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Fight Night: Rising Week 77 Recap

Fight Night: Rising 77 was partly overshadowed by the kickoff of the TFT Reckoning World Championship! 

This week's lineup included the most dominant Fight Night competitor of Set 4.5, Nostereleven! At his peak, he had four consecutive Fight Night victories!

Fight Night: Rising 51 winner ACommonQuail also joined today’s roster, looking to reclaim victory once more!

Games Recap

Game 1

Ugawa, ACommonQuail, and Ueckar were at the top of the lobby from start to finish. 

Ugawa started off with a Sentinel Renewer board that used Vladimir as its item holder.

ACommonQuail had an early Runaan’s Hurricane Yasuo and played 4 Legionnaire with Nightbringer at level 5. 

Ueckar went for Hellions early, using Kled as his item holder. At level 5, he had 4 Hellion plus Hecarim for Cavalier. 

Trickzter007 was down to 36 HP by stage 3-3 but his Chug Bug comp managed to hang on to grab a Top 4. He was eventually eliminated by ACommonQuail, who had a 4 Legionnaire 4 Nightbringer board that included three-star Yasuo, Lee Sin, and Sejuani.

In the next round, ACommonQuail securing the win by eliminating both Ugawa’s Soraka Renewer team and Ueckar’s 4 Legionnaire Draven comp. 

Game 1 winner

Game 2

Trickzter was again at the bottom of the lobby, but this time, he was able to three-star both his Gragas and Kha’Zix on his stage 4-1 roll down. He then went on to win every round until he was level 9! 

His 13-round win streak was finally ended by Elmond’s 4 Invoker Karma team. Fortunately for Trickzter, Ugawa’s Soraka Renewer team took Elmond out in the following round.

MercuriaL managed to position his Spellweaver Abomination comp well against Ugawa’s Renewers, but the three-star Renewers were able to survive Vel’Koz’s vicious light beam, and MercuriaL was out in third. 

Trickzter's 8 Dawnbringer board included a two-star Teemo and looked unstoppable. But Ugawa managed to narrowly take a round against Trickzter, dropping them both into one-hit territory. 

But in the final round, Ugawa’s clumped Renewers were caught by Trickzter’s Shroud and Diana, and the newly-purchased two-star Garen pummeled Ugawa's board into the ground!

Game 2 winner

Game 3

Mownm played Kled in Game 2, but only managed to secure a Top 7. In Game 3, both our reigning Fight Night champion (Elmond) and Game 1 winner (ACommonQuail) rode the mighty one-cost Cavalier into battle. 

Both managed to three-star their Kleds on stage 4-1 and played 4 Hellion with Hecarim at level 5. ACommonQuail looked to three-star his Kennen, while Elmond opted to push levels.

ACommonQuail could not find a second Glove for Infinity Edge and chose to slam Giant Slayer on Kled. Elmond has the perfect Kled item combo of Infinity Edge, Last Whisper, and Runaan’s Hurricane. 

It was an intensely close game. At one point, Elmond led with 19 HP while ACommonQuail sat in seventh with 2 HP! 

In the end, ACommonQuail was not able to three-star his Kennen and subsequently went out in seventh. Nostereleven and Trickzter also fell in the same round. 

Mownm’s 4 Spellweaver Vel’Koz Abomination team took out Ugawa’s Renewers in the next round. She then faced off against Ueckar who was playing a 4 Invoker Vel’Koz. Mownm’s Vel’Koz’s beam failed to connect with Ueckar’s Vel’Koz, and she bowed out in third.

Ueckar’s Teemo was able to Cruel Elmond’s Kled and take a round win, but in the following round, Elmond’s Kled was able to easily reach the Vel’Koz and quickly end any hope for an Ueckar victory. 

Game 3 winner

Game 4

Coming into the final game, Ugawa was the point leader and only needed to reach the Top 4 to guarantee a spot in next week’s tournament. However, his Soraka Renewer comps came online too late and he was out in eighth! 

Ueckar needed a good finish to stay in the Top 3 overall and return for his fourth consecutive Fight Night. But he couldn’t find his two-star Lucian and was taken out in seventh by MercuriaL’s Nightbringer Aphelios team.  

MercuriaL would survive to reach third but was too far behind to make a podium finish.

The battle for first was between ACommonQuail and Elmond. Whoever won Game 4 would also win the tournament!

Elmond fielded a Knights Jax team that had a two-star Gwen at its secondary carry; while ACommonQuail was playing Hellion Kled. 

Elmond was able to eke out a round win by Zephyring the enemy Rell. But in the next rounds, ACommonQuail was able to keep his Kled safe and three-star his Kennen. 

The lockdown from the upgraded Kennen and two-star Teemo significantly delayed the Cavalier Emblem Jax, and ACommonQuail took the game, and the tournament win!

Game 4 winner

ACommonQuail rerolls his way to a Fight Night win!

ACommonQuail took wins with Kled and Yasuo to claim his first Set 5 Fight Night victory! 

Last week’s winner Elmond started off with an eighth. But he brought it back with his flexible playstyle, piloting four different comps to reach second place overall!

Trickzter007 hard forced Chug Bug every game. The results varied from game to game, but he was able to one-trick the Dawnbringers into a third-place finish overall. 

Reroll comps reigned supreme, winning every match tonight! Hellion Kled took two victories, 8 Dawnbringer Chug Bug claimed another, and Nightbringer Yasuo also snatched a win. 

Reroll comps made up a third of all comps played. Full damage Kled was the most successful reroll comp, but Renewer Soraka, Chug Bug, and Yasuo also performed well. 

Invoker Revenant and Spellweaver Abomination teams also did well, but could not claim a single victory.  

I wonder if we’ll see Kled take a nerf, considering how DeliciousMilk was also able to almost one-trick Kled with success in the Reckoning World Championships. Either way, look out for more Kleds coming soon to a game near you! 

Fight Night: Rising 77 - VOD

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