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Fight Night: Rising Week 67 Recap

Eight highly-skilled TFT players from around the globe played a four-game series in the final Fight Night: Rising of the set! Forgotten and Dawnbringer were the strongest comps today, while Abomination Zyra, Dragonslayer Yasuo, and Ranger Aphelios comps looked like the second-best. 

Forgotten won two of the four games, while Dawnbringer got second place in three out of four games. Abomination Zyra and Revenant Assassins took the other two wins of the night. And surprisingly, not a single Redeemed comp managed to reach the Top 4. 

Game 1 

Buzzyboo played Hellion Knights early on, using Kled and Ziggs to hold items for Draven and Ryze. He added in Forgotten at level 5. He briefly went up to 5 Hellion at level 7 but then sold the entire cast to transition into 6 Forgotten. 

His level 7 board ended with 6 Forgotten and Rell for a Cavalier frontline. He did not lose a single round after that. His Ryze with Shadow Blue Buff + Guardian Angel held the enemy teams in place while Draven cut them down.  

At level 8 he added in a Mystic unit (he eventually settled for Kindred) and level 9 saw him add in a third Mystic unit to counter the remaining magic damage comps. iBoars AKI’s Dawnbringers and Saltman112’s Abomination Zyra comp joined Buzzyboo in the Top 3. 

However, neither of the two was able to bring down the level 9 Forgotten board, and Buzzy ended the game on a 13-round win streak!

Game 1 winner

Game 2

Josepao1o had Zyra and Sett by the first PVP round, so he rolled once and found Udyr for an early Draconic start. His six-round loss streak was broken at level 6 when he added in Abomination Brawler with an early Ryze. 

He itemized Zyra and the Abomination champions. At level 7, he added in the fourth Abomination Champion. Level 8 saw him add in Lulu for Mystic. On the stage 6 carousel, he grabbed a Shadow Spatula to build a Shadow Force of Nature, bringing his team size up to 11. 

Volibear, Garen, Ivern, and Kindred rounded out his team. In the final round, he was able to take out TeversomuchT’s Yasuo comp while his ghost narrowly defeated Buzzyboo’s 4 Ranger Aphelios team. 

It was close, but the extra synergies and bodies from the Shadow Force of Nature gave Jose the advantage he needed to win the game. 

Game 2 winner

Game 3

ThatsAdmirable went full Forgotten right from the start. An early Draven showed up in his level 5 shop and that decided his path. As usual, Rell was added in at level 7. Kindred joined for Mystic at level 8. 

At level 9 he added in a third Mystic to counter iBoars AKI’s Dawnbringer team. But iBoars AKI’s Karma and double Warmog's Armor Garen handed Admirable three consecutive losses. 

In the final round, Admirable's Draven was able to heal back up from a sliver of HP and take down the Karma to take a very close victory in Game 3.

Game 3 winner

Game 4

Coming into the final game, Buzzyboo was in first, while Jose and iBoard AKI were both three points behind him. The rest of the lobby was at least five points behind the Top 3. 

Jose had a Draconic start again, but his first two items (Shadow Zeke’s and Shadow Locket) pointed to Nocturne carry. At level 6, he swapped in his two-star Nocturne, Kha’Zix, and an Ivern for Revenant Assassin but kept in Draconic. 

At level 7, he dropped Draconic to put in more Assassins and added Kindred and Ryze for Mystic. 

At level 8, he found Viego and went up to 6 Assassin with Forgotten and Revenant. He also three-starred his Nocturne. Volibear was in at level 9 for 3 Revenant.

His final opponent was AsianGamer5’s Dawnbringer team. Karma and Friends put up a good fight, but the well-itemized three-star Nocturne was too much for them to handle.

Game 4 winner

Josepao1o closes out the set with another Fight Night win!  

Filipino Challenger Josepao1o grabbed his second consecutive on Fight Night and claimed another $100 in tournament winnings! He posted wins with Abomination Zyra and Revenant Assassins.

NA Challenger Buzzyboo won the first game with a Forgotten comp and hit the Top 4 twice with 4 Ranger Aphelios to claim second place overall.

AsianGamer5 went Dawnbringer every game and beat out TeversomuchT by a single point to claim third place. Even though Zed is no more, he will never be forgotten. 

That's it for Fight Night: Rising in Set 5. We'll be back again after the Mid-Set update but first, we've got to find out who is NA's best player in the upcoming $20,000 Reckoning Mid-Set Finale coming up on July 15! 

Be sure to tune in then to see some of the game's finest players battle it out for fame, glory, coin, and slots in the NA Regional Qualifiers!  

Fight Night 67: Final Standings
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