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The NA Regional Finals Has Arrived!

After months of action-packed qualification tournaments, numerous ladder snapshots, and over $30,000 in prize money dished out, the NA representatives to the TFT Reckoning World Championship will finally be decided this weekend!

The NA Regional Finals is the culmination of every North American competitive TFT player’s blood, sweat, tears, and effort. Over the coming weekend, 16 of NA’s best will fight for $25,000 and a chance to be one of the three North American representatives at the TFT Reckoning World Championship! 

One might argue that luck resulted in some of the top-notch tacticians failing to make the cut, but none can deny that everyone here earned their spot fair and square to rightfully deserve their place in the Regional Finals.

Qualifying for this tournament was no small feat. 

Each of the players earned their spot by either besting hundreds of other competitors in qualifying tournaments, maintaining a top spot on the NA ladder throughout the entirety of Set 5, or by placing in the Top 2 of the NA leaderboards after the first week of Set 5.5’s release.

Tournament Masters

IMissVoidSins won the NA Reckoning Mid-Set Finale to claim the top spot coming into the tournament. He has been playing TFT since Set 1 and has consistently hit Challenger since at least Set 4. 

Aside from his strong tournament results, not much is known about this mysterious player who has been demoted to Master rank on his main account. Perhaps he is training anonymously on one of his other accounts; we shall see.

Robinsongz quit his job and risked it all to pursue his dream of playing TFT professionally! His gamble paid off and he has been part of Team Liquid since April. 

He has been a strong tournament player for a while and won the Giant Slayer Series 3 together with his bud Ramblinnn. Coming off of the win, he is definitely one of the favorites to take home the win!  

SpencerTFT has been a Challenger since Set 1 and has hit Rank 1 in multiple sets! The Canadian TFT wiz has been a regular on Fight Night: Rising since the early days of the tournament, won the Challenger Series #2, and placed third in the Mid-Set Finale. 

Myucil was the fourth player to qualify through tournament play. Not much is known about them, but they have been Challenger-ranked every set since TFT’s inception.

Ladder Leaders  

DeliciousMilkGG has hit Rank 1 every set and topped the Set 5 leaderboard snapshots to claim his spot in the Regional Finals. His YouTube channel has not seen a new upload since Set 4, but he still has over 50,000 subscribers.    

PockyGom is a pretty chill dude. He won the first Challenger Series but failed to reach the Top 8 in the Mid-Set Finale. But that wasn’t a problem as he had the ladder points to qualify anyways.

NoobOwl is #2 on the NA leaderboard as of writing. He came very close to representing NA in the TFT Fates World Championship and will be looking to make things right this time.

Bertasaurus made a big splash when he won the NA Fates Qualifier #4 in a dominant fashion. In the recent Giant Slayer Series 3, he even claimed the highest individual point total on the final day. All in all, he is looking very strong!

Mismatched Socks looks to represent NA in the TFT World Championship for the third consecutive time! He is well known for his strategies and game knowledge, which he shares freely with the TFT community.  

Kurumx won the previous NA Regional Finals and managed to just make it into the Top 10 of the Set 5 leaderboard snapshots. Can he take another win and represent NA once more?

RamKev and k3Soju were the last two contestants to qualify for the Regional Finals. They did it by ranking highest on the leaderboard after the first week of Set 5.5’s release.  

RamKev reached third place in the TFT Fates World Championship making him arguably the most successful competitive TFT player in North America! He is also #1 on the NA leaderboard as of writing. 

k3Soju is one of the most prolific TFT streamers of all time and is known for his ability to climb the ladder and stream for copious amount at a time. 

Sètsuko, Kiyoon, GrandVice8, and Guubums round out the 12 that qualified via ladder points! 

And there you have it, folks, the moment of reckoning is at hand!

Over the weekend, we’ll see some of TFT’s best, most entertaining players attempt to outsmart and outmaneuver each other in the most highly-anticipated NA tournament of the set! So, strap in tight and hang on to your Little Legends because it’s going to be a wild ride! 

Who will be crowned the #1 player in North America and represent NA in the TFT Reckoning World Championship?

The action starts on Saturday, 4 pm PDT (Sept. 4) at

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