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Fight Night: Rising Week 75 Recap

On Fight Night: Rising 75, we hit the $15,000 milestone for prize money won by competitors! A day before the tournament, there were nerfs to Yasuo, Vayne, and Assassins. Kha’Zix was also hit with the nerf gun, to the dismay of Chug Bug mains all over the world.

JosePao1o was back for his tenth time, along with other Challengers and Grandmasters from across the globe. 

Games Recap

Game 1

Guba's Hellions led for most of the early game with a Blue Buff and double Rabadon's Deathcap Ziggs. 

During the mid-game, Jose’s Legionnaire Riven crew led the pack. At level 8 he transferred the items over to Draven, transitioning into a typical Forgotten Draven comp. It did not work and he was knocked out in seventh after five consecutive defeats.

All three of the last week’s Top 3 finishers placed in the bottom four in Game 1. At this point, Sappherical’s 4 Legionnaire Yasuo and Y0M0 Razinger’s Aphelios team were both on win streaks. 

But Ueckar’s Jax Knight team took out the mighty Aphelios, while on the other side, Slinkge’s Jax was taken down by Sappherical’s three-star Yasuo.

In the final round, Ueckar’s Jax fell to the three-star Lee Sin and Sejuani. And so, Sappherical's Nightbringer team took its sixth consecutive round win and the game!

Game 1 winner

Game 2

Jose had another strong start with Legionnaire Knights using Kalista as its primary carry. At one point, he had 91 HP while second place had less than 50 HP remaining. But he took a heavy beating when transitioning into an Aphelios comp and went out in fourth.

The Top 3 consisted of Sappherical’s and Slinkge’s 6 Sentinel comps and Ueckar’s unique comp that itemized Jax, Aphelios, and Akshan.  

Slinkge’s team included a two-star Garen with both Cavalier and Renewer Emblems. Combined with Galio and Rell, they formed an impenetrable frontline and Lucian was free to wail on the enemies without much opposition. 

Uecker was the first to fall and Sappherical followed suit in the next round. Cavalier Renewer Garen, would recommend 5/5.

Game 2 winner

Game 3

Casparwu was down to 37 HP by stage 3-5 playing the legendary Chug Bug comp with 4 Dawnbringer plus Pyke for Assassin. 

But from the Radiant Blessing, he managed to stabilize and win 10 rounds in a row! His streak was ended by Jose’s Spellweaver Abomination team.

Jose was playing Abomination with a one-star Ziggs as his carry when he stumbled upon a Teemo at level 7. He was then able to build two Spellweaver Emblems for Fiddlesticks and Teemo to hit the dreaded 6 Spellweaver Abomination comp! 

Jose’s six-round win streak was ended by Ueckar’s level 7 Yasuo board that included three three-star champs, one of which, was an Assassin Lee Sin. 

In the final round, all three of the players were at 10 HP or lower! Casper lost to a ghost (pun intended), while Ueckar went up against Jose. 

Ueckar managed to Zephyr Jose’s two-star Spellweaver Teemo; but as a result, Diana’s Moonfall missed the Teemo entirely! Teemo then proceeded to decimate Ueckar’s team with the help of a clutch Volibear stun.   

Game 3 winner

Game 4

As we kicked off the final game of the day, Uecker led with 23 points followed by Sappherical with 21. Jose and Slinkge were tied for third with 18 points apiece, while the rest of the lobby was at least 6 points behind them. 

Could Slinkge place higher than Jose and end Jose’s Fight Night streak?

He could not. Slinkge had a rough early game. He was looking to play Aphelios but could not find a single one until it was far too late. He went out in seventh. 

Harukawa Maki was playing 6 Legionnaire with three Skirmisher (Legionnaire Emblem on Jax) with great success. His two-star Yasuo was fully itemized and dishing out damage left and right! 

His 11-round win streak was ended in a close fight against Y0M0 Razinger’s Aphelios comp. 

Once Maki found Kayle, he transitioned into 8 Legionnaire with Lee Sin and looked to three-star his Yasuo and Draven. 

He knocked out Guba’s Jax Knight team in fourth while Jose’s three-star Nunu gobbled up Uecker’s Draven. 

Despite not finding any three stars, Maki’s Legionnaires managed to heal through the Spellweavers’ high damage output. Jose may have won the war, but Maki had won the battle for first! 

Game 4 winner

Uecker takes the crown on Fight Night 75!

Uecker grabbed two second places, a third, and a fourth, to end Jose’s Fight Night winning spree. He played Yasuo, Draven, Jax, and Aphelios. 

In his post-match interview, he said that prior to the most recent patch, he usually looked for a bow start and flexed Yasuo, Draven, and Nocturne. 

Jose had a rough start in the first game but managed to claw his way back with Spellweaver Revenant Abomination comps in the final games. He had won his last four consecutive Fight Nights, but this time he had to settle for second place. 

Sappherical had an amazing start, winning the first game with Yasuo and coming in second place with a stacked Sentinel board. Despite his less-than-optimal Games 3 and 4, he was able to clinch a spot in the Top 3 overall and will be back for more action next week. 

A different comp won each game. Nightbringer Yasuo, 6 Sentinel Lucian, 6 Spellweaver Revenant Abomination, and 8 Legionnaire all claimed wins! Nearly 75% of the Top 4 comps were AD-based. 

Draven, Jax, Aphelios, and Lucian all claimed Top 4 spots, and despite the nerf to Yasuo, he still managed to grab a win (or two if you count the 8 Legionnaire game). 

It’s was a joy to see the power of 8 Legionnaire and 6 Spellweaver in today’s games. If you see a Legionnaire Emblem in your game, consider pivoting into it. But if you lose some LP, that’s on you.

Fight Night: Rising 75 - VOD 

Fight Night 75: Final Standings
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