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NA Regional Finals - Day 2 Recap

AD comps dominated the $25,000 NA Regional Finals. Four of the top five most popular comps of Day 1 were AD-based. Lucian and Jax were the highest performing 4-costs, while Abomination Vel’Koz was the only AP comp in the Top 5 in terms of popularity. 

Coming into the final game of Day 1, Robinsongz was in 11th place. But his Vel’Koz brought him a third-place finish. 

And the stars aligned for him as Ramkev went seventh and Myucil eighth, with both ending two points behind Robinsongz, who finished in eighth place overall.

Final Standings: NA Regional Finals, Day 1

On Day 2, physical damage comps again reigned supreme, winning five of the six games. AD comps took two-thirds of the Top 4 placements, mainly with Kayle, Jax, or Lucian. Nocturne popped up twice in the Top 4 and nearly took the first game.

And how could the carrys survive without their trusty vanguard? Galio and Rell were the most successful front-liners. 

Rell was a part of all six game-winning boards and an itemized Galio was key in five of the six victories.

Games Recap

Game 1

IMissVoidSins led early with Redeemed Knights powered by Varus and took his first loss on stage 3 against Sètsuko’s Lucian. 

Subsequently, they were knocked out in fourth and fifth.

Coming into the Top 3, Kurumx had two-starred his Teemo on stage 4 and had a formidable Abomination Revenant team with a two-star Heimerdinger to boot! That is, while DeliciousMilk was on an eight-round win streak with his Revenant Assassins.

But in the final round, both were knocked out by Robinsongz's Sentinel Knight board powered by Lucian. DeliciousMilk’s three-star Nocturne got stuck on the Bramble Vest Galio. On the other side, Robinsongz’s Viego managed to convert Kurumx’s Heimerdinger.

Game 1 winner

Game 2

In the second game, the Top 5 comps were all about that physical damage. PockyGom had Skirmisher Knights with an unusual three-star Nunu. Spencer had Aphelios with a Revenant Cavalier frontline. Sètsuko had Kayle with Revenant Knights at the helm. 

Robinsongz and k3soju were at the top of the lobby: Robinsongz with Ironclad Knights Jax and k3soju with Akshan and friends. 

Robinsongz’s 13 round win-streak was ended by the power of Sètsuko’s Kayle. 

Sètsuko had managed to hang on to reach third place, but in his next meeting with Robinsongz, his Kayle was disrupted by Robinsongz’s Viego and she was hammered down by the enemy Jax.  

Robinsongz was able to grab his fifth Galio from the carousel, and in the post-carousel shop, two more Galios turned up! He rolled four times to find the eighth copy and used his Neeko’s Help to achieve three-star status! k3soju didn’t stand a chance and Robinsongz took back-to-back victories in the opening games.

Game 2 winner

Game 3

Robinsongz led from the start until stage 6 when his Jax Knights team took a hit against DeliciousMilk’s 4 Invoker Karma board. By then, only the two of them and Spencer were left alive. Spencer’s 6 Sentinel board had Lucian as its primary carry and Jax as a backup.  

However, against 4 Knights and 3 Ironclad, Lucian’s projectiles only tickled Robinsongz’s team. Then, Spencer’s Jax was corrupted by the enemy’s itemized two-star Viego. This concluded with Robinsongz taking the win!

Game 3 winner

Game 4

Robinsongz was looking unstoppable, but in the fourth game, his reroll Forgotten board went out in fifth.

Sètsuko’s Lucian with a mixed Revenant Knight frontline, k3soju’s Knights Jax, and DeliciousMilk’s Sentinel Akshan were the Top 3 boards. It was quite a close game and only 6 HP separated first and third place. 

In the final round, k3soju’s Viego was able to catch DeliciousMilk’s Akshan, but at only one star, Viego's corruption was unsuccessful. In the end, Akshan was able to take out both k3soju and Sètsuko to give DeliciousMilk the first “not Robinsongz” victory of the day.  

Game 4 winner

Game 5

Robinsongz went for Nightbringer Yasuo and with a Nightbringer Emblem from the carousel so he was able to hit 6 Nightbringer with Rell and Irelia at level 7. On stage 5-6, DeliciousMilk, IMissVoidSins, and Kurumx were all knocked out! 

In the next round, Spencer’s Jax fell in fourth and Robinsongz dipped to 5 HP after taking a loss against PockyGom’s 6 Spellweaver (triple Spellweaver Emblems) Revenant Abomination comp. 

k3soju’s Legionnaire comp with an Assassin Draven could not survive against the Nightbringers, and he bowed out in third.

It looked like PockyGom had the game in the bag, but Robinsongz was able to grab a Shroud from the carousel and that turned the game around! 

PockyGom was forced to split his team to reduce the Shroud’s effectiveness, allowing Robinsongz’s Diana to get on top of the Vel’Koz and steal the win away from PockyGom! Robinsongz: 4, the rest of the lobby: 1.

Game 5 winner

Game 6

Coming into the final game, Robinsongz was ahead by a long shot and had already clinched first place. 

Deliciousmilk was in second and a sixth-place finish would guarantee his spot at Worlds. 

But the battle for third was hotly contested! k3soju was in third, but PockyGom, Spencer, and Sètsuko were looking to change that. Only two points separated k3soju in third and Sètsuko in sixth! 

By the end of stage 4, six players were below 24 HP, including all four of the contenders for third place overall. 

PockyGom’s Spellweaver Abomination team faced off against k3soju’s Aphelios Knights, and PockyGom eliminated k3soju in seventh.

In the same round, Spencer took out Sètsuko in eighth!

That meant that either PockyGom or Spencer would be representing North America at Worlds.

Spencer’s board was looking strong with three two-star Legendaries and Karma as its carries. 

PockyGom could not find his third Vel’Koz, but somehow managed to take out Kurumx’s Jax board that even included a two-star Viego!

Coming into the final round, Spencer had taken a loss against Robinsongz’s Kayle and was now at 3 HP while PockyGom was at 1 HP.  

Little did they know that this round would decide who would be joining Robinsongz and DeliciousMilk at Worlds...

At the last moment, Spencer moved his Mistral (Radiant Zephyr) to hit PockyGom’s Fiddlesticks and positioned his two-star Garen close to PockyGom’s central clump. Without the two-star Vel’Koz, PockyGom didn’t stand a chance! Spencer had done it, he would be representing NA at Worlds. 

Game 6 winner

Robinsongz dominated the final day, winning five of the six games! 

Robinsongz played five different comps on his road to take home $8,000 and the most dominant win ever in a major TFT tournament! And just think, he almost didn’t make it to Day 2! 

DeliciousMilk had the most consistent performance overall, finishing in second place on both days of competition. He received a hefty $5,000 for his effort, and it will be exciting to see him take on the world!  

Both Spencer and PockyGom tied for third place with 33 points each. They both had an average placement of 4.167 and neither of them won a game. 

So it came down to who placed highest in the final game, and that was Spencer. 

He has been Challenger since set 1 and has hit Rank 1 in multiple sets. He will be looking to bring the trophy home to Canada!

All 16 of our competitors showcased their tremendous skill, ability, and drive. But unfortunately for most of them, the journey ends here.

Our three representatives: Robinsongz, DeliciousMilk, and Spencer, have secured their place as North America’s best and will carry the region’s fate on their shoulders as they take on the rest of the world in the TFT Reckoning Championship!

Final Standings: NA Regional Finals, Day 2

NA Regional Finals - Day 2 VOD

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