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Fight Night: Rising Week 78 Recap

Patch 11.20 brought a ton of changes: Tactician Scouting, a second Radiant Armory, Draconic buffs, Kled nerfs, and more! 

ACommonQuail, Elmond22, and Trickzter007 were back, along with Frodan who skipped last week to cast the TFT Reckoning Championship. They were joined by four new competitors for an exciting four-game series of Fight Night fun!  

Games Recap

Game 1

Trickzter started off strong with Sentinel Skirmishers and a very early Jax. Frodan also stayed at the top of the lobby with an Aphelios Knights comp. 

Eunhyukie played Draconic with a three-star Ashe carry and found a five-round golden egg! It dropped a double Force of Nature, but by then he had lost too much HP and went out in seventh.

JukeYou was able to three-star his Lucian at the start of stage 5 and his Sentinel board did not lose a single round after that!

ACommonQuail’s Vel’Koz Revenant Abomination team managed to take out Frodan’s Aphelios in fourth place, but Trickzter’s Aphelios took out Frodan's Vel’Koz in the following round.

Trickzter made a valiant effort against JukeYou's three-star Lucian but it was too strong and Trickzter had to settle for second place. 

Game 1 winner

Game 2

The players were relatively even in the second game; with exception of CrispyBurger, who at one point had more HP than the five other remaining players combined!

By then, ACommonQuail’s Vel’Koz was in second place with 17 HP and Frodan’s 4 Spellweaver Zyra Abomination team was in sixth place with 9 HP! 

Both players were able to survive to reach the Top 3 and when they faced off, Frodan’s three-star Zyra and upgraded five-costs eliminated the Quail in third.

CrispyBurger was playing 4 Legionnaire Draven and rolled down, looking to three-star the Forgotten carry. But she couldn’t find it in time and Frodan took a convincing round win to secure the win in Game 2.

Game 2 winner

Game 3

Jeddimindtricks led early with an Abomination Spellweaver board but was eclipsed in the mid-game by Eunhyukie’s Legionnaire Skirmishers and JukeYou’s Knights Draven. 

Coming into the Top 6, Jeddimindtricks hit the three-star Jax! Frodan’s Legionnaire Draven and ACommonQuail’s Heimerdinger Abomination board (featuring two two-star Heimerdingers) fell first. 

Eunhyukie has transitioned into a decent-looking Akshan board, but he went up against the Golden Jax and was out in fourth. 

JukeYou was close to three-starring both his Draven and Galio and was able to three-star his Draven with the help of a Neeko’s Help. And it was a good thing he did, as he went up against the mighty Jax in the next round! 

Jax managed to reach the Draven but the Frozen Heart from JukeYou’s Diana slowed the Jax down and the Infinity Edge/Last Whisper/Hand of Justice Draven was able to cut down the strong Skirmisher!

The battle for first was against Elmond’s classic three-star Ashe carry that was supported by an itemized three-star Sett! 

JukeYou put his Draven in the front center and his Frozen Heart Diana landed right next to Elmond’s Rangers. Even with triple Trap Claws, Ashe was unable to get through the vanguard in time, and JukeYou’s Draven sliced and diced its way to a Game 3 victory! 

Game 3 winner

Game 4

With two wins in the bag, JukeYou had already secured a Top 3 finish coming into Game 4. Frodan and ACommonQuail had a small lead on the rest, but a comeback from Elmond was still possible!

CrispyBurger’s Yasuo was at the top end of the lobby for most of the early to mid-game. She played 4 Legionnaire 4 Nightbringer and stayed at level 7 to three-star her Yasuo and Senjuani. 

When the Top 5 was decided, CrispyBurger again had more HP than the other four players combined! 

Elmond’s double Radiant item Aphelios took out Trickzter, and at the same time, CrispyBurger took out JukeYou’s Knights Kayle comp. 

Elmond was a single point behind CrispyBurger, so whoever finished higher would be in third place overall! 

But it was Frodan’s Forgotten Vayne that decided the outcome as the three-star Ranger shot down Elmond’s hope of returning for another Fight Night.

In the final fight, Frodan fought fiercely, however, CrispyBurger’s Radiant Frozen Heart Diana was able to jump onto the Vayne and slow the Rangers’ attack speed considerably. This bought time for Yasuo to tear through Frodan’s frontline and secure the win for Crispyburger! 

Game 4 winner

JukeYou takes his first Fight Night win with powerful three-star carries! 

Every game was won by a different comp, but all of the winners featured at least one three-star carry! 

JukeYou won Games 1 and 3 with three-star Lucian and Draven to claim his first Fight Night victory! 

Frodan adapted well, playing a different comp each game to claim second place overall. He used Aphelios, Draven, and Vayne, and took Game 2 off the back of a three-star Zyra.  

CrispyBurger also played four different comps today and got the points when it mattered most. Her win in the final game meant that none of last week’s Top 3 would continue their Fight Night runs. 

Can Frodan finally finish first in Fight Night? Will JukeYou continue to juke his way to the top? And will CrispyBurger continue to make our stomachs rumble? Tune in next time to find out! Also, Diana with Frozen Heart is pretty solid!

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