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Fight Night: Rising Week 90 Recap

Fight Night: Rising 90 marked the second week of the revamped format and the last Fight Night played on Set 6. With the weekly prize money increased to $300, and twice the number of participants (previously 8, now 16), the stakes have never been higher!

Stage 1

Lobby A

In the opening game, Spethom found his three-star Urgot on the carousel to take the win against Draeko’s Innovator Sion board.

In Game 2, Dog guy’s strong Twinshot Bruiser Urgot board looked like the favorite to win, but Aesah’s 6 Arcanist comp powered by a three-star Malzahar defeated the Chemtechs five times in a row to snatch the victory!

In the final game of Lobby A, Azl’s 6 Academy Challenger comp sliced through BIGsunnyDEE’s Chemtech Urgot board to take the win on 3 HP!

Game 3 winner - Lobby A


Lobby B

Eunhyukie’s massive 6 Scholar 5 Innovator three-star Heimerdinger board ran over Papa Lev’s high-end Bodyguard Challenger comp to claim the victory in Game 1 of Lobby B.

minnaX started out Game 2 with Mercenaries, but the real MVP was an early Tahm Kench in his level 7 shop. The big Bruiser raked in items and gold, giving minnaX a huge advantage over his opponents. 

He won the game via a double knockout with a level 9 board that featured four two-star Legendaries, 17 completed items and three leftover components on the bench!

In the final game of Stage 1, Yiggles’ double Jeweled Gauntlet Lux ripped through Top8Bronco’s 7 Innovator board to secure her a much-needed win! 

Game 3 winner - Lobby B

Stage 2

The scores were tight after the first three games. But only the top eight highest-scoring players overall would move onto Stage 2. Eunhyukie topped the scoreboard but only three points separated Spethom in second place and Draeko in 11th. 

Papa Lev lost the three-way tiebreaker against Yiggles and Prine, failing to reach Stage 2. While reigning champion Aesah was out in 10th place overall.

Game 4

Dog guy, Azl, and Yiggles traded spots in the Top 3 from the start, up until stage 5. Dog guy began to take hard hits, and by the stage 5 neutral round he was in sixth place on 1 HP! 

His Challenger board was on the edge, but not out, taking wins against Azl’s Chemtechs and Banana in pijama’s Cho’Gath to secure a spot in the Top 2. 

Yiggles had rolled into a two-star Lux (while looking for Seraphine) and opted to play the 4-cost Arcanist together with Innovators. Lux was able to rip through Dog guy’s Challengers and secure Yiggles her second consecutive victory!

Game 4 winner

Game 5

Coming into the final game, Yiggles and Dog guy led in points. But given the right circumstances, it was still technically possible for any of the eight players to claim tournament victory. 

minnaX’s Syndicate Assassins were on 100 HP until stage 4, when they ran into Spethom who had previously cashed out and transitioned into Chemtech Urgot. 

Yiggles also had a strong early-to-mid game with her Innovator Sion board and led when the Top 4 had been decided. However, the Syndicate Assassin boards of Eunhyukie and minnaX proved to be troublesome. 

Both had itemized two-star Akalis that seemed to always reach Yiggles’ backlined Jayce. 

Banana in pijama was playing a strong Mutant board and was one off of a three-star Cho’Gath. If he could take out Yiggles and win the lobby, he would claim first place overall. However, without the three-star Mutants, his board's power was not enough, and Yiggles took him out in fourth.

At the same time, Eunhyukie defeated his Syndicate Assassin twin and looked to claim victory against Yiggles’ Jayce.

But Yiggles was able to two-star Braum and that tipped the scales in her favor! Her Braum caught the opposing Akali, Braum, and Orianna in his Fissure, delaying Eunhyukie’s lockdown significantly. Fiora and Jayce were able to clean up the Assassins and claim the win for Yiggles!

Game 5 winner

Yiggles scores three consecutive wins to secure tournament victory!

In last week’s tournament, Yiggles fell one point short of first place. After the first two games this week, she was in 13th place overall. But she turned the aggression up and went on to win the final three games (Arcanist Lux, Innovator Lux, Innovator Jayce), to claim $150 and her first Fight Night victory of Set 6!

Eunhyukie led coming into Stage 2 and finished in second place overall. He had his best games with Innovators and Syndicate Assassins.

Banana in Pijama had mixed results in the first two games with Challenger comps, but then he swapped over to Mutants and Top 4’d in the final three games to claim third place!

Dog guy flexed between Urgot and Yone throughout the tournament to secure the final returning spot for next week.   

Innovators, Urgot, Lux, and Challengers were at the top of most lobbies, but Arcanists, Syndicate Assassins, and Mutants also performed well.

And with that, we say goodbye to Fight Night on Set 6 as we head over to PBE for next week’s tournament! Can Yiggles continue her win streak or will the new Mid-Set usher in a new champion? Find out when we return next week!

Fight Night 90: Final Standings

Fight Night: Rising 90 - VOD

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