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Fight Night: Rising Week 87 Recap

After a three-week break, Fight Night: Rising is back! Our reigning champion, Portuguese Challenger Kuzma, returned to defend his title against runner-up ACommonQuail, Turkish powerhouse Arat, and five new competitors.     

Games Recap

Game 1

Bossoskills’ Arcanist Syndicate board won its first 13 rounds in a row off the back of a two-star Twisted Fate carry. His first loss came after the stage 4 carousel. 

Coming into the Top 4, he had transitioned into a Socialite Challenger comp using Fiora and Kai’Sa as his carries. Quail’s 7 Syndicate Shaco, Icey’s Imperial Assassin three-star Talon, and Loomykev11’s Innovators rounded out the Top 4.

Loomykev’s 7 Innovator board powered by a two-star backlined Jayce, took Quail out in fourth. Bossokills’ Giant Slayer Fiora was problematic for the beefy Innovators, but Loomykev cornered his Jayce and the mighty 5-cost blasted down Fiora before she could reach him. 

 In the end, only Icey’s Talon stood between Loomykev and victory. This time Loomykev put his Jayce at the back center to keep him safe from the Talon. The Talon had trouble taking down the Innovator Dragon and Jayce was able to eliminate the Assassins and earn Loomykev the win!    

Game 1 winner

Game 2

Quail played a Syndicate Mercenary board early and was able to cash in on an eight-round loss streak. His loot included two Neeko’s Helps and he was able to build a tanky 7 Syndicate Jayce. 

Even though he was in eighth place with only 19 HP left (Loomykev had 96 HP at the time), he was able to win-streak hard off of the successful transition.

Coming into the Top 5, four of the five remaining players were in one-hit territory. At the top of the lobby, Arat had more HP than the rest of the lobby combined!

Icey’s Jhin was no match for Quail’s three-star Shaco and at the same time, Kuzma’s one-cost reroll comp took out Bossoskills’ Socialite Kai’Sa. Kuzma was next on the chopping block and his three-star team was taken out in third by Shaco’s slicers. 

Quail took multiple round wins against Arat, dropping Team Tahm into one-life range. But in the final round, the stars aligned for Arat! Vi and Jayce appeared in Arat’s shop, and he took out one-star Seraphine and Jhin to put in 4 Enforcer. 

A last-second swap allowed Arat's Orianna to dodge Quail’s Shroud.           

During the fight, Tahm went to town, devouring multiple cores (Ekko, Jayce, Braum, Shaco). At one point, Tahm Kench dropped a Chain and Arat was able to build a Frozen Heart on Yuumi mid-fight, slowing down Shaco’s attack speed significantly.

The Tahm went ham, and the unbenched Kench threw a wrench in Quail’s Syndicate ‘Sins plan to win.

Game 2 winner

Game 3

Arat started strong, winning early rounds with his Innovator Brawler board. When we reached our Top 4, Arat was again on top with his Jhinnovator + Sion comp! 

Kuzma’s Fiora Socialite carry was taken out in fourth by Quail’s 7 Syndicate Shaco. Icey’s Jhin comp fell next and with that, it came down to a rematch between Quail and Arat!

But this time, Quail came out on top. His three-star Zyra was a nightmare for the Arat’s backline and the triple damage threat of Shaco, Akali, and Zyra proved to be too much for the Jhinnovators. 

Game 3 winner

Game 4

Coming into the final game, Quail had a three-point lead over Icey and Arat who were tied for second. Kuzma was four points behind the duo but a strong finish in Game 4 could see him move up into the Top 3. 

Kuzma’s Brawler board and TrifuryB’s Innovators led the lobby for most of the early-to-mid game. Icey was contesting Quail’s Shaco and sadly it didn’t pay off, as he melted out in seventh place! 

On 6 HP and a nine-round loss streak, Loomykev was able to cash out! He transitioned into a mighty 8 Challenger comp but unfortunately went out in sixth place against Kuzma’s Chemtech Urgot board.

Kuzma needed to finish within the Top 4 to make it back for next week, and when the Top 3 was decided, he sat at the top of the lobby! Quail together with his best bud Shaco and Trifury’s Clappio board rounded out the Top 3. 

It was a close three-way and coming into the final round, all three players would be eliminated with a single loss. 

Trifury caught Kuzma’s clumped Chemtechs with a barrage of AOE stuns: Sion’s Smash, Braum’s Fissure, Orianna’s Shockwave, Galio’s Colossal Entrance, and a second Shockwave! Kuzma’s Chemtechs only managed to kill two of Trifury’s champions before being eliminated!     

At the same time Quail went up against Kuzma’s ghost. Frozen Heart on Mundo combined with an itemized Lissandra, slowed the Assassins’ attack speed to a crawl. 

The Chemtech Scholar then proceeded to obliterate Quail’s team, knocking him out in third, giving the win to Trifury’s Clappio comp!

Game 4 winner

ACommonQuail one-tricks Shaco to claim his second Fight Night win of the set!

ACommonQuail soared to victory off the back of Syndicate Shaco. Losses to Shaco in his ranked games inspired him to jump on the Shaco bandwagon. In his post-match interview, he said “if you can’t beat them, join them!”. 

And it definitely paid off as he Top 4’d every match and won Game 3, to claim the top prize of $100. 

Arat had a slow start with a sixth-place finish in Game 1. But he bounced back hard, winning Game 2 with a unique Scholar Enchanter Tahm board and placing second in Game 3 with Jhinnovator. He will return next week for his seventh consecutive Fight Night appearance!

Kuzma didn’t post a single victory, but he played a different comp every game (including a third-place Protector Mutant reroll board) to tie with Arat in points and grab the third place! 

Shaco definitely made a strong debut, but Jhin, Urgot, Fiora, and Legendary comps all performed well!

Congrats to Quail for winning and we wish him and Loomykev11 the best of luck in The Zaun Cup this coming weekend. A $5,000 prize pool and four direct invitations to the Mid-Set Finale are on the line!

The action kicks off live from the official Teamfight Tactics Twitch channel on January 21 at 4 pm PST!

Fight Night: Rising 87 - VOD

Fight Night 87: Final Standings
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