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Fight Night: Rising Week 72 Recap

Fight Night: Rising #72 featured Challengers and Grandmasters from four different continents. Last week’s winner, Eversomuch looked to defend his title against competitors from all over the world. 

Josepao1o’s internet issues have been resolved and he has returned to battle for the seventh time this set! Last week’s second and third placers Zeruma and Dowfu joined along with four other participants in the first tournament of patch 11.17.

Games Recap

Game 1 - Level 8 Kayle board takes down a stacked level 9 Heimerdinger board

Zeruma took an early lead stacking Senna with AP items in a Sentinel Skirmisher opener but went out in eighth. It was a rather close game; at one point in stage 5, Foamgang was in second place with 18 HP and Dowfu was in sixth with 13 HP! 

The Top 3 consisted of Dowfu’s Ironclad Kayle comp, Foamgang’s Abomination Heimerdinger team, and Eversomuch’s Dawnbringers. Foamgang’s Heimerdinger obliterated the Dawnbringers and set up for a 1v1 against Dowfu’s Kayle. 

In the final round, Dowfu was able to catch Heimerdinger with the Zephyr and the delayed cast allowed the newly-buffed Rageblade Kayle to ramp up and take out the enemy team!  

Game 1 winner

Game 2 - Frozen Heart Diana versus Jose’s Revenant Assassins

SeekN7eak led early with a strong Sentinel opener using Nidalee as his item holder but coming into the mid-game, Zeruma’s Jax Knight comp was the only one on fire! 

Coming into the Top 4, Zeruma had a huge advantage with 61 HP against the other three who were all under 20 HP. Gyalubaby’s Revenant Aphelios and SeekN7eak’s 6 Sentinel Ironclad Lucian fell in third and fourth. 

This left Josepao1o’s Revenant Assassins as the last standing opponent. 

In their first fight, Zeruma’s Diana managed to lock down Jose’s three-star Nocturne and Jose dropped to 2 HP! But Jose would not go down without a fight and positioned his Nocturne to take out Jax before it could ramp up, taking out a big chunk of Zeruma’s HP. 

The next round followed a similar pattern ending in a 1v1 between Nocturne and Akshan, with the Nocturne narrowly defeating the swinging ranger.

In the final round, Jose managed to out-position Zeruma and dominate the fight and give Jose the win in Game 2!

Game 2 winner

Game 3 - Jaxshan takes out 1-trick Revenant Assassin

SeekN7eak again led early on with a strong Sentinel opener and an early level 7 Akshan. He held the lead throughout the entire game and was joined by Foamgang’s 4 Renewer Abomination Heimerdinger team and Jose’s Revenant Assassins in the Top 3. 

Jose’s Nocturne was able reach and quickly eradicate Foamgang’s backline carries, securing a spot in the Top 2! 

By this time, SeekN7eak’s board had evolved into an Ironclad board powered by Jax and Akshan. The deadly damage duo was able to out-scale Nocturne and grab a win for SeekN7eak. 

Game 3 winner

Game 4 - Dowfu leads all game with Skirmishers

Jose led the pack coming into the final game. SeekN7eak’s win catapulted him into second place and Foamgang sat in third.

Dowfu had an amazing start with Olaf, Irelia, Lee Sin, and Yasuo for Skirmisher, Legionnaire, and Nightbringer. Sentinel was added in at level 5 and by level 7 he had 6 Skirmisher plus Sentinel. 

SeekN7eak decided to contest Jose’s Nocturne but unfortunately went sixth and dropped out of the Top 3.

Dowfu continued to play 6 Skirmishers up to level 9. Then he dropped down to 3 Skirmisher and added in a potpourri of Legendaries to support Jax! 

For the first time in a while, the battle for first was between two Jax comps! Zeruma’s Jax went full damage against Dowfu’s Jax with Bramble Vest + Dragon’s Claw. Zeruma took consecutive round wins to take Dowfu down to 18 HP. 

But in the final round, Dowfu Zephyred Zeruma’s Jax and then Volibear and Rell kept him locked down. This allowed Gwen to snip Jax into the ground and give Dowfu the win in Game 4! 

Game 4 winner

JosePao1o returned and reclaimed his Fight Night Champion belt!

Jose played Nocturne every game to claim yet another Fight Night win! 

In the post-tournament interview, he said that he feels most comfortable one-tricking. He mentioned that unless he can get a good win streak opener, he plays eco-heavy and looks to get the 40 HP stimmy before most other players. 

Dowfu played Kayle in his first three games and swapped over to Skirmishers in the final game to grab second place overall!

Foamgang mainly played Abomination AP comps and only placed Bot 4 when he tried his hand at Jax Knights. He managed to place third overall without winning single game!

Team Philippines claimed first and second place on this week’s Fight Night. Jose is looking unstoppable and Dowfu has been going strong for three weeks straight. Can they continue their run next week, or will the Filipinos be taken out? Tune in next time to find out!   

Fight Night: Rising #72 VOD

Fight Night 72: Final Standings
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