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Fight Night: Rising Week 82 Recap

Fight Night: Rising 82 marked the first Fight Night of Set 6 played on live servers! Half of the players were also participating in the Piltover Cup, so it was a good time to test out different comps and strategies.

Games Recap

Game 1

Nyu’s Overload Chemtech team exploded its way to the top of the lobby, holding the lead in the early and mid game. However, it was Sphinx’s Mutant Metamorphosis Malzahar (MMM) that took everyone by surprise.

Sphinx found a double Malzahar on the opening NPC rounds and hard forced Mutants. Rolling down at 7, he found a Tahm and quickly slammed a Mutant Emblem on him, playing a 5 Mutant comp with Zac. He went undefeated from this point on!

At level 8, he added in a fourth Bruiser. Once Mundo was found, he took out the Trundle and Kog'Maw to put in Viktor and Mundo for a Chemtech and Arcanist power play.

From that point, feeding the Tahm and upgrading champions was the name of the game. He grabbed a second Mutant Emblem off of the carousel for Zac and added a second Malzahar to his board. 

Nyu’s Urgot Chemtech comp was the last team standing against Sphinx’s Brawler Mutants. The pure beefiness of Sphinx’s Mutant Brawler frontline was too much to handle, and Nyu was out in three rounds. Sphinx finished the game with a 15-round win streak!

Game 1 winner

Game 2

Peeba led for the majority of Game 2 with his Innovator Scrap comp. The Innovator Heart Augment gave him the chance to play 5 Innovator early on and by stage 5, he held a strong 1st with 98 HP!

At this point, Nyu was in second place with 49 HP, playing Yone with 4 Academy. At level 8, he dropped Garen and Leona to put in Fiora and Samira for 4 Challengers.

Sphinx’s 4 Bodyguard 4 Enchanter Jhin managed to make it into the Top 4 but was knocked out by Peeba's Innovators shortly thereafter.

ByeAgra’s 6 Bruiser Fiora managed to sneak into third place but could not survive against the power of Peeba’s Jinx. 

Peeba grabbed another Jinx from the carousel, leading to a huge two-star upgrade for his main carry, but Nyu had RNG on his side and hit the three-star Yone! It wasn’t even close; Yone sliced and diced his way through Peeba’s Legendary frontline, and Peeba had to settle for second place.

Game 2 winner

Game 3

Nyu topped the lobby from the start with Innovators paired with a Bruiser frontline, using Ezreal as his item holder. 

In stage 5, Nyu lost his throne to ByeAgra, who played double Academy Emblems and a strong 4 Arcanist Lux. 

Coming into the Top 4, Arat and Nyu were leading the pack, but their lead quickly diminished. By stage 6-3, three of the four players were in the dreaded one-hit territory. ByeAgra hit the three-star Lux and sent Arat’s Jhin out in fourth. 

Nyu’s own Jhin comp found itself on the wrong side of the three-star Lux beam and was out in third. 

For the second time in a row, Peeba faced off against a three-star four-cost Academy carry. It was a bit closer this time around, but ByeAgra’s Lux out sniped the sniper Jhin before it could go even fire a rifle shot. 

The rest of Peeba’s team was quickly felled.  

Game 3 winner

Game 4

Coming into the final game, NyuGaming had a five-point buffer between him and the rest of the lobby. But Peeba, Sphinx, and ByeAgra were all vying for the second-place spot.  

Arat held fifth place, but a favorable finish in Game 4 could see him clinch a spot in the top 3.

Arat played loss streak Mercenaries and, after losing eight rounds in a row, he cashed out at 37 HP! His payout was massive; 40 gold worth of drops awaited him. His Mercenary Emblem allowed him to run 5 Mercenaries for 7 rounds and quickly reach level 9. 

In a shocking twist, Peeba was eliminated in eighth and ByeAgra’s Lux was out in fifth! This gave Arat a chance to clinch a spot in the Top 3. He just needed to win the game!

Sphinx’s Urgot-powered Bruiser Chemtechs and Nyu’s Challenger Yone comp stood in his way.

With 18 completed items (Sphinx had 11) and four two-star Legendaries, Arat rolled over both of his opponents and secured the victory, finishing with a 14-round win streak!

Game 4 winner

NyuGaming takes the win in his first Fight Night of Set 6!

Challenger NyuGaming from Turkey took first place overall in his Fight Night debut. He managed to Top 3 every game and played Challenger Yone, Chemtech Urgot, and Jhin.

Long-time Fight Night participant Sphinx finished in second place overall, playing Chemtech Urgot, Jhin, and Metamorphosis (aka Elderwood) Mutant.

Arat’s win with Legendary Chemtechs in Game 4 saw him jump into third place overall. He also found success with Jhin and Yone.

Challenger Yone, Chemtech Urgot, and Jhin were the top-performing comps in this Fight Night. Lux and Syndicate Akali were the only AP-based comps to reach the Top 4. Early game Innovators seem to be quite solid, especially if you can grab an Innovator Heart Augment. 

Team Turkey grabbed both first and third place today. Will their dominance continue into next week? Tune in then to find out! 

Fight Night 82: Final Standings

Fight Night: Rising 82 - VOD

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