Bananaramic won the first game of the tournament with a Dragonsoul Slayer comp that included six Legendary units! He started off with a Cultist Keeper comp, then transitioned into an unusual 4-Adept Dragonsoul Slayer comp with a Chosen Shen. 

When it came down to the Top 3, Bananaramic sat comfortably with 40 HP, while ADC DIFF’s Samira-powered Dragonsoul Slayer comp had 8 HP, and sir blackp’s Dragonsoul Mage comp hung in the balance with only 1 HP remaining. 

But it would not be an easy victory for Bananaramic, as his Adept Slayer comp took losses against both of his opponents. When his rivals faced off, Asol’s burst damage proved to be too much for Samira, and the Slayer comp was eliminated. 

In the moments leading up to the final fight, Bananaramic sold his Shen, two-starred his Samira, and found a Chosen Lee Sin. His Yone and Lee Sin were able to buy time for the Dragonsoul trio to dish out their damage. And when it mattered most, he came out on top, securing a first-round victory! 

Game 1 Winner

Game 2 

For the first time in five weeks, a Fabled comp won a game on Fight Night! Ajswagatron played a Chosen Neeko with a Vanguard Spatula to form an extremely durable Fabled comp. His last loss in the game came at the hand of yours truly, running a Dragonsoul Slayer comp with an early two-star Samira.

While Slayer comps can usually survive against the slow and gradual damage of Fabled comps, they are vulnerable to burst damage-heavy comps such as Asol or Akali. And this particular Slayer comp was slain by Akali.     

Koalittle ran Akali and Kennen as the main damage threats in his 6 Assassin 4 Ninja comp. That’s a lot of magic damage! Unfortunately for him, all that magic damage was heavily mitigated by the magic resistance of 4 Mystic combined with the additional magic damage reduction of the 6 Vanguard trait. 

Ajswagatron secured his Neeko in the corner, clumping the rest of his units around that area to keep her safe from Akali. And in three rounds, the Fabled comp took Koalittle’s Assassins from 50 HP to zero. 

Game 2 Winner

Game 3

Three-star Swain is real and can hurt you! Noster started off with Chosen Assassin Diana and picked up Fortune early. At level 7, he transitioned into a Fabled comp and continued his Fortune loss-streak. His big break came against ADC DIFF’s 6 Cultist comp, and Noster cashed out on a 9-round loss streak at 21 HP. 

The loot included two Swains and a Neeko’s Help which he used to instantly two-star his Swain and transferred over the items from Neeko. At level 9, he sold his Chosen Tryndamere and found a Chosen Swain. 

He picked up his 8th Swain on the carousel, and before the final round, Noster rolled down 25 gold to find the 9th Swain, to make the first three-star Legendary that we've seen in a long time! 

The added AOE and damage of Swain 3 was magnificent! The fight lasted for roughly seven seconds and in that short time, Swain dealt over 26k damage! And with that, Noster finished up the game on a 13-round win streak.

Game 3 Winner (3-star Swain)

Game 4

Coming into the final game, there were four players that would secure first place overall with a victory in Game 4. And they were the last four standing when the Top 4 was decided. Two Slayer comps and two Keeper comps. 

The first to fall was sir blackp’s Samira Slayer comp that featured a wide smattering of synergies: Cultist, Slayer, Divine, Adept, Enlightened, Mystic, Syphoner, and Sharpshooter. 

A clutch Zephyr on the enemy Olaf enabled Noster’s Keeper comp to take out Ajswagatron’s Olaf and Tryndamere-powered Dragonsoul Slayer comp, leaving only the two Keeper comps in contention for the win. 

Both Kennens had identical items: Morellonomicon, Guardian Angel, and an Elderwood Spatula. Noster splashed in Kindred to activate the Executioner buff and fielded two two-star Kennens. Meanwhile, Koalittle opted to play Yone for his resistance-reduction ability. 

Koalittle was able to Zephyr Noster’s Kennen and won the round handily. However, in the final round, the Guardian Angel on Noster’s Xayah made all the difference and it was able to take out the six remaining units of Koalittle’s board, securing Noster the win and first place in Fight Night: Rising 54!  

Game 4 Winner


Noster continues his impressive Fight Night run with another tournament win, and will return for his fifth consecutive week! Joining him will be Koalittle who tied with Noster in points with three 2nd place finishes and sir blackp who placed 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th in his four games. 

Koalittle showcased his flexibility playing a different comp each game (Ninja Assassins, Spirit Sharpshooter, Slayer, and Keeper) while sir blackp went the Slayer route in three of his four games. 

Fight Night: Rising will take a break next week, and we’ll be back the week after (April 8). By then, we’ll be playing on a new patch that features buffs to ten units as well as the Vanguard Trait. 

Aatrox, Sejuani, and Chogath are three of the to-be-buffed units, so we may see more people trying to 3-star these frontline monsters! Until then, I will be doing further investigation into this up-and-coming 6-Assassin Ninja comp!  

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