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Fight Night: Rising Week 73 Recap

We had a diverse, highly-skilled lineup for Fight Night: Rising 73, including Challengers from Bolivia, Ecuador, and Columbia, two of the Philippines’ best players, and one of Italy’s top-ranked Challengers.

We had wins with Knights Kayle and Legendary Abomination Revenants. And despite Nocturne’s recent damage nerf, Jose’s Revenant Assassins still managed to jump their way to victory in Games 3 and 4. 

Games Recap

Game 1

Dowfu led at the start with an early Abomination Spellweaver team. He slammed Blue Buff on his Ziggs and did not lose a single round until after the stage 3 carousel. 

Rayio’s Nidalee-powered Sentinel Skirmisher board took the lead throughout the mid-game and eventually transitioned into an Ironclad Draven comp. 

Lurty’s Knights Aphelios comp held on to claim third place but was taken out by Rayio’s Forgotten Draven team. This left Rayio and Dowfu to battle for first! 

Dowfu’s Teemo proved to be too much for Draven to handle and Rayio’s lead was slowly chipped away. Dowfu was also able to two-star his Teemo and Gwen. 

In the final round, Teemo dealt almost all of his team’s damage, giving Dowfu the win in Game 1.

Game 1 winner

Game 2

The second game saw last week’s winner, Josepao1o take a surprising eighth-place finish! Dowfu managed to squeeze into the Top 4 with his 6 Sentinel team. 

But his Lucian’s rapid, low damage bullets bounced off of ShiningStar’s 6 Knights Kayle, who took Dowfu out of the game! 

Rayio again found himself in the Top 3, this time with a classic 6 Redeemed Vel’Koz comp. PhearzMeh rounded out the Top 3 with a 6 Sentinel, 4 Cannoneer board.   

PhearzMeh was able to take wins against both of his opponents and Rayio eventually fell against ShiningStar’s Kayle. 

ShiningStar positioned his Kayle in the second row to take out PhearzMeh’s Lucian early on, dropping him down to 1 HP! 

In the final round, ShiningStar was able to two-star both his Kayle and Garen, and it was a pretty dominant win for Kayle!

Game 2 winner

Game 3

Jose was up against the wall with 19 HP in seventh place. He took a heavy loss and dropped down to 3 HP! 

Rayio had led for most of the early portion of game with a Redeemed board that used Varus as its main carry. But his comp fell in seventh place.

Jose somehow managed to hang on to reach the Top 4! Three of the four had 10 HP or less but PhearzMeh’s Jax Knights had more than 30 HP left in the tank.

V Draeko’s Knights Akshan and ShiningStar’s Nightbringer Aphelios boards both fell in the following round. 

In the Jax versus Nocturne matchup, Jax managed to take Nocturne’s first life, but Jose’s Revenant Emblem saw the 5 Revenant board revive and slice through Jax and Friends. 

The final round ended similarly with Jax again sending Nocturne into revival state, but failing to finish the job. And against the odds, Jose’s Revenant Assassins managed to claim a 3 HP win in Game 3.  

Game 3 winner

Game 4

Coming into the final game, PhearzMeh led with 20 points followed by ShiningStar with 19. Dowfu, Rayio, and Jose were in a three-way tie for third place! Could Jose defy the odds and reach the Top 3 after placing eighth in Game 2?

Jose played his usual style of going for a fast Radiant Blessing, fielding Rakan and Galio for Sentinel, Renewer, and some frontline power. 

Multiple players were holding Nocturne to reduce his chance of three-starring it, so he decided to level to 8. 

On stage 5-5, three players were knocked out, including Dowfu and PhearzMeh! If Jose could outlast Rayio, he would continue his Fight Night run! 

But the game had other plans and handed him a three-star Diana! That pretty much locked him in to the winning spot. ShiningStar played 4 Mystic Kayle to counter Ch1wyLAN’s heavy magic damage but against Jose’s three-star Diana, his team could not survive. 

Ch1wyLAN’s Vel’Koz Abomination Revenant board was able to take out the Diana, but the two-star Nocturne managed to clean up the rest of the board. 

Game 4 winner

Jose takes his fourth win on Fight Night!

Jose “Nocturne Gaming” Paolo has won his last three Fight Night tournaments playing Revenant Assassins in his last consecutive 13 games on Fight Night! 

ShiningStar would have taken the Benjamin if he had finished in second in the final game, but for now he’ll have to contend with second-place overall. 

He played Kayle (Rageblade + a healing item) in two of his four games and also found success with Nightbringer Aphelios. He built Rageblade and a healing item (Hand of Justice or Bloodthirster) every game. 

PhearzMeh beat Rayio in the tiebreaker to claim the bronze medal. Jax was his go-to comp.


After seeing Jose’s success, maybe it's time to one-trick Nocturne to reach Challenger. Or maybe adopt ShiningStar’s approach of building Rageblade and healing for an AD carry; it also seems like a viable strategy.

Or perhaps play like Robinsongz and win five of the six games in NA Regional Finals with four different comps (Jax, Kayle, Lucian, Yasuo)!

The choice is yours!

Fight Night Rising 73 VOD

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