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Fight Night: Rising Week 55 Recap

Fight Night: Rising #55 featured Challengers and Grandmasters from around the globe. Our eight highly-skilled players duked it out over four rounds for $200 in prize money and a chance to return in the following week.

Game Recaps

Game 1

Reigning champion Nostereleven came out of the gate swinging! Winning Game 1 with a 6 Slayer comp that featured a three-star Darius. 

Kyuubiknight played an early Fortune Mage and cashed out on a 6-round loss streak. His loot goody bag included a double Neeko’s Help that helped him secure a two-star Mage Swain. 

Andross’s Enlightened comp survived to make the Top 4, but only just. 

Noster’s 8-round win streak was snapped by Koalittle’s Spirit Sharpshooters. But after the following carousel, Noster leveled up to 9, two-starring both his Lee Sin and Samira. 

This time, neither Tristana nor the Dragonsoul Mages could fend off the upgraded Slayer comp, and Noster took Game 1 in a double elimination. 

Game 1 Winner

Game 2

Andross took Game 2 with a strong, uncontested Keeper comp, and coming into the Top 4, he was on fire!!! 

His 9-round win streak was ended by Koalittle’s 6 Assassin comp powered by 3-star Akali, Katarina, and Diana. But in the following round, Koalittle ran into the wall that was Noster’s Fabled comp and his Assassins were assassinated themselves. 

On paper, Keeper versus Fabled looked like a fairly even matchup, but Andross’ Shroud caught both the Neeko and the Sett. And that wasn’t even the worst of it; Lee Sin took the two-star Sett out of the ring before it could cast and followed up by punching out the three-star Neeko! 

And with that, Andross took the victory in Game 2.

Game 2 Winner

Game 3

Jammal dominated the early game with his Brawler comp and did not drop a single round before Stage 4.  

Nostereleven started out with a Sharpshooter Dragonsoul comp, then found a two-star Yone on his level 8 rolldown and transitioned into an Adept Mystic board. His 8-round win streak was ended by Ch1wyLAN’s Slayer comp. 

Rounding out the Top 3 was Melisma’s Keeper comp but it fell to the Jammal’s comp that was now a potpourri of synergies built on a foundation of Dragonsoul Brawlers. 

By now, Noster’s comp had evolved into a Legendary comp that had multiple two-star 5-costs and a Chosen Zilean. In his first battle against Jammal, a well-placed Shroud enabled the Legendaries to come out on top, dropping Jammal down to 5 HP. 

In their next two clashes, Jammal was able to dodge Noster’s Shroud and the Swain + Sett duo were able to take out the pesky One Punch Man early into the fight.

Jammal’s two wins brought both players to the single-digit HP.     

In the final clash, Jammal again managed to dodge Noster’s Shroud at the start of the fight, but Noster’s Lee Sin was in the perfect position to punch Jammal’s two-star Yone off of the board. 

As Lee Sin was winding up his deadly fists, Noster’s Aatrox pulled Yone into the center of the board, unwittingly saving the life of his sworn enemy! And with that unfortunate blunder, Jammal danced his way to a Game 3 victory.

Game 3 Winner

Game 4

Coming into Game 4, Noster led the pack with four points more than Andross, who had five points on the rest of the lobby himself. Andross would need to place three positions higher than Noster to snatch victory from the lobby leader.   

Unfortunately for Andross, his Enlightened comp was taken out by Ch1wyLAN’s Slayers and Andross fell in 8th place. 

Ch1wy had managed to cash out on a 9-round Fortune loss streak and grab a two-star Samira. After taking out Andross, he continued his ramage, eliminating Koalittle’s Assassins and Melisma’s Keepers in the following rounds. 

Ch1wy continued his ramage, sending Noster’s 7 Mage Dragonsoul comp out in 4th place. He and his ghost defeated both sir blackp’s Keepers and KyuubiKnight’s 9-Cultist comp. 

It looked like he had this one in the bag, but in the following round, Ch1wy’s Samira found herself stunned by a 3-star Pyke while directly in front of a 3-star Kalista. She was unable to cast her spinning dance of death before she was taken out by the Cultist Crew. 

KyuubiKnight’s Cultist comp hadn’t reached level 9, meaning that there were no additional synergies such as Duelist or Mystic. In the end, it was no match for sir blackp’s strong Keeper comp that included a two-star Zilean and the Keepers closed out the final game.

Game 4 Winner

The reigning champion continues his hot streak!

Nostereleven extends his winning streak on Fight Night! Four different comps and a second-place average over the four games played gave Noster his third consecutive win on Fight Night: Rising! 

Premier Andross’s performance in the first three games was enough to keep him in second place at the end of the day. He played Enlightened comps in three of his four games today.

KyuubiKnight’s Top 2 in the final game catapulted him from sixth into third place with a tiebreaker win over Melisma. Like Noster, Kyuubi also played a different comp in every game.

Final Standings

Fight Night 55 Final Standings


Keeper, 9-Cultist, Slayer, Dragonsoul Mage, Elderwood Mage, Enlightened, Fabled, Assassin, Fabled, Spirit Sharpshooter, and Legendary comps all managed to Top 4 in the tournament. But Keepers were the standout comp today. 

Can anyone put an end to Noster’s reign or will he continue to outshine the competition and take home the Benjamins right up until the end of Set 4.5? We’ll be back with five new contestants next week to see if they can steal the throne from the seemingly unstoppable Noster!

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