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Fight Night: Rising Week 76 Recap

The lineup of Fight Night: Rising 76 included the legendary TFT host, commentator, and fashion icon, Frodan. He is not just a pretty face and a smooth-talking TFT analyst, but also a formidable Challenger-ranked TFT player! 

Joining him was last week's Top 3 (Ueckar, Josepao1o, and Sappherical) and four other Challengers!

Games Recap

Game 1

Frodan started with Hellions, then at level 7, he transitioned into a Redeemed Spellweaver Abomination comp. He was down to 33 HP by the stage 4 carousel and rolled down 60 gold at level 8 to find multiple two-star four costs. 

From there he econ’d up and slow rolled for three-star Vel’Koz. He managed to find it at 15 HP! On the same round, Ueckar also managed to three-star his Karma in a 4 Invoker Revenant team! 

JosePao1o was the first to feel the wrath of the three-star Karma, as his 6 Legionnaire Draven took a fall in fourth. 

In the clash of the Top 3, Frodan faced off against Ueckar’s board and the frontlined Karma managed to dodge Frodan's Vel’Koz’s beam, and Frodan dropped to 3 HP! Meanwhile, Brubbba’s Hellion Cannoneer team lost to a ghost and was out in third.

Frodan saw how Ueckar had frontlined the Karma, and to counter that, Frodan put his Vel’Koz at the front, opposite of the enemy Karma. It worked out and he dropped Ueckar to single-digit HP! 

In the final round, Uecker repositioned his Karma, but Frodan was able to again find the correct angle and zap down the mighty three-star Karma to take Game 1! 

Game 1 winner

Game 2

Frodan played Draconic Spellweaver with Hellion but then found Galio and Ashe in his stage 3-2 shop and went up to 5 Draconic. He went on a losing streak and managed to natural a Heimerdinger on his first level 7 shop. 

With the extra components from the Draconic eggs, he was able to craft a 4 Spellweaver 4 Revenant Abomination board that also included a two-star Heimerdinger!

Coming into the Top 3, Brubbba had a very interesting 5 Abomination Vel’Koz team that saw The Monstrosity as its secondary carry.

The last member of the Top 3 gang was Sappherical's Jax Knights comp that featured a two-star Viego. 

Frodan lost to the Brubbba's ghost's 5 Abomination Redeemed-Emblemed Monstrosity, but the real Brubbba was taken out by Jax in that same round.

In the final round, Sappherical's Jax's path to the backline was blocked by his Rell and ended up eating the entire Vel'Koz laser beam for breakfast! 

Without the damage from Jax, the rest of the team crumbled, and Frodan claimed his second consecutive Vel'Koz victory!

Game 2 winner

Game 3

Coming into Game 3, Elmond tied with KyuubiKnight for eighth place overall. But this time, Elmond found Draconic early and after the first carousel, he hit two-star Ashe! His level 5 board was Draconic with 2 Ranger and Brawler. 

At level 6 he added in Nidalee for Dawnbringer. By stage 3 he had 7 copies of Ashe, mostly sourced from his organic, free-range Draconic eggs. At level 7 he put in Kennen for Skirmisher. 

And on stage 4-2, he three-starred his Ashe. He found a Teemo and instantly went to level 8 to put it in. 

His level 8 board eventually acquired a Revenant frontline with Galio and he pressed hard to reach level 9. His last two opponents were Sappherical’s Nightbringer Aphelios and Diejoubu’s reroll Hellions powered by a 4 Cannoneer three-star Tristana. 

Seeing that they were both physical damage comps, Elmond dropped Fiddlesticks to put in Rell and Nautilus for more armor and damage mitigation.

Up against the Hellion team, Elmond’s wide array of disables was too much for Tristana and friends to handle.               

It was a close fight against Sappherical’s Aphelios, but Elmond’s two-star Gwen’s Thieves Gloves rolled excellent items and survived long enough to let Ashe deal crucial damage. And for the first time in a while, Ashe 3 took a win!

Game 3 winner

Game 4

Elmond’s win saw him at third place overall, coming into the final game. Long-time participant JosePao1o was only three points behind but in seventh place. It was quite a close battle for a Top 3 spot. 

Frodan had a healthy lead and was guaranteed a Top 3 finish overall but needed a third-place to guarantee tournament victory.

Unfortunately, Frodan had an early eighth-place exit after he failed to two-star any four-cost carry. Even the relatively uncontested Draven eluded him.

Sappherical was in second place overall and had put together a strong 4 Spellweaver Revenant Abomination board, but ran into Jose’s Assassin Lucian. Lucian jumped into the backline and promptly took out Sappherical’s Vel’Koz, eliminating Sappherical in seventh.   

In the following round, three more players were eliminated and Uecker, Jose, and Elmond were the only three that remained. 

Jose needed to take first place to keep his historic Fight Night run alive, while Ueckar needed to reach second place to secure a Top 3 overall and knock Jose out of the tournament. 

Jose’s and Ueckar’s Sentinel Lucian comps faced off in the battle for second place. Jose positioned his Lucian near the center to benefit from the double Zeke’s and Trap Claws, but it caused his Lucian to target the enemy Pyke rather than the backline Cannoneers. 

As a result, Ueckar’s 4 Cannoneer Lucian was able to mow down Jose’s team and put an end to Jose’s Fight Night domination.

The final matchup was against Elmond’s 4 Invoker Dawnbringer board that included a two-star Dawnbringer Gwen. The winner would claim first place overall!

Ueckar’s Cannoneer Akshan was able to take a round win and drop Elmond down to single-digit HP.

But the Rift Herald dropped a Neeko’s Help, and Elmond was able to two-star his Garen!  

Elmond’s Invoker Dawnbringer Revenant board was able to narrowly beat out Ueckar’s 4 Cannoneer 6 Sentinel Lucian to claim the win and tournament victory!

Game 4 winner

Elmond takes double wins to claim first place!

At the end of Game 2, Elmond was sitting at eighth place overall! But two consecutive wins saw him claim his first Fight Night victory! 

Last week, Uecker ended Jose’s tournament win streak, and this week, he ended Jose's tournament run. 

Frodan won the first two games with Abomination Revenant Vel’Koz. Both times he finished at single-digit HP! He had some trouble in the last half of the tournament but still managed to claim third place overall! 

We hope to see him again after he finishes casting the Reckoning Global Championship! 

Jose has had one of the most successful runs on Fight Night, winning six tournaments in 11 consecutive appearances! But his run ends here.

He asked me to thank the Giant Slayer team for giving him a platform to play competitively and he hopes to get a chance to represent the SEA region in Worlds soon! We hope to see him again on Fight Night: Rising in Set 6!

Fight Night: Rising 76 - VOD

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