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Fight Night: Rising Week 68 Recap

Set 5.5 has finally arrived! Say goodbye to Shadow items and hello to the new and improved Radiant items! Plus, new champions, traits, synergies, comps, mechanics, and more!

The Fight Night: Rising team had a two-week break to enjoy the new Mid-Set Update, but now it’s time to get back at it!

JosePao1o returned for his fourth consecutive Fight Night appearance along with the previous Fight Night’s two other top performers, Buzzyboo and AsianGamer5. Joining them were five more highly-skilled TFT players from around the globe! 

Let’s check out the game winners and see what comps came out on top today!

Game 1

Tae2n dominated the early game with Hellion Knights using two-star Leona with a Sunfire Cape as his frontline. He took his first loss after the Stage 4 carousel. At the time, he was up to 6 Hellion with a Hellion Emblem. He chose Blue Blessing as his Radiant item for his Teemo.

Joining him in the Top 4 were ARaye, Buzzyboo, and ItsDinodan. Buzzyboo was playing Assassin Revenants with three-star Nocturne and Pyke and a Frozen Heart of Gold on his Diana.

Buzzyboo sent Dinodan’s Redeemed comp out in fourth.

By this time, Tae2n’s board was looking solid with five Legendary champions and he had no trouble disposing of Buzzyboo’s Assassins.

His final opponent, ARaye, had Jax and Akshan as his carries supported by a strong Revenant and Knight frontline. 

But Tae2n had two-starred his Garen, Heimerdinger, and Teemo with a teched in 3 Ironclad against ARaye’s heavy physical damage. ARaye was unable to break through Tae2n’s frontline and Teemo obliterated ARaye's champions to bring Tae2n a solid win in Game 1. 

Game 1 winner

Game 2

Buzzyboo, Banana in pijama, and Dinodan were at the top of the lobby for almost the entirety of the game. And when it came down to the Top 3, Buzzyboo was in the lead with a 6 Sentinel board that had Lucian as its main core.  

Dinodan played Rascal’s Gloves on his three-star Yasuo to back up his Aphelios carry together with an Ironclad frontline. Banana in pijama had a 4 Knight frontline with Akshan and Aphelios as his carries. 

Buzzyboo’s Mistral (Radiant Zephyr) plus a regular Zephyr caught key units throughout the game and he sent Dinodan’s Aphelios up into the air and out in third place. 

In the final round, Banana in pijama’s two-star Garen with Warmog's Pride and Warmog’s Armor proved to be too tanky for Buzzyboo to cut through. And his two-star Akshan was able to rip through Buzzyboo’s team to give Banana in pijama the win in Game 2.

Game 2 winner

Game 3

JosePao1o played 5 Draconic Abomination at level 7 and used Udyr to carry his physical damage carry’s items. The early 5 Draconic paid off and by the time the Top 4 was decided, Jose had 5 two-star Legendaries at level 8! 

His five-round win streak was ended by Buzzyboo’s 6 Nightbringer Aphelios who had won 12 rounds straight to come from eighth place with 15 HP! Dinodan’s Jax with Knights was out in fourth place. Devlus’ Redeemed board with Vel’Koz and Lux carries fell hard against Jose’s board. 

In the final rounds, Buzzyboo’s Aphelios could not penetrate Jose’s massive frontline and Jose took the game after two decisive rounds!

Game 3 winner

Game 4

Coming into the final game, Buzzyboo had a good lead over the rest of the players with 23 points, while third to seventh place had only a three-point gap. 

It came down to the wire and at one point Jose was in second place with 15 HP, while Buzzyboo was in seventh with 9!

In a shocking turn of events, Buzzyboo’s Sentinel Skirmisher comp went out in seventh place opening the door for an upset! 

Coming into the Top 3, Jose led with an Ironclad Knight board powered by a two-star Akshan. He went up against ARaye’s Renewer board and the two-star Heimerdinger with a Glamorous Gauntlet one-shot his entire board, knocking him out in third!

The final round was between ARaye’s Renewers and Devlus’ Forgotten Cavalier team. Devlus’ Viego was able to convert the Baby Dragon and Thresh was able to pull Heimerdinger out of the corner. 

This significantly delayed Heimerdinger’s cast, buying time for the Guinsoo's Reckoning Draven to ramp up and take out ARaye’s team!  

Game 4 winner

Devlus Wins The First Fight Night of Set 5.5!

After fifth-place finishes in the first two games, Devlus turned the heat up to grab third place in Game 3 with a classic Redeemed Lux board and win the final game with a Forgotten Cavalier Draven-powered comp.

Buzzyboo finished in the Top 3 in the first three games, but in the final game, his Lucian-powered Sentinel board couldn’t hang on to grab at least sixth place and he tied with Devlus for points, but his lower average placement saw him end in second place overall.

JosePao1o barely scraped into the Top 3, winning the tiebreaker against DinoDan. He will return for his fifth Fight Night together with Buzzyboo and Devlus. 

Rell was played in every game-winning board, while both Garen and Nautilus were part of three of the four wins. Based on the results today, a frontline of Knights, Cavaliers, and/or Revenants coupled with strong carries like Heimerdinger, Akshan and/or Aphelios, Lucian, or Vel’Koz seem to do the trick.

By the next tournament, the meta should have matured a bit more. Hopefully, we’ll get to see some additional fresh and exciting comps! Can Jose continue his Fight Night run and will Buzzyboo continue to impress? Tune in next week, to find out!

Fight Night: Rising #68 VOD

Fight Night 68: Final Standings
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