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Zaun Cup Recap

The Zaun Cup gathered 160 of the best TFT players across North America to compete for qualifier points, $5,000 in prize money, and one of four direct invites to the $20,000 Gizmos & Gadgets Mid-Set Finale!

The competitors consisted of the 152 highest-ranked players to sign up for the tournament, plus eight players from the Piltover Cup. The 24 highest-ranked signups and the eight Piltover Cup players automatically qualified for Day 2. 

The remaining 128 players would compete in two best-of-three series to reach Day 2.

Day 1

XxxXxxXXxYTOG had the highest score in the Round of 128, opening with a second-place using reroll Protector Mutants then wins off the back of Imperial Talon and a 10 HP Mercenary cashout into Kai'Sa.

The Top 4 from each lobby moved on to the Round of 64. XxxXxxXXxYTOG's journey ended here with two eighths and a seventh place.

F1 FLOW took two wins with 7 Syndicate Assassins and a second-place with a Built Different Kai'Sa to top the scoreboard at the end of Day 1.

The most popular comps - Day 1

Day 2

The 32 remaining players from the Round of 64 were joined by the 24 highest-ranked signups and the eight Piltover Cup players for a best-of-five series. The Top 4 from each lobby would move on to Day 3.

In Lobby B, Souless scored the most points on Day 2, winning games with a powerful Tahm Urgot board as well as a 4 Challenger Jinx comp! He was the only person out of 64 to Top 4 in every game!

In that same lobby, Milk, Setsuko, and Saibur finished in a three-way tie for 5th place.

In Lobby F, Inikoiniko lost the tiebreaker for fourth place against Set 6 Challenger Series runner-up Spicyappies.

The most popular comps - Day 2

Day 3

On the final day, the players were divided into four lobbies for the final five-game series seeded based on their performance on Day 2. The top-scoring player from each lobby would qualify directly for the Mid-Set Finale!

Lobby A

Spicyappies topped the lobby after a win with a three-star Cho'Gath in a Mutant Sniper comp. He followed it up with another win with an 8 Arcanist board. He kept his spot at top of the lobby for the rest of the day! 

Spicyappies - Lobby A winner

Lobby B 

It was neck-and-neck throughout the day in Lobby B, with the lobby leader changing after every game! 

First place came down to the final matchup of the closing game. Both PickleOnion and iCopyKeane were at 40 HP and a win for either would mean tournament victory! 

iCopyKeane had one-tricked Yone on throughout the entire tournament, and when it mattered most, he came out on top of PickleOnion's Imperial Swain board.

iCopyKeane - Lobby A winner

Lobby C

It was just as close in Lobby C and four different players were in first place at some point! The fate of the lobby was also decided in the final matchup of the final game. This time it was Robinsongz vs Robivankenob!

Robinsongz's 5 Innovator 4 Scholar Heimerdinger went up against Robivankenob's Urgot Challenger flex board. The added AP from the Lifelong Learning Augment saw Robin's Scholars tear through Robivankenob's board, securing first place for Robinsongz! 

Bobby had won the lobby!

Robinsongz - Lobby C winner

Lobby D

Guubums won the first three games of his lobby. He managed to take close victories with double Knife's Edge Augment Urgot, 6 Challenger Yone, and a 6 Scholar three-star Heimerdinger with Lifelong Learning.

A second-place finish with Innovators in Game 4, guaranteed Guubums the top spot. And in Game 5 everyone else was playing for second.

Guubums - Lobby D winner

Congrats to Guubums, Spicyappies, Robinsongz, and iCopyKeane for winning their lobbies!

All four players claimed $600 each in prize money and an invite to the Mid-Set Finale! However, Spicyappies had already qualified for the Mid-Set Finale through the Set 6 Challenger series. As a result, the lobby runner-up, Souless instead claimed his ticket to the Mid-Set Finale! 

It was an amazing weekend of TFT! We had lobbies that were won in the dying rounds, while another was decided even before the final game. 

We also had a player one-trick Challengers throughout the entire tournament to earn a spot in the Mid-Set Finale. What a mad lad! 

And with that, the stage has been set for the Gizmos & Gadgets Mid-Set Finale

From February 4 to 6, the top 32 players from North America will face off for a $20,000 prize pool, a spot in the Gizmos & Gadgets NA Regional Finals, and their claim to fame as the best player of Set 6!

Are you wondering what comps helped our lobby winners secure their top spots on the final day? Wonder no more!  

Day 3 comps of our lobby winners


  • Chemtech Urgot x 2
  • 8 Arcanist
  • 5 Mutant Cho’Gath
  • Imperial Challenger Yone


  • Challenger Yone x 5


  • Challenger Yone x 2
  • Protector Mutant reroll
  • Chemtech Urgot
  • 5 Innovator Heimerdinger


  • Bruiser Urgot
  • Challenger Yone
  • 6 Scholar + Bodyguards
  • 5 Innovator Heimerdinger
  • Arcanist Yordles (8th)

VODS: Zaun Cup Day 2, Zaun Cup Day 3

Zaun Cup - Final Lobbies
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