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Fight Night: Rising Week 69 Recap

Fight Night: Rising 69 saw one of the most stacked lineups we’ve had in a while.  Seven of the eight competitors have hit Challenger rank on multiple sets!

There was an average of three re-rollers per game. Hellion with Tristana carry was the most popular reroll route but its popularity proved to be its downfall and it failed to reach the Top 4 in five out of six attempts. 

Other reroll comps included Vayne Forgotten, Cavaliers with Miss Fortune, and Dawnbringer Sentinels. The most successful reroll comp was Dawnbringers with Sentinels using Riven and Nidalee as its primary damage dealers. 

Akshan flexed his muscles today, taking multiple victories and even beating out an Abomination Heimerdinger board that had FIVE two-star Legendaries! 

Grab a healing item (Hand of Justice or Bloodthirster) and some AD items for maximum power output. Some competitors looked to Rageblade or Deathblade for their scaling power. 

Heimerdinger-based comps continued to show their dominance, winning Game 3 and placing well in multiple games! It seems that Abomination is the optimal synergy pair for Heimerdinger and Friends.  

Games Recap

Game 1 

Jirachy and Yiggles dominated the early portion of Game 1. Jirachy played Draconic Abomination while Yiggles went for a Dawnbringer Sentinel Skirmisher board. Jirachy took their first loss just as the Radiant items dropped. 

At this point, Buzzyboo had hit his three-star Vayne and joined Yiggle on Team Winstreak. Yiggles' streak was finally ended at stage 4-2 and she continued to take heavy losses in the rounds that followed. 

The Top 3 came down to Jirachy, Yiggles, and Buzzyboo. Jirachy was on a win streak with 50 HP and their two-star Teemo tore through Buzzyboo’s Forgotten Cavalier board sending him out in third. 

In the first round against Yiggles’ Akshan-powered board, Akshan almost soloed Jirachy’s team, but Ivern managed to revive and take down the swinging ranger and Yiggles took a single unit loss. 

Yiggles’ leveled to 9 and added in another Revenant champion and managed to take a round against Jirachy, but in the next round, her Akshan was taken out early and she dropped down to 3 HP!  

40 HP against 3! Yiggles managed to Shroud key enemy champions and take two close wins in a row. In the final round, Yiggles’ Thief’s Gloves rolled a second Shroud and that sealed the win for Yiggles!

Game 1 winner

Game 2

Devlus led up to the mid-game with Dawnbringer Sentinels and a Skirmisher Emblem on Riven. Joining him in the Top 4 were Yiggles’ Heimerdinger board, 61RD’s Sentinel Cannoneer team with a Cannoneer Emblem on Akshan, and JosePao1o’s Akshan-powered board.    

61RD and Jose met in a Akshan + Lucian mirror matchup, however, more than half of 61RD’s board was still at one-star, and Jose’s upgraded board was able to knock him out in fourth. 

In the next round, Jose was able to Zephyr Yiggles’ Heimerdinger and take out her out in third.

Coming into the final round, Devlus was still at level 7 having three-starred Nidalee, Irelia, Soraka, and Pyke. His board was no match for Jose’s level 9 board and took a huge hit to go out in second. 

Game 2 winner

Game 3

Buzzyboo’s Abomination Legionnaires (level 5 Draven) and Yiggles’ Sentinel Skirmishers led the early game. But by the mid-game, Yiggles was down to 22 HP while 61RD’s Jax Knights and Jose’s reroll Cavalier Cannoneers were both on win streaks with 66 HP! 

Coming into the Top 4, Buzzyboo had transitioned into a 6 Forgotten Draven board and had more HP than the rest of the lobby combined. 

However, ChungMoney12’s Heimerdinger Abomination team with 4 Invoker went on a rampage, taking out Yiggles’ Akshan-powered board and then decimating Buzzyboo’s team to take the win in Game 3!

Game 3 winner

Game 4

Coming into the final game, Yiggles had a substantial 6-point lead on second place and was guaranteed a spot in the Top 3, however, the two other spots were far from decided.

At stage 4-1 Jose was down to 21 HP but an amazing level 7 roll down saw him hit three-star Nocturne and two-star Diana and Ivern! But a couple of rounds later, he went up against Buzzyboo’s 11-round win streak Dawnbringer Sentinel board and was knocked down to 6 HP! 

The next time they met, Buzzyboo had three-starred his Riven, Nidalee, and Rakan, but Diana was able to stun the entire team and Ivern and Volibear followed up with their disables, and the Dawnbringers were brought down hard! Their next meeting ended similarly. 

However, in the battle for Top 2, Devlus with a Nightbringer Cavalier team managed to take down Jose! The two-star Lee Sin with a Cavalier Emblem and a Radiant Bramble Vest shocked viewers and casters alike as it managed to 1v4 Jose’s team and send him out in third!   

The final fight of Dawnbringers versus Nightbringers went the way of Buzzyboo’s three-star blue team, with 4 Renewer Dawnbringer-Emblem Rakan keeping his friends happy and healthy throughout the fight!

Game 4 winner

Yiggles wins Fight Night 69!

Yiggles found success with strong early game boards that evolved into Akshan and other Legendary-powered comps. She mentioned that the Heimerdinger + Ivern + Volibear comp is the strongest combo in the game right now.    

Buzzyboo played off-meta to take second place overall, grabbing good placements with Draven and Vayne in 6 Forgotten boards. He ended the day with a win using the up-and-coming Dawnbringer Sentinel comp.

JosePao1o’s performance today was a rollercoaster but in the final match, his Revenant Assassins went on a nine-round win streak at 6 HP to beat last week’s champion (Devlus) in the tiebreaker! He will be returning for his sixth consecutive Fight Night but it was a close shave indeed!

Can Yiggles defend her Fight Night crown or will another rise to steal her throne? Will Jose continue his tiebreaker win streak and claim the title of most consistent third-place finisher? Find out next week on Fight Night: Rising #70!  

Fight Night: Rising #69 VOD

Fight Night 69: Final Standings


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