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Fight Night: Rising Week 57 Recap

Last Thursday, eight players from ranging Challenger to Master rank played four games in the final Fight Night: Rising of this Set. Nostereleven has cemented himself as the most consistent Fight Night competitor of Set 4.5, participating in 7 of the 12 Fight Nights held in the second half of this set.

Coming into Fight Night 57, Noster had posted an impressive four consecutive wins. But all reigns come to an end, and fellow NA Challenger intc was the one to take the crown from the Fight Night King of Set 4.5. 

Game 1

intc won the first game with a 4 Adept Slayer comp powered by a hard-hitting trio of Samira, Lee Sin, and Divine Olaf. 

Stovio’s Keeper comp was obliterated by intc’s Samira and was the first to fall in the Top 4. Intc’s five-round win streak was snapped by GpB El Tomo’s Fabled comp that featured a three-star Neeko. Fortunately for him, El Tomo was knocked out in the following round. 

In the first matchup against KilljoyMex’s Enlightened comp (feat. three-star Talon), intc’s Zilean was able to cast its ability, and Talon was unable to find the resets to take out the Slayers before he was felled by Olaf and Samira.

In their second meeting, Talon was able to assassinate the Zilean before it could cast, and KilljoyMex’s win saw both players drop into one-hit territory. In the final fight, Zilean was positioned opposite of the Talon and managed to get off his ability, resulting in a Game 1 victory for intc.

Game 1 Winner

Game 2

intc snatched another victory with a Fabled comp that did not feature a single three-star unit. 

When the Top 6 was decided, there was a significant gap between the top and bottom three. The Top 3 had more than an average of 40 HP, while the fourth, fifth, and sixth position players had less than a 10-HP average. 

In the following round, all three of the bottom half were eliminated, leaving only Stovio’s Dragonsoul Slayer comp, Altenahue’s Adept Kayle comp, and intc’s Fabled crew. intc had chosen to level to 9 rather than slow rolling at 8 for a three-star Neeko. It paid off as he was able to quickly find and two-star both his Sett as well as his Ornn. 

In the first battle of the Top 3, intc’s Neeko proved to be too much for Altenahue’s Kayle, and Altenahue’s Kayle (ghost) took a win against the Slayer comp. This brought both Stovio and Altenahue to single-digit HP. Stovio was able to two-star his Yone and took out Altenahue in the following round. 

In the final round, the pure damage from the double Jeweled Gauntlet two-star Sett proved to be too much for the Slayers and intc took the game on a five-round win streak.   

Game 2 Winner

Game 3

Fabled took another win using Neeko and Sett as its main damage output.

A triple elimination at the start of round six left one Fabled, one Mage, one Keeper, and one Slayer comp in the Top 4. 

After having taken out a similar comp in the previous round, Altenahue’s Keeper comp again found itself against a Dragonsoul Mage comp. This time, the Hextech Gunblade + Anima Visage on the Mage Swain was too much for Xayah to handle, and Altenahue dropped out in fourth. 

Stovio’s Dragonsoul Mages were next on the chopping block as they went up against a strong Fabled comp that played 4 Mystic and a two-star Zilean. It wasn’t even close and Stovio was taken out in third. 

In the final matchup between KilljoyMex’s Fabled comp and El Tomo’s Dragonsoul Slayers, the combined damage output from Neeko and Sett was able to burst down the Slayers in consecutive rounds. And with that, KilljoyMex took Game 3. 

Game 3 Winner

Game 4

Coming into the final game, it was a close battle for first with only three points separating the first and fourth place players. 

El Tomo won the final game with a Brawler comp that uncharacteristically did not have a single three-star Brawler. Instead, an Elderwood Sprout and a Mage Cap from the final carousel enabled him to play the best complementary synergies that Brawlers could ask for.   

It was an intensely close battle for all but El Tomo. At one point, Noster was in seventh place with 1 HP while schnekec was in third place with 8 HP. Noster’s Brawlers and KilljoyMex’s Spirit Sharpshooters were eliminated in the subsequent round. 

In the following round, four of the five remaining players sat with single-digit HP. Stovio, schnekec, and intc all fell in the ensuing round. intc’s Enlightened comp took third, schnekec’s Fabled comp grabbed fourth, and Stovio’s Enlightened comp took fifth.

It was a close fight between the Brawlers and the Slayers, but 8-Brawler Dragonsoul Mage Shyvana proved to be too strong for the Dragonsoul Slayers to handle. El Tomo took the game with 40 HP to spare.  

Game 4 Winner

intc wins the tiebreaker against El Tomo to take first in the tournament!

El Tomo’s win in Game 4 put him at equal points with intc, however, intc’s wins in Games 1 and 2 put him in the lead against the Challenger from the LAS region. El Tomo's revenge will have to wait until Set 5.

It was a similar story for third place as KilljoyMex tied with Stovio for third. However, KilljoyMex’s win in Game 3 decided the tiebreaker and he will return in the next Fight Night.    

Fight Night 57: Final Standings

Toby's Top Three Comps for Set 4.5! 

Slayer has been one of the top comps for almost the entirety of Set 4.5. A Slayer Samira comp won Game 1, and Slayer comps made Top 2 in every game. The flexibility in Chosens, carries, and complementary synergies have given Slayers the edge throughout the set. 

Vanguard Slayers, Dragonsoul Slayers, Adept Slayers, and Slayers plus Legendary units are just some of the potential game-winning Slayer combos available.

Fabled used to be a running joke a couple of patches back, but in the final tournament of the set, it won two of the four games! Neeko and Sett's strong AOE damage combined with the durability and lockdown of the Vanguard and Mystic units, make Fabled one of the best comps in the current meta.

Enlightened comps dominated for a long period of the first half of Set 4, but in Set 4.5 it has not seen much of the spotlight. But now, players have recognized the strength of playing uncontested comps. Its power comes from being unpopular. 

You actually have a fair shot at three-starring your four-cost carry (Talon or Morgana) if you are uncontested, and a three-star four cost is no joke. Even though it didn’t win a game today, it grabbed a second and third-place finish, and Talon was the only four-cost carry to hit three stars in the tournament.  

There was not a single three-star unit in a winning comp. 

And with that, we bid farewell to Set 4.5. But don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere. In fact, Giant Slayer is teaming up with Riot Games yet again to organize even more tournaments in the upcoming set! 

In addition to the Weekly Fight Nights and the returning Challenger Series, we’ll also be hosting two new 128-player tournaments: Dawnbringer Cup (May 21-23) and Nightbringer Cup (June 18-20) which will provide additional routes to qualifying for the Reckoning Mid-Set Finale. It has been a great run; see y’all in Set 5! 

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