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Fight Night: Rising Week 53 Recap

Four different comps won one game apiece in this week's Fight Night: Rising tournament!

Fight Night: Rising 53 was one of the first tournaments played on the 11.6 patch which was released on Wednesday. Our eight Challenger and Grandmaster participants faced off in a 4-game series, competing for $200 in prize money and one of three available slots in the next tournament.   

Game 1

Zan Syed led in the early game with his classic Brawler comp, but by the time the Top 4 was decided, it was TrifuryB and Bananaramic that were on win streaks.

Bananaramic had dropped down to the bottom of the lobby with 10 HP while Zan Syed still had over 80 HP. At level 8, he sold his Chosen Teemo and rolled to find a Chosen Divine Kayle, using a Divine spatula to reach 6 Divine.

The two other comps in the Top 4 were Nostereleven’s Dragonsoul Slayer comp and TrifuryB’s 7 Mage Dragonsoul comp that featured multiple three-star units: Annie, Lulu, and Veigar. 

Noster’s Mage Olaf was able to take the Brawlers out in 4th place, while his Mage Tryndamere hilariously bounced around like a ball in a brick-breaking arcade game. Tryndamere might not be the best Mage Cap holder, but he certainly is entertaining!

Unfortunately, he was next on the chopping block as Bananaramic was able to position his Kayle opposite of Noster’s Olaf to take down the Berserker before he could axe her. 

At the same time, TrifuryB’s Mage comp beat the ghost of Bananaramic and it came down to Dragonsoul Mage vs Kayle. 

In the final round, Bananaramic positioned his Lee Sin to punch the three-star Annie into her teammates and he cornered his Azir’s sand soldiers to bait the Aurelion Sol’s ability. This gave Kayle time to take out the Mage comp and win Bananaramic the game. 

As it turns out, Lee Sin is a strong counter to extremely durable units such as Annie, Swain, or a jacked Nasus.  

Game 1 Winner

Game 2

capta1ncanuck's Dragonsoul Mage comp led in the early game but barely survived to make it into the Top 4. 

The Top 3 was extremely close and coming into the final round, Zan Syed led the pack with a whopping 10 HP! In the previous rounds, Zan Syed’s Samira was able to defeat ajswagatron’s three-star Kennen comp and take out capta1ncanuck's 7 Mage 6 Dragonsoul team. 

Before the final round, Zan Syed sold his Chosen Vanguard Sejuani and found a Chosen Tryndamere. With this power spike, it looked like he had the game in the bag. 

But he was in for a shock as he faced the ghost of Noster, who was running a 6 Slayer comp that featured a three-star Darius! Noster’s Olaf was particularly frightening and with its Rapidfire Cannon, Titan’s Resolve, and Infinity Edge, it single-handedly took out the last five units of Zan Syed’s board. 

In that same round, Noster himself fell to the Keeper comp, and ajswagatron’s Keeper comp took the victory in Game 2.

Game 2 Winner

Game 3


Coming into Game 3, four players were tied for first place. Bananaramic, Noster, Zan Syed, and ajswagatron each had 14 points. 

Noster dominated the early game with a Brawler comp that included a Mage Shyvana, but once capta1ncanuck reached 9 Cultist, the captain went on a 9-round win streak himself. 

With the nerfs to Tristana and Locket, no one dared to play Spirit Sharpshooter comps. However, with the buffs to Diana, Katarina, and Talon, trifuryB was able to take a 3rd place finish with a 6-Assassin Slayer comp.  

Noster transitioned from Brawler into Dragonsoul Mage and was able to three-star his Aurelion Sol, but it only had a single item (Guardian Angel). Luckily, the Nexus Minion helped him out by handing over a Hextech Gunblade and a Giant Slayer!   

In the end, it came down to Aurelion Sol 3 versus 9 Cultist.

In their first fight, Aatrox pulled the cornered Aurelion Sol into Kennen’s Lightning Storm and took it out before it could cast. Once Aurelion Sol revived, the Supreme Overlord Galio was able to take it down. In the next round, Noster put in Azir and his sand soldiers in both corners as bait for the Aatrox chains. It worked and he won two rounds in a row. 

In what could have been the final round, Galio landed close to the Aurelion Sol and took it down before it could cast, bringing both players to sub-10 HP. 

In the final round, Noster was able to two-star his Swain and put in 7-Mage. This time, the Mage Swain was able to survive the Galio damage, and together with Aurelion Sol, they took down the colossus and secured victory for Noster.  

Game 3 Winner

Game 4

With Noster’s consistently-high placements in the first three games, he led by seven points coming into Game 4. Placing fifth or higher in the final game would secure him the tournament victory. But the other players were still neck and neck with only a two-point difference separating the second and sixth place players. 

Coming into the Top 4, Puttyx was on a winning streak with his three-star Shyvana Brawler comp, but fell off quickly to the other comps and was finished off by Bananaramic’s three-star Olaf. 

At the same time, Noster’s 7-Mage Dragonsoul comp took out ajswagatron’s 6 Cultist comp (three-star Kalista carry), leaving only himself and Bananaramic. 

Noster's 7-Mage Dragonsoul comp primarily dealt magic damage. Bananaramic identified this and rather than using Azir’s Soldiers as Aurelion Sol bait, he instead opted to go for 4 Mystic

The added magic resistance made it impossible for the Mages to burst the Olaf before he could heal up again with Slayer, and Bananaramic took the game after two rounds.

Game 4 Winner


Fight Night: Rising 53 Champion, Nostereleven!

In his third consecutive week on Fight Night, Noster continues his impressive performance as he managed to hit Top 3 in every game tonight. He played 7-Mage Dragonsoul and Slayer comps.

Bananaramic’s wins in Games 1 and 4 netted him a 2nd place overall. Slayers, Kayle, and Dragonsoul Mage were his jam!

Our bronze medalist, ajswagatron played Keepers, 6-Cultist Kalista, and Duelist comps. 


Four different comps won each of the games: Dragonsoul Mage, Slayer, Keeper, and Kayle, but Slayer and Dragonsoul Mage comps dominated the Top 4!

Kennen made new friends in a 9 Cultist comp that nearly won Game 3.  

Assassins only managed to place 3rd at its best, but with all these Assassin buffs, could we see the rise of Assassins in our next Fight Night? Tune in next time to find out as Noster, Bananaramic, and ajswagatron join five new contestants in next week's Fight Night: Rising! 

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