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Fight Night: Rising Week 88 Recap

"Eight top-tier TFT players playing four rounds for $200 and one of three returning spots in the following tournament."

This has been Fight Night: Rising’s tournament format since its inception in early 2020 and has remained relatively unchanged. But that changes on January 27! Fight Night will revamp the entire tournament format! 

We are increasing the number of participants, the number of games, the number of returnees, and most importantly...increasing the prize pool! Read more about the revamp here.  

In light of these changes, Fight Night 88 would be the final tournament played on the old format. Who would lay claim to victory before we retire this format? 

Reigning champion ACommonQuail? Six-time returning participant Arat? Portuguese powerhouse Kuzma? Or would one of our five new competitors plant their flag in this landmark tournament? 

Games Recap

Game 1

Arat paired an early two-star Lissandra (with Morello) and Innovators to top the lobby during the early rounds. With the help of Metabolic Accelerator as his second Augment, he led up until the stage 5 carousel.

By the stage 5 NPC round, our Top 4 had been decided. Yiggles sat atop the lobby with 6 Bodyguards and a two-star Jayce carry! 

The powerful backlined Jayce took Kuzma’s Chemtech Urgot board out in fourth place. But Arat and Firestorm would not go out easy! 

Arat’s Chemtech Urgot board featured two-star Legendaries and Firestorm’s 6 Arcanist board included a perfectly-itemized Lux, three-star Vex, and two-star Viktor!

After the stage 6 carousel, all three players were on single-digit HP! Yiggles’ Jayce tried its best, but Arat’s two-starred Jinx and Tahm overpowered the Bodyguards, sending Yiggles out in third. 

Arat and Firestorm faced off for the final round. A last-second Tahm swap allowed the big-bellied Bruiser to chomp and spit Firestorm’s Vex into the far corner. And with Vex out of the way, Tahm chomped through the backline and secured the win for Arat!  

Game 1 winner

Game 2

ACommonQuail led for most of the game with his Trundle-powered Bruiser board. He went all-in on reroll Bruisers, three-starring Trundle, Zac, and Vi! He used Ekko to hold Morello and for the Scrap trait. 

A1CE squeaked into the Top 4 with a 5 Imperial reroll Talon but his run ended there, as his team was taken out by Kuzma’s Bodyguard Jhin board. At the same time, Quail’s Bruisers narrowly beat HyperSpace’s Fiora, setting up for the final showdown versus Kuzma.

Quail had stayed level 7 and was one-off of a three-star Ekko. Kuzma’s level 9 board with a Giant Slayer Jhin, tanky Sion, and multiple two-star Legendaries made quick work of the Bruisers. 

Kuzma won the final round without losing a single champion (special thanks to Yuumi)!

Game 2 winner

Game 3

Quail topped the lobby once again during the early game with a hodgepodge of synergies boosting his two-star Twisted Fate carry. His comp eventually settled into a 4 Scholar Socialite board powered by a two-star Viktor. 

Yiggles’ Chemtech Mutant board included a stacked two-star Kai’Sa. But Quail’s Viktor was too strong and Yiggles was sent out in fourth.

HyperSpace and Kuzma rounded out the Top 3. HyperSpace was on 1 HP with an unusual 6 Scholar board that included a three-star Vex and Jayce/Viktor carry duo. Kuzma played Bodyguards with Enchanters, itemizing Fiora and Orianna.

But neither of the two could break through Quail’s frontline fast enough. And Quail’s Viktor cleaned up both boards to score Quail the double kill!  

Game 3 winner

Game 4

Coming into the final game, Kuzma led with 24 points, followed by Quail with 21, and Yiggles with 17. HyperSpace was only a single point behind Yiggles, so a Top 3 spot was still within reach.

But it was BonAppleT who dominated the game, leading early with a Yordle Arcanist Bodyguard board. He rolled down after the stage 4 carousel, intending to upgrade his Arcanists. But instead, he found a two-star Arcanist Kai’Sa and went with it. 

Coming into stage 6, both Quail and Kuzma were on single-digit HP. If Quail wanted to continue his Fight Night win streak, he would need to place three spots higher than Kuzma!

As fate would have it, they met head-on in the following round. It was an evenly matched fight, but Quail’s Samira’s Thief's Gloves rolled perfect items (Deathblade + Guardian Angel) and it was just enough to give Quail the edge over Kuzma! 

Coming into the Top 5, Arat and HyperSpace were also on single-digit HP! If Quail could outlast them both, he would secure first place overall! He came up against Arat’s solid Jhin board. Quail’s Assassin Fiora took out Arat’s Jhin early on and secured the round for Quail!   

In the next round, Quail was eliminated by Yiggles’ high-end Urgot Chemtech board. It looked like a second-place finish for Quail. But at the same time, HyperSpace lost to BonAppleT, and finished below Quail! Quail had beaten Kuzma for first by the skin of his teeth!

The final rounds saw BonAppleT’s 6 Arcanists + two-star Jinx battle against Yiggles’ Urgot and friends. The rounds were close, but the Arcanist Metamorphosis Mutant Kai’Sa came out ahead each time, securing the win for BonAppleT!

Game 4 winner

ACommonQuail waves goodbye to the old format with back-to-back victories!

A rough sixth-place finish in Game 1 was not enough to stop Quail! He bounced back hard, grabbing second place with Trundle, a win with Viktor, and a third with 5 Imperial, to beat Kuzma by a single point!

Kuzma had a great first three games: a fourth with Chemtech Urgot, a win with Jhin, and second-place with Orianna/Fiora. But an unfortunate sixth-place in the final game saw him dip below Quail. His consistent performance saw him finish in second place overall!       

Yiggles did not win a single game, but her strong performance throughout the night saw her take the final spot in the Top 3. She played Chemtech Urgot in three of her four games!

That’s all for tonight folks! Can our Top 3 players continue their runs with the new format? Who will claim the crown in the opening of the new format later this week?

Tune in next time to find out!

Fight Night: Rising 88 - VOD

Fight Night 88: Final Standings
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