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Piltover Cup Recap

$5,000 in prize money, four direct invites to the North American Gizmos & Gadgets Mid-Set Finale, four invites to Day 2 of the Zaun Cup, and valuable qualifier points were all up for grabs in the first leg of the tournament circuit for NA. 

128 players competed in three days of action-packed, exciting Teamfight Tactics! 

On the first two days of the tournament, four of the five best-performing comps were AD-based. Urgot/Jinx with Bruisers was the most popular comp by far on Days 1 and 2. Mutant Kaisa boards had the highest win rate on both days.

Let's check out how the final day (Day 3) went down. The winning comps are in yellow.

Top 5 Comps - Day 1


Grand Finals (Day 3) Recap

Lobby A

Game 1

Game 1 featured Voracious Appetite (aka Dark Star) Mutant on Mutant action. Guubums played 5 Mutant Kaisa with two two-star Yuumis and three Zz'Rot Portals to increase the power of Dark Star Kaisa. 

Ramblinnn’s own Kaisa/Malhazar duo was able to take a round win by canceling Guubums’ Kaisa mid-cast. But Guubums replaced his Shroud-equipped Seraphine with a second two-star Yuumi. 

This gave Guubums the perfect Shroud positioning so that he was able to burst down the opposing Mutant team and take the win in Game 1.

Game 2

Guubums’ 6 Sniper Jayce with a Bruiser frontline took out Rayditz’s reroll Protectors powered by a three-star Protector Katarina. Backline Jayce empowered his fellow Snipers and they gunned down the tanky Protectors to give Guubums his second win in a row! 

Game 3

Broccoli, Ramblinnn, and Rayditz were all within one-hit range. Broccoli played a Bruiser frontline with Jinx but utilized Viktor instead of the typical Urgot. 

Rayditz’s 4 Sniper Jhin team managed to take out Ramblinnn’s Jinx/Urgot board. But in the final round, Broccoli’s Viktor’s Death Rays cut through the Snipers to give Broccoli the win. 

Game 4

SoulessDark Star Mutants took out Ramblinnn’s Jhin board to clinch a Top 2 finish. But Broccoli’s 6 Sniper Jayce stood between Souless and a first-place finish. 

A clutch Guardian Angel for his Malzahar and a double Rageblade Chemtech Kaisa helped Souless narrowly win against the stacked Snipers!

Game 5

Ramblinnn played 6 Arcanist with Lux until level 9 and eventually swapped the items over to a two-star Viktor. Iniko had found the three-star Urgot, but Ramblinnn’s Giant Slayer Viktor took down the mighty three-star Chemtech with ease! 

Broccoli’s Yone tried its best but had to settle for second place against Ramblinnn's stacked Viktor.

Lobby B

Game 1

Kageros’ three-star Yone with 6 Academy knocked out both YippeeMaokaiYay’s and Spencer’s Urgot/Jinx boards to claim Game 1 of Lobby B. 

Game 2

A clutch Zephyr in the final round saw Bradini’s Academy-Emblemed 6 Arcanist Viktor beat both Casparwu’s Urgot/Jinx board and PickleOnion’s Challenger Kaisa team.

Game 3

Casparwu’s Metamorphosis (aka Elderwood) Mutants went up against Kurumx’s Lux/Viktor board. Kurum played both Sunfire Cape on his frontline Jayce and Morello on Viktor. 

The true damage and healing reduction enabled him to break through the Mutants and take the win.  

Game 4

PickleOnion claimed victory with Challenger Kaisa and a strong Galio frontline. His final opponent, Casparwu, put up a good fight, but the Kaisa was too much to handle. PickleOnion picked up first place on a 10-round win streak!

Game 5

Kageros’ reroll Imperial Samira team with three three-star champs managed to take a close win against Kurum’s 5 Innovator Yone board. 

Lobby C

Game 1

Yubin’s 6 Academy Yone w/ Braum + Jayce frontline took out Jdzielinski’s Imperial Samira board.

Game 2

Pawnup and Dishsoap were both on fire when they faced off for the win with Dishsoap’s 4 Challenger Academy Yone versus Pawnup’s Urgot/Jinx. 

Dishsoap’s frontline Bramble Vest Jayce kept the Crit Urgot/Jinx in check and the Yone popped off and shredded the Chemtechs into dust! 

