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Fight Night: Rising Week 64 Recap

Welcome back to another Fight Night: Rising! Eight highly-skilled TFT players from multiple continents duked it out for $200 in prize money and a returning slot in the next Fight Night. 

Only three of today's participants call the NA server home, while four of the contestants hail from EUW. Last week’s winner Donaldinho's home server is OCE.  

Game 1

all3nvan took the first game with a powerful Nightbringer Dragonslayer comp. 

He found Yasuo and Morgana from the creep orbs and played 4 Nightbringer at level 4. 

At level 6 he played 4 Nightbringer with Skirmisher and Dragonslayer (Lee Sin + Pantheon + Trundle).

Level 7 saw him add in a Legionnaire to increase his Yasuo’s strength and he slow-rolled to three-star his three-cost champions. Diana was put in for 4 Dragonslayer and 4 Nightbringer.  

At Stage 6-1 he rolled down hard to find his three-star Yasuo and then leveled to 8 to put in Ryze for Mystic. 

His final opponent, GTZ vMetang, was playing a 6 Redeemed board with Lux carry. Team Redeemed was no match for three-star Yasuo and Pantheon, and the game ended after two decisive rounds. 

Game 1 winner

Game 2

PuttyX played a Legionnaire opener with two-star Aatrox and Warwick along with Kalista (item holder) and Lee Sin. 

At level 5, he added in Morgana for Nightbringer, showing intent to play Yasuo, but then found an early Vel’Koz that changed everything! 

At level 6 he transitioned into 6 Redeemed with a well-itemized Vel’Koz carry.  

At level 7 he put in Nautilus for the Knight and Ironclad synergies. Then he pushed for level 8. 

He hit level 8 by 5-1 and rolled down all of his gold to find upgrades. He took out Nautilus to play Ivern and Volibear (Invoker and Revenant synergies). 

It came down to a 1v1 against ThePikachu’s 4 Mystic Forgotten Legionnaire board. The Draven was particularly terrifying and handed PuttyX three consecutive losses. If PuttyX wanted to win, he would need to find his ninth Vel’Koz. 

ThePikachu knew it too and had three Vel’Kozs on his bench, meaning that there was only a single Vel’Koz left in the entire pool. It was highly unlikely, but against all odds and at 5 HP, PuttyX found the last remaining Vel’Koz!

Even with the magic resistance from 4 Mystic, the three-star Lasersquid was able to rip through Team Draven and take the game in three rounds!

Game 2 winner

Game 3

Javaday sat at bottom of the lobby for most of the early game. At level 5 he played Dragonslayer Skirmishers with a Varus to empower his Pantheon and rounded out his board with a random Syndra.

At level 6, he added in Ryze with a Shadow Blue Buff but dropped down to 31 HP while the lobby leader had 89! 

At level 8, he played Pantheon, Trundle, and Jax for Skirmisher Dragonslayer. Varus, Lux, and Rell went in for Redeemed Ironclad. Kindred and Ryze rounded out his comp for the Mystic and Ranger synergies.

At level 9, he added in Lulu to reach 4 Mystic.

His secret sauce was the Varus + Pantheon combo. Pantheon’s ability applies a large number of instances of Varus’ Holy Arrows blessing resulting in massive physical damage output (Jeweled Gauntlet and Shadow Last Whisper are Varus' best items for this build)! Shadow Blue Buff Ryze played a big part in locking down the enemy team.     

In the final round, Javaday and his ghost faced off against Spethom’s Redeemed Invoker board that featured three Redeemed Emblems and all3nvan’s Dawnbringer Invoker team. Javaday's heavy magic resistance helped him survive to take down both opponents and secure the win in Game 3.

Game 3 winner

Game 4

Donaldinho played Redeemed Knights at level 4 using Lux as his item holder. 

At level 5 he put in an early two-star Lulu for Mystic. 

At level 6 he added in a third Hellion. 

At level 7 he transitioned into 6 Redeemed with Lulu.

At level 8 he added in Teemo for Invoker. He grabbed a Redeemed Emblem from the armory for Teemo.

At level 9 he made a huge transition, dropping down to 3 Redeemed (Rell, Lux, Teemo) and adding in Heimerdinger, Ivern, Volibear (for Revenant, Renewer, and Invoker), and Kindred. 

He went up against Omaestrow’s Forgotten team in the final round. Omaestrow didn’t stand a chance against the four two-star Legendary champions and Donnie won Game 4 with 40 HP left in the tank.  

Game 4 winner

Fight Night: Rising winner PuttyX! 

German Grandmaster PuttyX grabbed his first Set 5 Fight Night tournament win. He played vertical comps: Forgotten, Redeemed, and Dawnbringer. 

NA Challenger all3nvan reached the Top 3 in the first three games and looked like the favorite to win the tournament, but an eighth-place finish in Game 4 saw him drop to second place overall. He played Dawnbringers in three of the four games.

Australian Challenger Donaldinho won Game 4 to grab a spot in the Top 3 and will return for Fight Night 65. He played a different comp each game. 

After an impressive five-tournament run that included three consecutive wins, Omaestrow bows out of Fight Night: Rising.    

Redeemed, Forgotten, and Dawnbringer comps took most of the Top 4 spots, but Yasuo, Pantheon + Varus, and a Legendary team all took wins today. 

Patch 11.13 is packed with item, champion, and trait adjustments and goes live on Wednesday. Tune in next time to see the new comps and strategies that are sure to emerge!

Fight Night 64: Final Standings
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