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Fight Night: Rising Week 85 Recap

Fight Night: Rising 85 featured a full Challenger-ranked lineup with participants from around the globe! Patch 11.24 dropped this week with nerfs to Innovators, Katarina, Trundle, and Arcanists. 

On the opposite end, the Syndicate Assassins, Fiora, and Orianna received long-awaited buffs. Another significant change came to Kai’Sa’s rocket barrage (aka Icathian Monsoon); it can no longer be interrupted by disables!      

Games Recap

Game 1

Reigning champion Arat started off strong with an Assassin Bodyguard team powered by Katarina. His team did not lose a single round until Stage 4. 

The Stage 5 triple-item Dragon made things extra interesting. By this time, four of the six remaining players were on one life, while Puttyx and Arat still had over 50 HP. 

Darth Nub’s Mutants and NG Tae’s Syndicates were eliminated first. Jerry Wu’s reroll Mutant Protectors were then taken out by ACommonQuail’s Urgot/Jinx board.

Puttyx’s Socialite Syndicate Akali board had dominated the mid-game, but it was falling off hard. He took losses to both Arat and ACommonQuail and went out in third. 

The battle for first was down to ACommonQuail’s Chemtech Urgot/Jinx versus Arat’s hybrid legendary Jhin board. 

ACommonQuail was able to Zephyr Arat’s Kai’Sa and take a big win, dropping Arat down to one life. But in the final round, Arat swapped his Kai’Sa last second to dodge the Zephyr. 

And with the changes to Kai’Sa ability, she managed to cast her Monsoon while in Guardian Angel state and take out the enemy Jinx, claiming victory for Arat!   

Game 1 winner

Game 2

Arat again dominated in the opening stages of Game 2 with a Chemtech opener. His first loss came in the last round of stage 4 from Jerry Wu’s Jhin.   

Jerry would finish in fifth place, knocked out by Arat’s Urgot. The fighting in the Top 4 was close, and at one point, three of the four players were on single-digit HP! 

ACommonQuail was on top with 14 HP thanks to his three-star Yone! Ueckar had put together a menacing 5 Mutant board with three-star Cho’Gath, Malzahar, and Kog’Maw! 

PuttyX fielded a Scholar Socialite Clappio squad and Arat had a high-end Urgot/Jinx Chemtech board. PuttyX’s Galio fell to the three-star Yone, while Arat’s Giant Slayer Urgot managed to take out Ueckar’s Mutants. 

It was now a rematch of Game 1, and this time, the match-up looked to be in ACommonQuail’s favor! ACommonQuail leveled to 9 and was able to 2-star his Kai’Sa; it looked like a certain win!

But in a shocking final round, the three-star Yone was enforced and then promptly eaten by Arat’s Tahm Kench. And by the time Yone broke free from the Bruiser’s belly, the rest of his team had already fallen. 

Yone was pummeled down by the seven remaining enemies and Arat took an unexpected second win!  

Game 2 winner

Game 3

For the third time in a row, Arat led from the start of the game! This time, his lead came off of a Challenger Emblem augment and an early Vi/Caitlyn combo. He topped the lobby until the end of Stage 5!

ACommonQuail's Socialite Akali and Darth Nub’s Challenger Yone board lived to make it into the Top 4. But both players were no match for Jerry Wu’s massive three-star Cho’Gath and Arat’s superior Challenger board. 

When the Top 2 was decided, both Jerry and Arat were still over 50 HP! 

Luckily for Jerry Wu, the Cho’Gath could not be vanquished! The Shrug It Off augment combined with the 3 Socialite buff, Redemption, Titan’s Resolve, and Bramble Vest made it impossible to kill the mighty Cho’Gath! 

Arat took four slow, consecutive losses, giving Jerry Wu a slow-and-steady win! 

Game 3 winner

Game 4

Coming into the final game, Arat was six points ahead of second-place and had guaranteed a place on the podium. 

SmurfSquatch took Built Different 3 as his first augment and played his strongest zero-synergy board. He was fortunate to find Built Different 1 as his second augment! This augment pairing enabled him to stay at the top of the lobby for a majority of the game!

Arat was out in eighth, paving the way for a possible upset from either ACommonQuail or Jerry Wu! ACommonQuail could snatch the crown with a Top 2 finish, and a win for Jerry would have similar consequences! 

ACommonQuail’s Socialite Akali looked solid, but Darth Nub’s level 10, 7 Innovator board with 2-star Galio, Viktor, and Jhin was on another level! The dragon sent Quail out in fifth!

Coming into the final round, Darth Nub sold his Jhin to move the items to Galio. He failed to move his Dragon, and it took to the sky, courtesy of SmurfSquatch’s Zephyr.

It was a close fight, but SmurfSquatch’s well-itemized Kai’Sa was able to best the Galio and knock out Darth Nub in second.

Meanwhile, in the other arena, Darth Nub’s ghost obliterated Jerry Wu’s Jhin comp, ending the game with a win for SmurfSquatch!   

Game 4 winner

Arat makes the hat-trick!

The eighth-place finish in the final game could have cost Arat  the gold, but with his two prior victories and second-place finish, he was able to claim his third consecutive Fight Night win! 

ACommonQuail  Top 4’d every game and finished a single point behind Arat! He played Socialite Akali, Chemtech Urgot/Jinx, and Challenger Yone.

On Jerry Wu’s  Fight Night debut, he played well all the way through and won a game off of a Cho’Gath 3 and Galio 2. He also had success with Snipers and reroll Protectors. 

Socialite Akali Top 4’d in every game but Challenger Yone, Chemtech Urgot/Jinx, Snipers, and Cho’Gath all had multiple appearances in the Top 4.

Arat has been on fire and will return for his fifth consecutive Fight Night! ACommonQuail has won a Fight Night every set since Set 4. Will he be the one to snap Arat’s winning streak? 

Or will Jerry Wu, the former 20/20 Hunter Aphelios main, swoop in and claim the title for himself?

Find out next week! 


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