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NA Reckoning Mid-Set Finale Recap

32 players competed in the four-day, action-packed, fun-filled NA Reckoning Mid-Set Finale where $20,000 and four spots in the NA Regional Finals were on the line!

Each player qualified by winning one of the four Challenger Series tournaments or by performing well in the Dawnbringer Cup or Nightbringer Cup. 

Participants played six games each day with lobbies reseeded every two games based on overall standings. At the end of each day, the eight bottom players were eliminated.  

On Day 1, both the Nightbringer Cup winner Kevyzhou and Dawnbringer Cup winner inikoiniko were knocked out. Top TFT Twitch streamer and rising YouTube star k3soju also bowed out.

On Day 2, Challenger Series #3 winner iG Guubums was among the eight to be eliminated.    

Day 3 saw Challenger Series #1 winner Pockygom, Challenger Series #4 winner Kyivix, and the Morning Meta Report’s TL GrandVice8 drop out of contention.

After three days of exciting TFT, the Top 8 players were decided! 

  • IMissVoidSins
  • Robinsongz
  • SpencerTFT
  • Myucil
  • Broccóli
  • dohmoh
  • Buzzyboo
  • Rokuyo

On Day 4, the four players with the most points after the six-game series would earn a direct invite to the NA Regional Finals and a good portion of the $20,000 event prize pool. 

Final Day Games Recap

Game 1

IMissVoidSins used Soraka as his item holder to take an early lead with Dawnbringer Renewers and a Brawler frontline. But coming into the mid-game, Robinsongz’s Ironclad Forgotten team and Myucil’s Skirmishers led the lobby. 

It was a very close battle for second place as four of the five remaining players had less than 10 HP. But sitting with 27 HP, IMissVoidSins had more HP than the rest of the lobby combined! Robinsongz’s Forgotten squad and Broccóli’s Nightbringer Aphelios were taken out in the next round. 

In the final round, both Myucil’s Skirmishers and Rokuyo’s Forgotten board fell and IMissVoidSins claimed victory in the first game of the finals!

Game 1 winner

Game 2

IMissVoidSins found early Skirmishers and won 17 rounds straight. His first loss came at level 9 against DohMoh’s three-star Yasuo. When the Top 4 was decided, IMissVoidSins had a huge lead with 84 HP while SpencerTFT was in second place with 28 HP. 

DohMoh was the next to fall when he went up against Robinsongz’s strong Dawnbringer board. 

Spencer’s three-star Riven had destroyed IMissVoidSins’ Jax in previous rounds. But with some last-second repositioning, Jax was able to sneak into the backline to quickly execute Spencer’s Karma, and Team Riven was taken out in third place. 

In the final round, IMissVoidSins was able to get Jax onto Karma again and take a second consecutive win! 

Game 2 winner

Game 3

SpencerTFT found a good start with Skirmishers and had 100 HP until Stage 3-3 when he lost a close fight against Buzzyboo’s Rageblade Draven. It was pretty much smooth sailing for Spencer as coming into the Top 3, he had more than 60 HP while both Robinsongz and Myucil were under 20.

But they did not go down easy and both Robinsongz’s Dawnbringers and Myucil’s Revenant Assassins defeated Spencer in the following round. Spencer quickly leveled to 9 to add in 3 Ironclad to beat the Nocturne. 

In the final round, he put in Ryze over Nautilus for Mystic and knocked out both opponents in one swoop!

Game 3 winner

Game 4

SpencerTFT played Dawnbringers early on using Nidalee as his initial item carrier. At level 7, he had 6 Dawnbringers with Ivern for Renewer and Invoker. He also got lucky with a Garen in his level 7 shop. 

At level 8, he was able to two-star his Garen and played Volibear for the Revenant and Brawler synergies. Spencer’s board was unstoppable and in the final round, he had a double kill against Broccóli’s Forgotten Mystics and IMissVoidSins’ weaker Legendary board. 

