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Fight Night: Rising Week 84 Recap

On Fight Night: Rising 84, seven Challenger-ranked competitors and one Grandmaster battled in a best-of-four for pride, prestige, and a $200 prize pool!

Games Recap

Game 1

Uwudamndaniel hit a double Katarina shop before the first carousel and the early two-star Katarina combined with the Metabolic Accelerator augment saw him atop the lobby until stage 5!

Schnekec took Rich Get Richer as his first augment and played Syndicate Scholars. A Morello-powered Twisted Fate led the early game for Schnekec! The interest from maintaining 70 gold allowed him to reach level 8 on stage 4. 

From there, he slowly swapped out his weaker champions for Legendaries. Once Tahm Kench showed up, the five-cost Bruiser was continuously provided with AP boosting snacks.

The Top 3 consisted of Schnekec’s Legendary Enchanters, Daniel’s triple three-star 6 Assassin board, and I like cats’ Academy Challenger Yone. I like cats looked to three-star his Yone and Fiora, but he took two heavy losses and was out in third.

By this time, Schnekec’s Bramble Vest Tahm had reached new heights of AP greatness and was successfully devouring multiple units each round. Jinx provided the physical damage and the support squad of Yuumi, Janna, Seraphine, Orianna, and Taric kept the team healthy. 

It was a one-sided battle against Daniel's Assassins and Schnekec had 7 units alive at the end of the final fight!   

Game 1 winner

Game 2

Schnekec’s Scrap Bodyguard team won its first five fights, but took a loss against Arat’s own Scrap Bodyguard comp that featured a two-star Taric!  

On the bottom side of the lobby, SmurfSquatch was on a 10-round loss streak with his 4 Scholar Yordle board. Even with the Metabolic Accelerator augment, he was down to 47 HP by stage 4-2! 

He leveled to 8, and on his rolldown, found a Jayce for Innovator! With that miraculous pickup, his loss streak came to an end. Once he found Yuumi, the cat replaced Zyra. 

SmurfSquatch built Warmog’s on his Yuumi and continued to win streak. By the time the Top 4 was decided, he had reached level 9 and had won the last 10 rounds! 

His final opponent was Arat's deadly Lux board, but SmurfSquatch's two-star Bramble Vest Jayce stood strong! SmurfSquatch ended the game on a 12-round win streak and 75 HP. 

Game 2 winner

Game 3

Arat was at the top end of the lobby for most of the early and mid-game with his Syndicate Bodyguards. At level 6 he found a two-star Katarina and combined her with Leona and Shaco for the Assassin and Academy synergies. 

At level 7, he played 4 Arcanist + 4 Enchanters with Leona (thanks to his Arcanist Sigil and Enchanter Heart augments.) At level 8, he added Yuumi for Scholar.

Coming into the Top 5, Arat’s Arcanist Enchanter squad and SsenilenoL’s reroll Innovator team (three-star Ezreal, Camille, Singed, and Zilean) had a huge 40 HP lead over the bottom three. 

SmurfSquatch’s 5 Innovator Enchanters and I like cats’ Jhin/Lissandra comp fell first. 

Darth Nub had amassed an impressive array of Assassins and had Protector Emblems on his three-star Katarina and Shaco. His team crushed SsenilenoL’s Innovators but struggled to break through Arat’s cornered Lux, and Darth Nub went down in third.

Arat’s Viktor/Lux duo then proceeded to wipe up the Innovators and secure the victory in Game 3.   

Game 3 winner

Game 4

Coming into the final game, Arat had already secured a Top 3 spot, but the two other slots were open to all! If the stars aligned, even the bottom player could rise from the ashes to claim a spot at the top...

...and what a game it was! The comps included Clappio, Warwick, Heimerdinger Scholars, Urgot/Jinx, Innovators, multiple Yone Challengers, and of course, the infamous Katarina!

Robivankenob’s Chemtech Challenger Warwick was large and in charge during the early stages of the game. Ironically, the round he hit his three-star Warwick, was the same round that he lost his winning streak. 

After Game 3, Schnekec was in second place overall. But sadly, his Urgot/Jinx + Bruiser board was smashed out in seventh place. 

Coming into the Top 5 of our final game, four players were in one-hit territory. SmurfSquatch's 4 Scholar Heimerdinger board was the outlier with 40 HP left in the tank.

Arat’s three-star Katarina and Daniel’s Innovator Enchanters went out in the following round leaving Robivankenob, Darth Nub, and SmurfSquatch in contention for the win! 

SmurfSquatch had already clinched a podium finish, but Robivankenob and Darth Nub were separated by a single point; whoever finished higher would claim the final spot in the Top 3!

At first glance, it seemed that Darth Nub was looking to play Jinx. But once the two-star Galio went in, we knew "he be clapping!"

By this time, Robivankenob had three-starred his Quinn and also fielded a naked two-star Yone.  

Robivankenob anticipated a fight against SmurfSquatch, so he positioned his Zephyr to hit SmurfSquatch’s stacked three-star Vex. Unfortunately, he instead faced off against the mighty Colossi and was clapped out in third place!   

In the next round, SmurfSquatch’s double Zephyr caught Darth Nub’s Sion and the three-star Heimerdinger managed to nuke down the very scary Galio, dropping Darth Nub down to 1 HP!

In what looked to be the final round, Darth Nub dodged the enemy Zephyr with a last-second Sion swap. This allowed Sion to get off an early stun, and Galio was able to clean up the rest of the board. With that, both players were on one life!

Coming into the final round, Darth Nub was able to two-star his Jayce. The extra survivability saw his team run over the Scholar board, giving him the victory in the final game!

Game 4 winner

Arat wins it again!

Arat took his second consecutive win to keep the Fight Night trophy in Turkey! He was the only player to consistently Top 4 through the night and did so with three different comps: Lux, Samira, and Katarina.

SmurfSquatch one-tricked Scholars and his results were like a rollercoaster; but when he hit, he hit hard! He won Game 2 with a 4 Scholar Seraphine carry and grabbed a second-place off the back of a 4 Scholar Heimerdinger board! 

Darth Nub demonstrated the power of Clappio and showed us that even with the nerfs to Sion, the Colossus crew can still deliver. We thank him for that! His clutch win in the final game earned him a spot in the Top 3, and he will return for his third consecutive week on Fight Night. 

It seems that the healthcare squad is key to success. Survivability, the Scholar trait, and magic resistance counter popular burst AP comps like Katarina and Lux. 

Taric was included in seven of the eight Top 2 boards, and Yuumi was played in every game-winning comp. 

Katarina performed well, but she was not nearly as popular as we would have imagined coming into the tournament. The three times she was played, she made it to the Top 4 but never managed to clinch a win. 

Reroll Trundle made its debut in Game 3 courtesy of last week’s runner-up Robivankenob. Unfortunately, it was a fast seventh for the Band of Bruisers. 

With patch 11.24 landing this week, we might see the meta shake up a bit. It should be a fun tournament next week. See you then! 

Fight Night 84: Final Standings

Fight Night: Rising 84 - VOD

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