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Competitors thoughts on the upcoming Gizmos & Gadgets Mid-Set Finale

The Gizmos & Gadgets Mid-Set Finale is nigh! With $20,000 and four invites to the NA Regionals on the line, it is the most prestigious and high-stakes tournament of the set so far! It's also arguably the most competitive, with the 32 invited players qualifying by being the best in the tournaments we've seen this set.

I wanted to find out how our competitors were feeling about the tournament, so I reached out, asking them to share their thoughts. Here are their statements: 

"Me pancake Singed reroll and Illoai reroll 20/20, you guys better be shaking and playing for second. PepeLaugh." - Casparwu

"Just came off a solid Zaun Cup performance, finishing in first place. Job's not finished though, gonna clean these players up at the Mid-Set too, it's lit. See y'all at Regionals." - Guubums

"Going into the tournament, I'm hoping to Top 4 overall so that I can auto-qualify for Regionals and become a for fun player until Regionals happens. It would also be nice to send some people (mainly Guubums, Spencer, and Setsuko) eighth!" - Bertasaurus

"I already won the tournament" - k3soju

"This is probably the first tournament that I'm taking seriously for a long time (since Set 4 Regionals). Mostly cause I didn't enjoy Set 5. I really enjoy Set 6 and I think the Mid-Set Finale is the most prestigious Set 6 tournament. Also a lot of people have been discounting me from the top 5 just cause I'm a dad now. while true it's much much harder for me to play TFT, I still think I have the raw skill to be the best TFT player." - MismatchedSocks

"I want to thank Mortdog and the Teamfight Tactics team for making Set 6 the most fun set yet. Good luck everyone!" - Pawnup 

"I’m looking forward to showing people how fun the game can be! TFT and the community surrounding it have given myself and many others a place to belong, and it would mean the world to me if my play made someone get into the game or become more passionate about it." - Spicyappies

"In the Zaun Cup I felt that both my potential and my flaws were shown, if I can get in peak form I'm fairly confident that I can make final day." - Noster

"Do not contest Vi." - Triple8s 

"Coming in off a poor showing in the Zaun Cup, I'm hoping to put up a good performance in the Mid-Set Finale and prove that I can still compete with the best of the best. Also a huge shoutout to all the mD players playing in the tourney and my KUDT Discord!" - Yubin

"I'm looking forward to competing in this tournament to legitimize myself as a top player. me (next op comp) 20/20." - PickleOnion

"I'm in peak form, everyone else is playing for second." - Souless

"I play way too much TFT and because of that I have a very good chance of winning the Mid-Set Finale." - Robivankenob

"I placed 2nd in my Piltover Cup lobby and second in my Zaun Cup lobby, so I'm aiming to keep the streak going with a top 8 in the Mid-Set Finale." - Kovanel

"After my performances in the Piltover & Zaun Cup I've been pretty dissatisfied with my play so I'm hoping I do well in this tournament to prove that my hard work has paid off so far. If I make it farther than I did in the Set 5 Mid-Set, I'll be happy. Good luck to everyone competing & I hope we can all at least enjoy our games." - Inikoiniko 

"Thanks Mort and the TFT team for making the best set yet!" - Dishsoap

"I'm super excited going into playing my first big tournament in the Mid-Set Finale. I just hope I can outplace Robin because losing to someone double my age would be a little embarrassing." - Jdzielinski22

"Even if I go eighth in this tournament, at least I didn't play 'Sins" - Ruele

"The Zaun Cup may not have been my best performance, but I’m still confident that I can bounce back for the Mid-Set Finale. I’m looking to lock up my slot in Regionals and cement myself at the top of NA." - Ramblinnn

"Got hella motivated after the Zaun Cup and am trying to put all the effort I can into improving for this tournament. Hopefully it shows and I perform well. My one wish for this tourney is no seven items after wolves PLEASE." - Broccóli

"Good luck to everyone participating and I hope this 'Sin meta goes away for this tournament." - Xnieamo

"I'm rooting for my mD boys. Good luck to the rest but I'm coming in with the 0 LP master buff. See you all on Lost Ark after." - PockyGom 

"My primary motivation to do well in this tournament is for myself and the people that support me. I want to look back and feel proud of the way that I played regardless of the result and make others proud in the process. Also whenever you're in a competitive space like this there will always be people out there that will hate on you, and it just feels so good to prove those fuckers wrong." - Kurum

"Recently, TL Robinsongz has stated I shouldn't be 15th in any tier list, I should be 50th. How am I being called 50th by someone who is 50 years old" - Duo Queue Abuser 

"Hands up chat, lend me your energy!" - Robinsongz

"Hello everyone I just started streaming TFT and am really enjoying it, so I'm going to try really hard to get Twitch partner during Set 6! Going first in another tournament seems like it would help." - Aesah

"I think I'm kinda cracked right now." - Darthnoob

Setsuko, Velay, Kyivix, Spencer, and iCopyKeane were either unable to be reached or declined to comment.  

The Mid-Set Finale will take place over the coming weekend and will run from Friday until Sunday. The action kicks off at 4 PM PST at

Who will make good on their promises, and will anyone dare to contest Caspar's Pancake Singed reroll? We shall see! 

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