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Fight Night: Rising Week 79 Recap

With Set 6 hitting PBE this week and live servers in early November, our competitors on Fight Night 79 looked to get a few more tournaments in before the Mighty Mort flips the metaphorical meta table and sets us all back to square one.   

Last week’s champion JukeYou looked to continue his reign, while CrispyBurger and six new competitors sought to take the crown for themselves. 

Games Recap

Game 1

JukeYou started with a strong Sentinel Skirmisher opener and managed to win every round until stage 4. His streak was finally ended by CrispyBurger’s Legionnaire Knights team. 

CrispyBurger was at the bottom end of the lobby with 13 HP in sixth place, while the player in fifth had almost triple her HP! She rolled down hard at level 7 and, luckily, was able to two-star her Draven, Rell, and Cavalier Galio.

Icey’s Legionnaire Knights narrowly missed out on a Top 4 and were taken out in fifth just as JukeYou’s three-star Aphelios came online.

From there, it was a battle for second place. 

Sherbat put together a strong 4 Invoker Heimerdinger comp, but she was the first to face the wrath of the Golden Aphelios; she tapped out in fourth. 

In the next round, JukeYou’s 4 Ranger Revenant board faced off against both CrispyBurger’s Ironclad Legionnaires and Admiral Zhào’s 6 Sentinel 4 Cannoneer comp. 

One cast from JukeYou’s Aphelios and the enemy bodies hit the floor, giving the reigning champion the win in Game 1.  

Game 1 winner

Game 2

JukeYou and Xiellendario sat at the top of the lobby for most of the early game. JukeYou played 4 Rangers with a three-star Varus carry, but it was not nearly as powerful as his Aphelios. This time, CrispyBurger’s Abomination Vel’Koz took him out in sixth!

Coming into the Top 4, three of the four remaining players had over 30 HP, while Bonzolo’s Aphelios team was the odd one out with only 4 HP left in the tank. 

Dog guy’s re-roll Cannoneer Hellions took out Bonzolo in the following round.

At the same time, Xiellendario’s Legionnaire Yasuo comp (that included a three-star Assassin Riven) took a huge hit from CrispyBurger. But in the next round, he was able to find the three-star Yasuo!  

CrispyBurger was able to take out the Hellions and faced off against Xiellendario for the top spot. In the final battle, Xiellendario’s Assassin Riven was able to jump into the backline while his Yasuo avoided the Vel’Koz beams. 

And the three, three-star, three-cost carries were able to defeat team Vel’Koz.

Game 2 winner

Game 3

Sherbat led for most of the early game with a Blue Buff Ziggs and an upgraded Brawler frontline. At level 8, she rolled down hard, transitioning into an Abomination Revenant board, finding a two-star Teemo carry.

The final rounds were neck and neck; three of the five remaining players sat at single-digit HP.     

Icey’s Legionnaire Knights and JukeYou’s Zyra Abomination comp fell first. 

In the next round, Sherbat’s 4 Invoker Abomination Revenant team was able to take out Admiral Zhào’s Legionnaire Yasuo in third.

Dog guy’s Jax Knights comp included a two-star Dragon’s Claw Garen with a Cavalier Emblem. It proved difficult for Sherbat’s AP-based comp to get through the Garen, and Dog guy was able to take a round win against the terribly terrifying two-star Teemo! 

In the final round, Sherbat sold her Zephyr-wielding Kalista and caught the Jax with the Zephyr. Once the Jax came down, he was almost immediately taken out by Sherbat’s Gwen, leading to Sherbat's overwhelming victory and a third game win! 

Game 3 winner

Game 4

Going into the final game, only two points separated CrispyBurger in first and Sherbat in fifth! Seven of the eight players still had a chance to grab a spot in the Top 3.

Admiral Zhào found an early Yasuo, Lee Sin, and Irelia for a powerful Nightbringer Legionnaire Skirmisher opener! He slammed Blue Buff on Yasuo, looking to either play the Yasuo or pivot into Karma. 

But on his level 8 roll down, he found Gwen and Viego and decided to play them with Knights.

JukeYou had a bad level 8 roll down and was taken out in seventh by Xiellendario’s two-star Akshan. 

Xiellendario’s Knights Akshan board was not safe from Admiral Zhào’s Viego. The Viego corrupted Xiellendario’s Thresh, Aphelios, Akshan, and Garen, leading Xiellendario to an unexpected sixth-place finish!

Dog guy needed to place above Sherbat to achieve a Top 3 overall, but his Aphelios comp narrowly lost to Icey’s Baby Dragon; Dog guy was now out at fifth!

Sherbat’s Sentinel Lucian could not pierce through the damage reduction of Admiral Zhào’s Knights, and she took a tumble into fourth place.

At the same time, Icey fell to CrispyBurger’s Vel’Koz.

And it all came down to the final fight between CrispyBurger and Admiral Zhào. Whoever won would win the tournament! 

CrispyBurger’s Revenants resisted the wiles of Viego and the mighty Forgotten Assassin failed to convert a single unit before it was destroyed by the Vel’Koz. 

But Admiral Zhào’s Blue Buff, Hextech Gunblade, Glamorous Gauntlet Gwen was able to shred through Vel’Koz and friends to give Admiral Zhào the crucial win!     

Game 4 winner

Admiral Zhào commanders his champions to a Fight Night win!

Admiral Zhào was focused on reaching Top 3 overall, but strong openers helped him to claim the crown and the $100 first-place prize. He played a different comp each game: Sentinel Cannoneers, Vel’Koz Abomination, Legionnaire Nightbringers, and Gwen/Viego with Knights. 

CrispyBurger came in second place in three games to finish in second place overall! She flexed between Draven and Revenant Abomination comps throughout the tournament.

Sherbat played Revenant Abomination with Invokers in three out of her four games and pivoted to Sentinel Lucian in the final game. Her win in Game 3 allowed her to secure third place overall, and she will be back for more action next week. 

It was great to see the wide pool of viable comps! Legendaries, Heimerdinger Abomination, Reroll Legionnaires, and Aphelios all took wins, and no one comp dominated the tournament. With Set 5.5 coming to a close, it’s exciting to see what Set 6 will have in store for us! 

Can Admiral Zhào hold on to his crown, or will CrispyBurger knock him off his pedestal? Find out when we return next time! 

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