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Fight Night: Rising Week 80 Recap

Fight Night 80 was the last Fight Night of the set. And it was an intense, action-packed tournament that included three-star Ivern, Rell, Aphelios, and Jax! 

Games Recap

Game 1

DimDanSum and Papa Lev topped the lobby for most of the early portion of the opening match. DimDanSum was able to find and itemize a two-star Yasuo at level 4, and Papa Lev’s Forgotten Miss Fortune was a force to be reckoned with.

Coming into the Top 4, DimDanSum had three-starred his Yasuo in a Nightbringer Legionnaire comp and had more HP than the three other players combined. 

Gr3ml1n’s Jax Knights comp went out in fourth place against Papa Lev’s Forgotten Knights team that now included three-star Miss Fortune, Thresh, and Hecarim.  

DimDanSum rolled down to look for three-star Lee Sin, Sejuani, Diana, and Rell. But option paralysis struck hard and he was unable to three-star a single unit before the start of the next round. 

He went up against last week’s winner Admiral Zhào, who was playing Revenant Assassins. Dan’s Yasuo was able to take the first life of Admiral Zhào’s Nocturne. But once the Nocturne revived, the three-star Assassin sliced through the Yasuo, sending Dan out in third.

Things were looking up for Papa Lev, who was on a four-round win streak, but then Admiral Zhào found the three-star Ivern!

It was not close to a fair fight. Daisy tore through the Forgotten frontline, while Nocturne chopped down the backline with impunity! Admiral Zhào’s only casualty was a lowly one-star Viego, and the reigning Fight Night champion took the first game of the tournament.

Game 1 winner

Game 2

DimDanSum looked strong again in the early stages with Draconic Abomination and transitioned into a 4 Spellweaver Abomination comp with Vel’Koz. But he met his demise in fifth place, against Papa Lev’s Legendary Invoker board.

Jeddimindtricks’ Varus Knights team also fell in the same round but managed to finish in fourth place. 

Admiral Zhào was looking to three-star his four costs. He was close to Rell, Draven, and Galio, and was able to hit the three-star Rell!

But Papa Lev’s Teemo and Karma were able to take down the mighty Cavalier, dropping Admiral Zhào down to 2 HP! Papa Lev and JiveNThrive also held copies of Draven, making it impossible for Admiral Zhào to three-star the Forgotten Legionnaire! 

Papa Lev looked poised to win yet again; with a nine-round win streak to his name. But at 5 HP, JiveNThrive was able to hit three-star Jax! With Titan's Vow, Titan’s Resolve, and 3 Mystic, the Jax was unstoppable and tore through Papa Lev’s board for the win! 

Game 2 winner

Game 3

JiveNThrive continued to thrive in Game 3. He was able to two-star his Blue Buff Brand early and played it with Knights. He transferred the items to Gwen and played Jax as his secondary core. His 13-round win streak was ended by Sherbat’s Abomination Vel’Koz. 

It was a close game for the rest of the lobby, and at the stage 5 carousel, the six other players were all below 10 HP! Sherbat, Jeddimindtricks, and KaeJae fell first. DimDanSum’s Sentinel Lucian and Gr3ml1n’s Aphelios were out next. 

Admiral Zhào’s Jax + Karma Knights went up against JiveNThrive in the final round. The double Radiant item Gwen backed up by 6 Knights, was too much to handle, and JiveNThrive took his second straight win!

Game 3 winner

Game 4

Coming into the final game of the tournament, Admiral Zhào and JiveNThrive had basically guaranteed first and second place overall. While Papa Lev and DimDanSum were tied for third.

Admiral Zhào dominated the early game with an upgraded Brawler frontline and an Aphelios from his post-carousel shop. He took his first loss in stage 4 while transitioning into Nightbringer Aphelios. 

By this time, DimDanSum had dropped to 29 HP but managed to stabilize off of a two-star Lucian. Papa Lev was not as fortunate, and his reroll Forgotten squad went out in eighth.

Coming into the Top 5, both Admiral Zhào and JiveNThrive hit their three-star carries! Admiral Zhào had a golden Aphelios, an itemized two-star Akshan, and a strong Revenant frontline. 

Gr3ml1n needed to place higher than DimDanSum to have a chance at returning to the next Fight Night. But Gr3ml1n’s Abomination Vel’Koz team was hammered out in fifth by JiveNThrive’s three-star Jax!  

DimDanSum was next on the chopping block and he went out in third. 

With the physical damage reduction from 6 Knights and 3 Ironclad, JiveNThrive seemed to have it in the bag. However, if Admiral Zhào could get Teemo in a 1v1 against JiveNThrive's Jax, he could possibly steal the win. 

But in three straight rounds, the Jax was able to survive multiple casts from the Aphelios and evade the 1v1 versus Teemo. And JiveNThrive took his third consecutive win of the night!

Game 4 winner

Admiral Zhào defends his crown!

Admiral Zhào beat JiveNThrive in the tiebreaker (highest average placement) to claim his second consecutive Fight Night victory! He played flexibly throughout the tournament, using a different comp each game: Revenant Assassins, Draven, Jax, and Aphelios.

JiveNThrive AKA the "Jax Whisperer" played Jax Knights (Gwen as the secondary carry) every game and managed to three-star Jax two times!  He won three of the four games, but a sixth-place finish in Game 1 prevented him from overtaking Admiral Zhào’s point total.   

DimDanSum found success with Sentinel Lucian and Legionnaire comps. He was one of only three players to grab Top 4 finishes in three of the four games. His consistently solid performance landed him in the Top 3 overall and a spot in next week’s PBE tournament.

Yup, you read it correctly. In the next Fight Night, Admiral Zhào, JiveNThrive, DimDanSum, and five more competitors will be duking it out on Set 6! 

Previously, we waited for the new set to hit the live servers, but this time, we’ll be heading over to PBE for our next tournament! It might not be balanced, but it will definitely be fun! You can catch the action live at on October 28,  6 PM PDT.

Fight Night: Rising 80 - VOD

Fight Night 80: Final Standings
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