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Fight Night: Rising Week 74 Recap

Fight Night: Rising 74 featured a strong lineup of six Challengers and two Grandmasters. For this week’s recap, we decided to follow each game-winner on their journey to victory.

Game 1 - Harukawa Maki's Nightbringer Rangers (three-star Aphelios)

With an opening Spatula carousel, Harukawa Maki had a lot of gold and only a single Rod from the NPC rounds. He started off with Skirmishers and added in Pyke for Sentinel at level 4. 

At level 5, he put in Yasuo for Legionnaire and Nightbringer. Then at level 6 he added in a random two-star Thresh and chose Guardian Archangel (Radiant Guardian Angel) for Yasuo as his Radiant item. He rounded out Yasuo’s items with double Titan's Resolve. 

He saw that the Radiant Blessing dropped another Spatula, so he kept his Spatula to make a Force of Nature. He was finding a lot of Aphelios (he was also looking to three-star his Yasuo) so he continued to roll on 7 and managed to three-star it at level 7! 

He sold his Yasuo to move the items to Aphelios, dropping Irelia to play two Rangers with 6 Nightbringer. At level 8, he put in 4 Ranger. 

His final opponent was Gangly’s Revenant Assassins but even the three-star Nocturne couldn’t match the damage output from a 6 Nightbringer 4 Ranger three-star Aphelios, and Maki took the game on a 7-round win streak! 

Game 1 winner

Game 2 - Ciulla1's 6 Sentinel Lucian (three-star Lucian)

Ciulla1 had the option to play Abomination as his opener, but instead decided to go for Knights + Kalista, slamming Gargoyle Stoneplate on his two-star Leona. 

At level 4 he added in Ziggs for Hellion and at 5 he added in a second Legionnaire. At level 6 he dropped Ziggs to play 4 Knights. He chose Fist of Fairness as his Radiant item for his Kalista. At level 7, he dropped Kalista to put in Rakan and Lucian for Sentinel. 

He had a very fortunate roll down, finding a two-star Lucian in only six refreshes! Then he saved gold to go 8. Once he found Galio, Leona was out. Eventually, his board transformed into 6 Sentinel with Rell and Nautilus for the Knight and Ironclad synergies. 

After the stage 5 carousel, he found three more Lucians in four rolls. And with a Neeko’s Help, he was able to three-star his Lucian. He didn’t lose a single round after that and took out Guba’s 4 Invoker board with ease! 

Jose’s Draven + Akshan team was the last to fall and Ciulla1 took the win with 54 HP to spare!

Game 2 winner

Game 3 - Luqun's Nightbringer Yasuo

Luqun started off with a Nightbringer Legionnaire board featuring a two-star Aatrox. He quickly slammed Rapid Firecannon on his Yasuo. At level 5 he added in Knights. Then at level 6, Aatrox was out and Irelia and Olaf came in for Skirmisher. 

He took Titan’s Vow as the last item for Yasuo. At 7 he added in Galio for Sentinel. He saved his gold and went to 8 to add in a fourth Knight. Next he took out two of the Knights and Olaf to put in Diana, Sejuani, and Viego for 4 Nightbringer, Forgotten, and Assassin. 

He dropped Galio for Rell and took six straight losses looking to make a three-star Yasuo! But when he finally hit it, he was at 5 HP. Three-star Yasuo and Lee Sin were strong, but could he beat JosePao1o’s Dawnbringer Sentinel board that had three-star Nidalee, Rakan, and Irelia? 

The answer was YES! Rapid Firecannon on Yasuo rendered Nidalee’s dodge useless and Luqun was able to beat Jose in four consecutive rounds to claim first place! 

Game 3 winner

Game 4 - Guba's 4 Invoker Dawnbringers

Coming into the final game, Jose and Harukawa Maki were tied for first and Guba was six points behind them in third.

Guba slammed a Blue Buff early on his Ziggs, and with a Gragas frontline, went on a losing streak. He also slammed Rabadon's Deathcap to increase Ziggs’ damage output. 

His level 5 board was Spellweaver Brawler with Lulu for Hellion and at this point, he started his win streak. At level 6 he put in Soraka for Dawnbringer. He took Hextech Lifeblade as his Radiant Item for Ziggs and leveled to 7, dropping his second Brawler to put in 4 Spellweaver. 

He leveled to 8 on 4-2, sold his Ziggs to put the items on a one-star Karma, and transitioned into a 4 Dawnbringer (Nunu with Dawnbringer Emblem) Abomination board (plus Lulu). Volibear then replaced the slot for Vel’Koz. 

After an 11-round win streak, it was ended by Gangly’s Assassin Revenant board that included a two-star Akshan.

He dropped Fiddlesticks and Brand to put in Teemo and Ivern. He then took out Nunu and put in Syndra for 4 Invoker, moving the Dawnbringer Emblem over to Teemo. 

His Radiant Blessing included a Tome of Traits and he chose a Revenant Emblem for his Teemo. Then he leveled to 9 and added in Gwen. His final opponent was last week’s runner-up, ShiningStar, with a 6 Nightbringer Yasuo board.

The three-star Yasuo proved to be a worthy foe, but the Revenant Emblem on Teemo allowed Teemo to Cruel Yasuo in the final two fights! 

Game 4 winner

Jose claims his fourth consecutive Fight Night victory, this time without Assassins or a single win!

Jose decided to spice it up a bit and for the first time in over a month, he did not play Revenant Assassins! It may have had to do with the fact that his co-competitor Gangly had decided to one-trick Assassins as well. 

Jose managed to take two second-place finishes with a Dawnbringer Sentinel reroll team and a Draven Akshan Potpourri. He also managed to grab Top 3 with 6 Spellweaver Abomination and 6 Sentinel Lucian. 

Guba’s win in the final game saw him finish as the runner-up. AP comps were his bread and butter and he had his two best results with 4 Invoker Karma. He also found success with a 6 Spellweaver team, but his reroll Vayne failed to Top 4.

Harukawa Maki took seventh in the final game but because of his excellent performance over the first three games, he ended up in third place overall. He played AD comps every game and found success with Aphelios, Kayle, and Draven.

Josepao1o has been by far the strongest Fight Night contestant of the set, winning more than half of the nine Fight Nights that he has participated in! Can anyone stop this man? Tune in next time to find out!

Fight Night: Rising 74 - VOD

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