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Fight Night: Rising Week 81 Recap

Fight Night: Rising 81 was the first Fight Night played on Set 6! 

Here are the key observations and insights from the result of the tournament:

Janna was played on every game-winning board and on three of the four second-place boards as well. 

  • Three of the four wins featured the trio of Janna, Orianna, and Taric for 3 Enchanter and Socialite synergies.
  • Yuumi can also be added to activate Scholar and beef up your carry.

Galio and Braum seem to be the premier frontline combo. 

  • The Bodyguard and Socialite synergies coupled with their powerful AOE disables made this duo the best frontline of the tournament.

Jayce, Jinx, and Vi are another strong trio, providing the Enforcer and Sister synergies. Jinx is a strong carry, and Jayce and Vi are a solid vanguard. 

  • Jayce was only played in Melee Form throughout the tournament.
  • Tahm Kench and Dr. Mundo were used to give boards even more survivability.

Every game was won off the back of multiple five costs. 

  • Winning teams had an average of three two-starred Legendaries. Each win featured a Legendary as the primary carry: Jinx won two games, while Akali and Viktor each took a win.

With the Bruiser trait and all the tanky Legendaries in the Set, Giant Slayer seems to be the best damage item. 

  • Three out of four game-winners had Giant Slayer on their main carry.

For defensive items, there were a lot of Gargoyle Stoneplates, Bramble Vests, Dragon's Claws, and Redemptions.

  • Not a single Warmog’s Armor was seen in the Top 2; probably because of the prevalence of Giant Slayer.

Games Recap

Game 1

Augment 1: Clear Mind (If you have no units on your bench at the end of a round, gain 4 experience points.)

RedNightmare (IGN: BWGPesadillaRoja) played Bodyguards and an early Taric, with Zyra as the item holder. He was level 7 by stage 3-3 and added 4-cost Enchanters (Janna, Orianna).

Augment 2: Thrill of the Hunt (Your units heal Health on kill.)

At level 8, he added Seraphine. His 12-round win streak was broken at level 8 by BKrisz, who had also taken the Clear Mind Augment and had rolled down his gold for a Clockwork Enchanter board with a Jhin carry.

Augment 3: High Roller (Gain 3 Loaded Dice.)

He went to level 9, then used his Loaded Dice to find two-star Legendaries. He ended with 3 Socialite, 3 Enchanter, a Bodyguard Frontline (Braum + Galio), Yuumi for Scholar, and Viktor as his carry.

His final opponent was BKrisz’s 4 Clockwerk, 3 Enchanter board with Jhin (Crit build) as its carry. 

The two-star Galio with Bramble Vest completely negated Jhin's damage and the mighty Legendary never fell below half HP in their 1v1, taking BKrisz from 49 HP to zero in three rounds. 

Game 1 winner

Game 2

Augment 1: Knife’s Edge 2 (Your units that start combat in the first 2 rows gain 45 Attack Damage.)

JiveNThrive played Protector + Bruiser (Vi, Trundle) with Garen as his item holder. At level 5, he added Ezreal for Scrap. At level 6, he added Graves for Academy.

Augment 2: Shrug it off (Bruisers regenerate 2% of their maximum health each second.)

At level 7, he added in Blitzcrank for 3 Protector.

Augment: Level Up! (When you buy experience points, gain additional experience points. You can now reach level 10.)

At level 8 he dropped Garen to play 3 Chemtech. Then he maintained 50 gold and rushed to level 9. Once at level 9, he played 3 Enchanter, 4 Enforcer, and Legendaries (Jinx, Jayce, Tahm Kench). 

JiveNThrive was one off three-star Jinx and, with one available on the carousel, he wanted to grab it. Unfortunately, it was snatched up by another player.

His final opponent was Simony’s Archanist Lux carry that also included 3 Enchanter. The double two-star Jinxes were just too much for Lux to handle, and JiveNThrive secured the win.

Game 2 winner

Game 3

Augment 1: Enforcer Soul (Your team counts as having 2 additional Enforcers.)

At level 5, JiveNThrive had 4 Bruiser + 4 Enforcer (Catilyn + Vi) and had slammed Sunfire Cape on Zac. At 6 he added Blitzcrank for Scrap.

Augment 2: Level up! (When you buy experience points, gain additional experience points. You can now reach level 10.)

At level 7, he swapped out Illaoi for Dr. Mundo and added Taric. Then he quickly leveled to 8 and put in Urgot for Chemtech. 

Augment 3: New Recruit (Gain +1 team size. AKA Force of Nature)

This Augment allowed him to add in Yuumi. At level 9, he dropped Blitzcrank, Zac, and Trundle to play Jinx, Jhin, Orianna, and Janna. He also replaced Caitlyn with Jayce, and he was able to two-star his Jinx and Jayce. 

His final opponent was KON HyperSpace with 4 Scholars, plus four Legendary units: Galio, Viktor, Jayce, and Yuumi.

It was a powerful board, but the 4 Enforcer synergy kept the mighty Legendaries detained, and bought time for JiveNThrive’s Jhin to clean up the board.

Game 3 winner

Game 4

Augment 1: Payday (After winning your combat, gain 1 bonus gold for each surviving Syndicate.)

RedNightmare started off with Syndicate + Illaoi, using Zyra to hold items. At Level 5, he added Trundle for Bruiser.

Augment 2: Syndicate Heart (Your team counts as having 1 additional Syndicate.)

At 6, he rolled down to find upgrades, adding in Shaco for 5 Syndicate. He also took out Trundle to add in Taric. At level 7, he rolled down and found an Akali, which led to the strong 7 Syndicate + Orianna composition.

Augment 3: Shady Business (Gain a Syndicate Emblem.)

At level 8 he took out Darius and put in Galio with the Syndicate Emblem, while also swapping out Orianna for Yuumi. He then rolled down on 8 every round, looking to two-star his Akali. He finally hit the two-star Akali at 4 HP!

At this point, he was in eighth place, but with the Payday Augment, he was able to rake in a lot of gold! This allowed him to reach level 9 and add in Orianna. 

His final opponent was CrispyBurger, who was playing reroll Chemtech Assassins with her own Akali.

The 7 Syndicate Akali was too powerful for CrispyBurger to handle, and she went from 45 HP to zero in three rounds.

Game 4 winner

Congrats to RedNightmare for winning the first Fight Night of Set 6! 

RedNightmare is consistently one of the top players on the LAS server! He beat out JiveNThrive in the tiebreaker and won Games 1 and 4.

JiveNThrive would have secured the win if he hadn’t gone eighth place in the last game; instead, he finished as the runner-up. He will definitely be looking to make things right next time.

Simony took third place with a solid performance throughout the tournament. And he did it without winning a single game.

Fight Night will take a week's break to prep for the release of Set 6! 

I hope you enjoyed this peek into what awaits us in Set 6. A lot can change over the next week and it will be interesting to see what the meta will look like once Set 6 hits the live servers. See you then! 

Fight Night 81: Final Standings

Fight Night: Rising 81 - VOD

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