Game 4 winner

Game 5

Robinsongz went full lose-streak Forgotten until Stage 3-2. Then he rolled down to hit 6 Forgotten and played Vayne as his primary carry. He added in Ashe for Ranger and built a Forgotten Emblem on her too. Coming into the Top 4, three players had HP in the thirties. 

Broccóli had only 1 HP and his 4 Ranger Aphelios squad and was out in the following round. Then Robinsongz took a close loss against DohMoh’s Draven-powered Forgotten board and dropped down to a low 4 HP! 

DohMoh was one off of three-star Draven, but couldn’t hit it. Robinsongz’s Shojin Blue Buff Ryze bought time for Vayne and Kindred to pierce through the enemy frontline and give Robinsongz the win in Game 5!

Game 5 winner

Game 6

Coming into the final game, three of the four top spots had already been decided. IMissVoidSins, Robinsongz, and SpencerTFT had secured their slots in the NA Regional Finals. But the last spot and the final placements were still up for grabs.

IMissVoidSins played Dawnbringer Skirmishers using Nidalee and Lee Sin to hold items. At level 7, he found a Heimerdinger for Renewer. He grabbed a second Heimerdinger from the carousel and on his level 8 roll down he found the third! 

He put in one-star units to hit 4 Renewer and added in Volibear for Revenant. After the Stage 5 carousel, IMissVoidSins had 53 HP, while second place had 16 seventh had 7! 

Four players fell in the following round, including Myucil and Broccóli who were tied for fourth place overall! Both players were sent to zero HP on the same round, but Myucil had started the round at 16 HP while Broccóli had 15.

The two other remaining players were Robinsongz’s Forgotten team and Buzzyboo’s unconventional 4 Legionnaire Dragonslayer team. 

Buzzyboo’s Mordekaiser managed to win a round against both IMissVoidSins and Robinsongz, knocking out Robinsongz and guaranteeing the tournament win for IMissVoidSins! 

In the final round, Buzzyboo’s Mordekaiser attack missed Nidalee multiple times, and IMissVoidSins secured the game and the tournament victory!

Game 6 winner

IMissVoidSins is your Reckoning Mid-Set Finale Champion! 

IMissVoidSins has been playing TFT since Set 1 but has kept a low profile and his identity remains a mystery (for now). He did not win a single game in the first three days of the tournament, but won three of the six games on the final day! 

He maintained a flexible playstyle throughout the tournament but on the last day, he played solely Dawnbringer and Skirmisher comps. He dedicated the win to his grandmother. $6,000 and a spot in the NA Regional Qualifiers; your grandma would be proud!

Team Liquid’s Robinsongz came in at second place to grab $4,000 and his ticket to the NA Regional Qualifiers. He had arguably the strongest performance throughout the entire tournament, with an average placement of 3.33 over the first three days. 

He played 6 Forgotten in five out of the six games on Day 4.

SpencerTFT got wins with Dawnbringers and Skirmishers to claim third place overall, netting $3,000 and punching his ticket to the NA Regional Qualifiers. Like IMissVoidSins, Spencer played only Dawnbringer and Skirmisher comps on the final day.

Myucil had an insanely close finish in Game 6 to claim the final spot in the Top 4! Coming into the final game, Myucil and Broccóli were tied for fourth. 

One HP was the difference between fourth place with $2,000 and an invite to the NA Regional Qualifiers, and fifth place with $1,500 but no invite. He played 4 different comps on the final day including Dawnbringers and Skirmishers twice apiece.

That’s it for North America’s competitive TFT scene for Set 5! Dawnbringers and Skirmishers were the bread and butter for three of the four qualifying players, while Forgotten helped Robinsongz grab second place! 

Up next is the $10,000 duos tournament which will run throughout August. Set 5.5 here we come! 


Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4

Reckoning Mid-Set Finale: Day 4 Final Standings
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