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Giant Slayer Series 3 Recap

The Giant Slayer Series 3 has come to a close. The $10,000 duo format tournament ran for eight days over the month of August. Each of 16 players that qualified for the NA Regional Finals chose a friend as their teammate, for a total of 16 teams. 

In the duo format, four teams of two face off in a single lobby and the scores of the two teammates are combined for the team’s point total. Every first-place finish also earned $50 for their team.   

Over the first three weeks, each team played a total of 12 games (4 games each week). And at the end of the three weeks, the four highest-scoring teams battled for the lion’s share of the prize pool in a six-game series!        

When the dust settled at the end of Week 3, the four teams that finished on top were:

Ramblin Robin

Team Liquid’s Robinsongz qualified for the Regional Finals by placing second in the NA Reckoning Mid-Set Finale. Ramblinnn has been a consistent high-ranked Challenger since Set 4. He even nearly qualified for the Mid-Set Finale through the Challenger Series.   

Ramblin Robin had a mediocre first week, landing in seventh place overall. But on Week 2, they turned up the heat, winning two of their four games and placing in the Top 4 five out of eight times. 

Their strong performance bumped them up to third place overall. On Week 3, they posted their best scores, grabbing a combined total of 50 points to send them to the number 1 spot overall!

We Are Going 8th

Bertasaurus earned his ticket to the Regional Finals by consistently maintaining a top spot on the NA leaderboard. He picked the Mysterious Master-ranked hjw61101 as his partner.

We Are Going 8th definitely did not go eighth! In the first week of the competition, Bertasaurus won two of his games with Legendary comps. On Week 2, hjw61101 won another two by rerolling Tristana and Riven. 

In the final week, they took two more wins to come in at number two overall!

Sold Cat For Econ

Broccóli was fifth in the Mid-Set Finale and was a single point shy of qualifying for the Regional Finals. 

His teammate, “Challenger streamer since Set 1” Rayditz nearly qualified to the Regional Finals by way of the Set 5.5 leaderboard snapshot, but narrowly lost to RamKev and k3soju. 

Sold Cat For Econ was in 12th place after the first week of games. But on the second week, Rayditz won two games to bring them up to seventh place. 

In the third week, the duo grabbed a combined 50 points and won both first and second place in their second game. This catapulted them into third place overall!


Cloud9’s k3soju grabbed his slot to the Regional Finals by claiming the Top 2 spot in the Set 5.5 leaderboard snapshot. He was joined by his pal and fellow streamer, Prestivent.  

8875 had an amazing run throughout the first three weeks of play. They were in second place overall on Weeks 1 and 2. 

In the third week, they had a combined total of 38 points which landed them in fourth place overall after widepeepoHappy (Deliciousmilkgg + Becca) only managed to earn 35 points. 

widepeepoHappy was only four points shy of coming in at fourth place overall.   

Finals Week Recap

Game 1

Ramblin Robin claimed both first and second place to start the finals off with a bang! Double Spellweaver Emblems made Ramblinnn’s Vel’Koz hit like a truck! His Abomination Spellweaver team beat out Robinsongz’s 6 Sentinel Lucian to claim the top spot!   

Game 1 winner

Game 2

Prestivent’s Revenant Assassin board with a three-star Assassin Riven looked unstoppable, taking out opponents left and right. 

But Robinsongz’s Sentinel Renewer board with multiple Bramble Vests and a Renewer Emblem Volibear managed to take it out and give Team Ramblin Robin their second consecutive win!

Game 2 winner

Game 3

Broccóli found two Kayles in three rolls on his level 7 rolldown and used the Neeko’s Help from the Radiant Blessing to two-star his Kayle on stage 3-5. 

He only lost a single round after that! Bertasaurus’ Aphelios board could not match with the power of Knights Kayle!  

Game 3 winner

Game 4

By the halfway mark, Ramblin Robin had a three-point lead on We Are Going 8th. Despite Ramblin Robin winning two of the three games, Ramblinnn has placed seventh and eighth in Games 2 and 3. 

But in Game 4, Ramblinnn turned things around with a three-star Nocturne in his Revenant Assassin team. 

When he met Bertasaurus’ Kayle comp in the final round, he moved his entire team to the backline to force Bert’s frontline to walk forward and expose Kayle to Diana’s Moonfall. He took the game on a massive 12-round win streak! 

Game 4 winner

Game 5

Double Nightbringer Emblems put Rayditz’s 8 Nightbringer team in position to win it all. He had previously won against Bert’s board, however, in the final round, Bert was able to grab a Shroud off of the carousel and hit most of Rayditz’s team. 

Bert also clumped into a corner to protect his Lucian from the enemy Diana. This allowed Lucian to deal massive damage and Bert claimed a win for team We Are Going 8th.

Game 5 winner

Game 6

Off the back of Bertasaurus’ incredible performance, We Are Going 8th was on track for first, overtaking Ramblin Robin by two points! It was going to be a close finish! 

But Robin’s 6 Redeemed Kayle board with a heavily-itemized Garen, knocked out hjw61101’s Jax board in fifth while Bertasaurus also fell on the same round. This cemented the win for Ramblin Robin and in the end, Robinsongz won the lobby against Broccóli’s Spellweaver Abomination comp.

Game 6 winner


Ramblin Robin win the tournament!

It came down to the wire, but Ramblin Robin managed to regain the lead when it mattered most! 

Robinsongz and Ramblinnn won four of the six games to take the top prize of $3,000 on top of the $50 per game won throughout the first three weeks of the tournament!

Robinsongz credited Ramblinnn’s ability to scale boards into game-winners as a critical factor in their success, while Ramblinnn praised Robinsongz’s execution and fundamental skills.

We Are Going 8th claimed the second-place prize of $2,000 and Bertasaurus claimed the highest individual point total.

It was an excellent month of duo TFT but the next tournament will be every person for themselves this weekend in the North American Regional Finals

With $25,000 and three spots in the TFT Reckoning World Championship on the line, you definitely won’t want to miss it!

The VOD is available on YouTube.

Giant Slayer 3 Final Standings
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