Game 3

Triple8s’ double Runic Shield Augments with 6 Arcanist and three-star Vex frontline brought Yubin’s Urgot/Jinx comp down in the final round.

Game 4

Pawnup’s Urgot/Jinx team looked poised to win. He took Jdzielinski’s 6 Arcanist Lux down to 17 HP, but then Jdzielinski leveled to 9 and found multiple two-star Legendaries to pair with his three-star Vex. 

Even the mighty Urgot could not break the Vex shield, and Pawnup went down in second place. 

Game 5

Pawnup's Yone comp included five different three-star champions including three-star Yone and Fiora! 

Yubin had a strong second-place finish using Kaisa with three Socialite and the Built Different Augment, but he could not break through the three-stars so Pawnup took a convincing win in the final game.  

Lobby D

Game 1

Kyivix’s Level 10 board with 6 Arcanist Lux/Viktor and two two-star Tahms looked poised to win again Kovanel’s 7 Syndicate board. 

But on his last life, Kovanel was able to hit two-star Kaisa and a perfect Shroud onto Kyivix’s Viktor. That made the difference, and he was able to rally, knocking out Viktor and co. to claim the win.

Game 2

It was a battle between the three-star carries of Pockygom and Setsuko with Pockygom’s 6 Academy three-star Lux versus Setsuko’s three-star Urgot + two-star Jinx Bruisers. 

Pocky positioned his clump on the opposite side of the mighty Urgot, and the Giant Slayer, Blue Buff Lux cut through Setsuko’s HP-heavy comp with ease. Urgot’s rapid-fire was not nearly enough, and it was a one-sided victory for Pocky.

Game 3

The third game of Lobby D did not even reach the stage 6 carousel. Xnieamo paired Urgot with Viktor in his Chemtech comp against Kovanel’s 7 Syndicate board. 

The Syndicates lacked the burst damage to take out Xnieamo’s Bruiser frontline, and Xnieamo's Rageblade Urgot cut through the Syndicates for the win.  

Game 4

Pockygom was large and in charge throughout most of the game. His Sniper board included three-star Miss Fortune, Taric, and Tristana. His final clash was against Aer0’s formidable 8 Academy Yone. 

But Pocky was just too far ahead and the Snipers managed to snipe down Yone and friends to give Pockygom the victory and his 19th consecutive round win. 

Game 5

Aer0’s 6 Academy Yone claimed the final game of the day against Aesah’s Sniper Jhin comp. Aer0 only lost a single champion (Taric) in their final clash!

Ramblinnn, PickleOnion, Pawnup, and Pockygom secure their spots in the Mid-Set Finale!

Each of the four lobby winners also took home $600 in prize money and 25 qualifier points.

Ramblinnn and Guubums traded positions in the Top 2 of Lobby A throughout the first four games. But in the final game, Guubums took a very unfortunate eighth and Ramblinnn claimed the top spot. 

Ramblinnn played four different comps on his way to the #1 spot overall: 6 Arcanist Viktor/Lux, Chemtech Urgot/Jinx, Jhin, and Mutants. 

PickleOnion was at the top of Lobby B after the second game and he stayed there for the rest of the tournament. He played 8 Arcanist Lux in Game 1, then played Challenger-based comps (Samira w/ Imperial or Kaisa w/ Yone) in the final four matches.

Pawnup was in third place coming into the final game, but a win with three-star Yone/Fiora saw him jump to the top spot in Lobby C. He played Chemtech Urgot/Jinx in four of his five matches.

Pockygom started off with a mediocre fourth-place finish, but then turned the heat up and took two wins to claim the number one spot in Lobby D. He played Academy-based comps in four out of five games, using Yone as his main carry in three matches.

Congrats to Broccoli, Velayy, Yubin, and Kovanel for placing second place in their perspective lobbies to grab $400 each and direct invites to Day 2 of the Zaun Cup

6 Arcanist boards took six wins, and Yone took five! The popular Urgot/Jinx combination did not win a single game but Chemtech Viktor did claim two wins when paired with either Jinx or Urgot. Kaisa-powered boards (Mutant/Challenger) also claimed three wins.

Each of the 128 players that participated in the Piltover Cup gained valuable qualifier points that bring them closer to qualifying to the Gizmos & Gadgets Mid-Set Finale and the Gizmos & Gadgets NA Regional Finals.

Piltover Cup: Day 2 VOD, Piltover Cup: Day 3 VOD

Piltover Cup - Final Standings
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