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Nightbringer Cup Recap

The Nightbringer Cup saw 128 of the top North American TFT players compete for a spot in the $20,000 NA Reckoning Mid-Set Finale.

On Day 1, the 128 participants each played a five-game series seeded based on their in-game LP. The Top 4 players in each of the 16 lobbies moved on to Day 2.

On Day 2, the remaining 64 players were seeded based on their Day 1 performance and were split into eight coinciding lobbies to play another five-game series. The Top 4 players from each of the eight lobbies moved on to the third and final day.

On Day 3, the last remaining 32 players were split into four lobbies for their final five-game series. 

The four highest-scoring players from each lobby would earn a direct invite to the Reckoning Mid-Set Finale! With 16 slots up for grabs, the competition was fierce! Let’s check out how each lobby went down on the final day!

Lobby A

Âzarin’s Forgotten comp with two two-star Viegos knocked out both Prine’s Dragonslayer Nightbringers and kci’s Dawnbringer Invoker comp to claim victory in Game 1.

Buzzyboo dropped his fourth Nightbringer (Pantheon) to put in a two-star Viego who stole ChungMoney12’s carry, Ryze, securing victory in Game 2.

Prine’s 3-star Lux carry in a Redeemed comp won Game 3 in a back and forth clash against intc’s Dawnbringers. His Vel’Koz might have helped out just a bit too... 

Buzzyboo won Game 4 with a Draven-less Forgotten comp powered by a two-star double Shadow Zeke’s Vayne and Katarina. Shojin Ryze was also a big help during the late game. Team Vayne took out both ChungMoney12’s Dawnbringer comp and intc’s Draven-powered Forgotten comp. Step aside Draven... Vayne reigns supreme!

Âzarin’s Forgotten comp took the final game of Lobby A against Kranos’ Forgotten Assassin (Shadow Blue Buff Assassin Emblem Ryze) comp. 

Prine was in his prime, taking the top spot in Lobby A. Joining him in the Top 4 were Buzzyboo, Âzarin, and intc.

Lobby A winner - Prine

Lobby B

In Game 1, Staxl’s Forgotten comp took the win against Jirachy’s Dawnbringer comp in a back-and-forth battle involving Zephyrs on both sides!

Game 2 saw more Zephyr-on-Zephyr action in the battle for first. This time, Jirachy’s 4 Cavalier Forgotten comp was able to beat out NoobOwl’s Assassin Forgotten team to claim victory.

XTheFarmerX gave Karma and Garen Redeemed Emblems and together with a strong Lux, they took a win in Game 3 against Jirachy’s Riven-powered Dawnbringer team.

Father of Shalom dominated the lobby in Game 4 with his Forgotten Draven comp, beating the XTheFarmerX’s relatively weaker Forgotten team with 60 HP to spare!

Father of Shalom continued his domination in Game 5, winning with three-star Ivern and Riven in a Dawnbringer comp. 

Jirachy was our Lobby B winner, reaching the Top 2 in four of the five matches played. Could Jirachy’s strong performance be attributed to their recent stint as a guest caster on Fight Night: Rising? Probably not, but maybe.

Father of Shalom, Staxl, and XTheFarmerX rounded out the Top 4.

Lobby B winner - Jirachy

Lobby C

Benva won the first game of Lobby C with a Revenant Assassin board. Three-star Nocturne, Blue Buff Katarina, and two Shadow Lockets made for a highly formidable team! He took out trll’s Forgotten comp in the final round to claim the win.

Robinsongz put Assassin Emblems on Draven and Ryze, and then called it a day. The Forgotten Assassins were too much for Benva’s three-star Nocturne to handle and Robinsongz took Game 2 on a six-round win streak.

Robinsongz took another win in Game 3, this time with Yasuo-on-Yasuo action! It was a back-and-forth battle against DohMoh, but in the end, the double Warmogs Mordekaiser beat out the single Warmogs Mordekaiser. Positioning, luck, and other factors might have been involved as well. 

Takengirlsonly took Game 4 with the classic Yasuo Dragonslayer comp against a Dawnbringer comp commanded by Benva. Surprisingly, there was not a single three-star unit on either side.

Robinsongz' Forgotten comp had a dominant win in the final game of Lobby C. His final opponent was another Forgotten player, DohMoh.  

Benva and Robinsongz tied in points, but Benva topped Lobby C with a higher average placement overall. However, Robinsongz was only one of the two players to win three games today, so kudos to him as well!

Congrats to Dohmoh and Peeled Papaya for qualifying too!

Lobby C winner - Benva (Robinsongz' POV)

Lobby D

Kevyzhou ditched the meta comps and pulled out a 5 Hellion board with a three-star Ziggs carry. Rell, Lux, and Syndra provided a perfect meld of synergy goodness: Cavalier, Mystic, Invoker, and Redeemed. 

Vel’Koz was the item holder for Teemo and double Neeko's Helps enabled him hit two-star Teemo once the initial Teemo was found.

Kevyzhou went against Aer0st0rm’s Dawnbringer comp in the final round. Aer0st0rm managed to Zephyr both Teemo and Ziggs, but it only delayed the inevitable, leaving Kevyzhou to take Game 1 on a very hot win streak.

Kevyzhou won Game 2 with a classic Forgotten comp powered by Draven and Katarina. I Miss Void Sins put up a good fight with his three-star Lux carry, but the lack of Vel’Koz items made it an uphill battle too steep to overcome.

Rokuyo’s Forgotten board was all about sustain. Two Gargoyle Stoneplates + Shadow Gargoyle Stoneplate on his Hecarim and a Riskthirster + Bloodthirster combo on his Draven provided heals galore!

Aer0st0rm’s twin Vel’Koz Redeemed board could not bring down the highly sustainable team in the final round and Rokuyo secured Game 3.

In Game 4, I Miss Void Sins dropped his Warwick and Thresh to put in 4 Mystic against Rokuyo’s scaling three-star Lux carry. The added magic resistance bought enough time for I Miss Void Sins’ Draven to cut through the Redeemed units and defeat the luxurious Lux to claim the win.

Game 5 saw Kevyzhou’s Yasuo comp versus I Miss Void Sins’ Forgotten team. Kevy’s three-star Yasuo was a beast and Frozen Heart Diana made it difficult for Draven to compete. This resulted in Kevy’s third win of the day!  

Kevyzhou ended the day in the number one spot and I Miss Void Sins, Rokuyo, and Aer0st0rm joined him in the Top 4. 

Lobby D winner - Kevyzhou


Kevyzhou finished with the highest point total of the day! He won three games and played a different comp every game. He came into the tournament as the 117th seed, but played an incredible five games to clinch the top spot overall!

What was the tournament’s top comp?

6 Forgotten dominated the final day winning over half of the lobbies; this comp is just too good! AP items or tears? Ryze and Katarina are ready. AD items? Draven and Vayne await. 

Got some leftover items? Hand them over to Viego, or not, he’s pretty strong either way. Just make sure to grab Rell to beef up your frontline.  

Yasuo with 4 Dragonslayer took four lobby wins (20%) and Lux-powered Redeemed boards claimed two victories.

Assassin, Hellion, and Dawnbringer comps also took wins.

A huge congrats to the sixteen players that qualified for the Mid-Set Finale! 31 of the 32 slots in the Mid-Set Finale have been claimed. The final slot will be filled by the winner of next week's Challenger Series. It's going to be one sweaty tournament!

Nightbringer Cup: Day 3 Final Standings
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