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Fight Night: Rising Week 70 Recap

The Fight Night: Rising TFT tournament has been running consistently for more than one and a half years, and on Thursday we held our 70th weekly tournament! 

As of today, TFT players from all over the world have claimed $14,000 in prize money by participating on Fight Night! 

In today’s tournament, Filipino Challenger JosePao1o made his sixth consecutive appearance on Fight Night! On his current run, he has taken tournament victory twice! 

North American Challenger Buzzyboo has claimed three straight second place finishes in the last three Fight Nights. He is known for his unconventional and unique off-meta playstyle.

Last week, Yiggles bested them both to claim her first Fight Night win of the set!

The three were joined by five other highly-skilled TFT players for a best-of-four games showdown!   

Game 1

TidusTheOwl led throughout the early game but fell in seventh place with a Forgotten Draven board. Yiggles was down to 6 HP by stage 5-2 but her Tristana-powered 6 Hellion team managed to survive into stage 6 and grab fourth place. 

JosePao1o's Revenant Assassin board fell in the same round to claim third place. Tftwizard and Buzzyboo each still had more than 50 HP when the others were knocked out. 

Tftwizard had played Varus as his carry then added in Akshan for a Redeemed Sentinel base with a smattering of other synergies. Once Kayle was found, she was in and Varus was out. 

Buzzyboo had a 6 Forgotten board with a well-equipped Draven. He rounded out his board with an Akshan for armor-reduction. 

Buzzyboo hit Tftwizard hard. And even with a two-star Kayle, Tftwizard was taken out after four straight losses. Draven: 1, Kayle: 0.  

Game 1 winner (Buzzyboo takes the win while playing piano with his feet)

Game 2

Game 2 came down to the wire with six players alive at stage 6-2, and Buzzyboo leading on a fragile 12 HP! The next round saw half of the players eliminated leaving Buzzyboo, Jose, and Dowfu as the final survivors. 

TidusTheOwl’s Forgotten Skirmisher team headed by a three-star Nidalee was taken out by Buzzyboo’s 6 Forgotten Ironclad army. 

But the real terror was Jose’s 6 Assassin 5 Revenant board and it tore through Buzzyboo’s green army like a knife through butter to give Jose the win in Game 2. 

Game 2 winner

Game 3

The reign of Assassins continued into Game 3. At level 7 Jose managed to three-star his Nocturne and Pyke, while fielding two two-star Dianas and a Lulu for added Heimerdinger resistance. 

With the help of a Neeko’s Help, Jose was able to three-star his Diana, and when that happened, it was game over for TidusTheOwl’s and Dowfu’s Abomination Heimerdinger comps. 

TidusTheOwl's two-star Heimerdinger and Teemo were able to take out Dowfu’s Zyra + Heimerdinger duo. But against 4 Mystic and three-star Diana, it was a quick loss and TidusTheOwl had to settle for second place.  

Game 3 winner

Game 4

Coming into Game 4, Jose had secured spot in the Top 2 and Buzzyboo was in second place, but the third spot was still up for grabs. Yiggles was in fourth place and good finish in the final game could see her clinch a spot in the Top 3.  

Coming into the stage 3 NPC round, Dowfu, Yiggles, and Buzzyboo were all on win streaks! Dowfu has Dawnbringers with Riven and Karma cores, Yiggles had Nightbringers, and Buzzyboo played 6 Sentinel. 

Dowfu chose stay at level 8 and at the start of stage 6 he managed to three-star his Karma. Dowfu and Yiggles both had more HP than the other four remaining players combined! Buzzyboo had transitioned into an Aphelios comp with a smorgasbord of support synergies but he fell in fifth. 

By this time, Jose had hit his three-star Nocturne and was able to take out Dowfu’s three-star Karma. But the three-star Riven got her revenge and knocked out Jose in fourth. 

In the following round, ml2963’s Abomination Heimerdinger team and Yiggles’ Nightbringers both fell to the mighty Dawnbringers. Yiggles needed to place second to surpass Dowfu’s point total, but sadly, she took the harder loss and was out in third! 

Dowfu’s win pushed him up from sixth place to reach third place overall! 

Game 4 winner

JosePao1o assassinates his way to another Fight Night victory!

Jose woke up with one thing on his mind: Assassins! He managed to three-star his Nocturne in three of the four games. 

Infinity Edge and Last Whisper were top priority but in his post-game interview, he mentioned that Quicksilver Sash was important against lockdown-heavy lineups such as Revenant and Hellion. 

Buzzyboo’s second-place curse (or blessing) continued as he claimed his fourth consecutive second-place finish! He was all about AD comps, playing Draven, Tristana, and Aphelios as his primary carries.

Dowfu started off with an eighth but it was all uphill from there. A fifth in Game 2, a third in Game 3, and a win in the final game saw him beat out Yiggles in the tiebreaker for third place overall. 

He seemed to have a preference for AP comps (Vel’Koz, Heimerdinger, Karma) and built Shojin every game!

For the first time ever, two Filipinos placed in the Top 3 of Fight Night! Jose will return for the seventh time and Buzzyboo will look for another second-place finish next week. 

Can Jose continue his Fight Night reign or will another rise to snatch his crown? Tune in next time to find out! 

Fight Night: Rising #70 VOD

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