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Fight Night: Rising Week 63 Recap

A new patch rolled out a day before Fight Night: Rising #63. Cavaliers were again hit with the nerf hammer and the Abomination Nation has also been toned down. The Dawnbringer, Redeemed, and Skirmisher synergies were blessed with buffs.

Karma was the big winner today, appearing in 37% of the Top 4 comps and claiming victory in two of the four games played. The games were extremely close and in three of the four matches, the winner ended with 10 HP or less.

Outside of the dominance of Karma’s Invokers, there were plenty of different comps that reached the Top 4. Coven Assassins and Dragonslayer Nightbringers won a game apiece, while Draven, Rangers, Coven Renewers, Skirmishers, Abomination Riven, and Forgotten Vayne all managed to reach spots in the Top 4. 

Games Recap

Game 1 

Donaldinho won the first game of the tournament with an Assassin board carried by a three-star Nocturne who was backed up by Katarina. 

When it came down to the Top 4, Omaestrow led the pack with 17 HP and a 6 Forgotten Vayne board that included Rell, Lulu, and Ashe for the Cavalier, Mystic, and Ranger synergies. He was probably looking to exchange Ashe for Kindred but sadly Kindred did not show up in his shop.

Xplitcit played a 9 Forgotten board that utilized Draven as its primary core and included two-star Viego and Mordekaiser. However, Donaldinho’s Assassins had the disables to hold the Forgotten team in place while Nocturne went to town.  

In the final round, Conmigopipo was running a Karma Invoker comp and clumped his units together to protect Karma from the Assassins but it also made him susceptible to AOE stuns. And in the end, Donaldinho took out both Omaestrow and Conmigopipo to nab the win in Game 1. 

Game 1 winner

Game 2

Kaune took Game 2 with a Dragonslayer Nightbringer comp carried by three-star Yasuo and Lee Sin as well as a Nightbringer Spatula-equipped Mordekaiser.

ClutchinPenguin’s Abomination Riven comp was the first of the Top 4 to fall, taken out by Kaune’s Nightbringers. 

Xplitcit played a Coven Renewer comp that had three-star Soraka, Vladimir, and Lissandra as its cores. He was on a four-round win streak in the final round.  

Omaestrow rounded out the Top 3 with a 4 Ranger 4 Mystic board powered by Aphelios.

The game ended with a double knockout by Kaune, who took out both Xplitcit and Omaestrow to claim a Game 2 victory.

Game 2 winner

Game 3 

Coming into the Top 3, each of the three remaining players had HP in the 30s, but the odds seemed to favor Donaldinho. He had a Force of Nature and a Shadow Force of Nature, which allowed him to field 11 units on the board at level 8. To top it off, he was also on a seven-round win streak. 

He matched up against Javaday’s Karma Invoker board that had a well itemized two-star Garen at the helm. Donaldinho’s Draven had difficulty getting through Garen, and Javaday’s Karma + Teemo combo took out the 11-unit team without losing a single backline unit. 

Under normal circumstances, Donaldinho would have survived the loss with some HP to spare, but the Shadow Force of Nature doubled the HP lost and that single round loss took him from 30 HP to -6.

ClutchinPenguin ran a board similar to Javaday’s but used Volibear and Rell as his frontline. There were some close rounds but ClutchinPenguin’s Syndra was able to keep Karma safe by flinging the scary Garen into the opposite corner. 

And with only 3 HP left in the tank, ClutchinPenguin managed to grab three consecutive round wins to take a victory in Game 3!

Game 3 winner

Game 4 

Coming into the final game, Xplitcit and Donaldinho tied for first place, but Omaestrow and ClutchinPenguin were hot on their heels. It was still anyone's game.

In a surprising twist, point leader Xplitcit’s Coven Renewer board fell in eighth together with BallsInABasket’s Aphelios Ranger team. Omaestrow’s Assassins were out in sixth. 

ClutchinPenguin needed to place fourth or higher to overtake Omaestrow, but his Forgotten Vayne comp fell just short in fifth place. 

Coming into the Top 3, Javaday’s Invoker board had more than triple the HP total of second and third place. But Donaldinho’s three-star Nidalee in his 6 Skirmisher comp was able to leap into the backline and take out the Invokers. 

Javaday’s luck turned around in the following round as two Teemos turned up in his shop. In the final round, he faced off against Kaune’s Draven board that included two-star Viego and Darius. The upgraded Teemo coupled with Garen was too much to handle and Kaune was out.

At the same time, Donaldinho’s Skirmishers fell to Draven and with that, Javaday took a first-place finish in the final game.   

Game 4 winner

Donaldinho ends Omaestrow’s tournament win streak and brings the Fight Night trophy to Australia. 

Donaldinho has consistently been one of the top Challengers on the OCE ladder since Set 3.5. He played Nocturne carry in two of his games, netting a win in Game 1 with Coven Assassins. He also grabbed second place in Game 4 with a classic 6 Skirmisher comp that itemized Jax, Nidalee, and Lee Sin.

Rising NA Challenger Javaday moved up from his third-place finish in last week’s tournament to claim second place overall in today’s tournament. He started off slow with fifth-place finishes in the first two games but turned up in the last two games to finish only two points behind Donaldinho.

He played Invoker comps in every game and had his best results with Karma as his main carry.

Omaestrow is down but not out! He beat Kaune and ClutchinPenguin in a three-way tiebreaker to round out our Top 3 and will return next week for a shot to reclaim his throne. He had success with Vayne and Aphelios comps.

Can Donaldinho take another win next week? Is Omaestrow on his way out or will he reclaim his throne? Will Javaday reach the top in his third consecutive Fight Night appearance? Or will a new Challenger emerge from the shadows to crush them all? Find out when we return in our next Fight Night: Rising! 

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