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Fight Night: Rising Week 99 Recap

Next week marks one of the biggest weeks in the history of TFT esports. Not only is there the Gizmos and Gadgets World Championship, but there’s also the hundredth edition of our lovely Fight Night: Rising! Can’t wait? Luckily, we just had some fantastic competitive TFT played during Fight Night: Rising 99. As always, it featured four of last week’s competitors on top of a dozen new ones. Of the returning players, Bruhbruhbruh WHO was on his third straight week. Which four players will return next week for the hundredth Fight Night: Rising and earn a piece of the $300 prize pot? Let’s take a look.

These are the opening lobbies for Fight Night: Rising 99!

Lobby A

Sometimes it makes sense to kick back, unwind, and roll high at nine. Ueckar sported 2 Viktor 2s, a Galeo 2, and a Silco 2 to win the night's first game. That win didn’t come easy, though. Spethom put up a good fight with VIP Talon 3, Leona 3, and Assassin Jayce 2. KokuluNanæ got third with Renata Bruisers, followed by Ersinne’s Striker Bruisers. 

In Game Two, Spethom laid waste to the seven other players. He ran a Six Strikers team highlighted by Jinx 2 with Striker Emblem. Yakatopa went the distance with him by playing a pretty standard Arcanists team. While Arcanist teams typically lack a meaty frontline besides Vex, Yakatopa added Leona 2 and Braun 2 to hold the line. Ueckar ran Bruisers to get third, and rounding out the top four was Ersinne. 

The final match of Lobby A was a prolonged duel between Spethom and ChunChunMaru. Ultimately, after nearly forty minutes, the former got the win. Spethom played a fairly typical Mutants team with a Mutant Ahri 2. ChunChunMaru, on the other hand, got very creative with his composition. He hit a whopping four emblems, which allowed him to play 7 Debonairs alongside 6 Assassins! Tahm Kench got two emblems, creating an Assassin Debonair Tahm Kench. Ueckar played a more typical Syndicates team to place third, as did Ersinne, playing Strikers to round out the top half of the lobby.

Lobby B

Moving over to Lobby B, the former Challenger Series competitor, dpei, won Game One. He utilized Double Trouble II by using double Vi to give his Arcanist Enchanter team a sturdy frontline. In second was Sneed, followed by pat slice pizza. Ch1wyLAN got fourth with Hextech Strikers. 

Lere took Game Two with Strikers despite being contested. Despite Stellar Minhee rocking most of the same units and synergies, Backfoot II and Irelia 2 gave him first while Stellar Minhee was left in third. Sneed once again took up second place, but this time with Renata Bruisers, that also found room for a Viktor 2. Finally, Admiral Zhào got fourth playing Scrap Innovators. 

Apparently, Double Trouble was recently nerfed. I say apparently because when Stellar Minhee won the final game of Lobby B, it certainly didn’t seem nerfed. The only synergy he had was Mastermind, and every one of his units was either a four or a five-cost. Bruhbruhbruh WHO put up a good fight with his Innovators. Beneath him were dpei and Ch1weyLAN, respectively. 

At the end of the opening lobbies, half of the players had to log off for the night. While it isn’t guaranteed, four players from each lobby advanced to the Final Lobby. From Lobby A came Spethom, Ueckar, Ersinne, and KokuluNanæ. At the same time, Stellar Minhee, dpei, Sneed, and Ch1weyLAN advanced from Lobby B. Unfortunately, that meant that Bruhbruhbruh WHO’s three-week reign at Fight Night: Rising came to an end. Spethom was the only returning player to crack the Final Lobby. Now that we know who competed in the Final Lobby, let’s see how they did!

Everyone on the left half is in the Final Lobby of Fight Night: Rising 99!

Final Lobby

Sound the alarm. The first game of the Final Lobby featured the first three-star four-cost champion. Not only that, but it happened twice, once for each of the top two players. The win went to Ueckar, who rocked a dynamite backline protected by a rock-solid frontline. Viktor 2, Zeri 2, and Draven 3 delt the damage behind Braum 2 and Leona 2. Ch1wey LAN’s three-star was Sivir, who, alongside the rest of his Striker team, clinched a solid second place. Rounding out the podium was Sneed, who also had a strong backline. His starred Ahri 2 being protected by Leona 3. Spethom had a whopping Five Socialite bonus boosting his Gnar to get fourth. Striker Socialites left dpei just shy of the top four, and Renata Bruisers left Stellar Minhee just a bit worse off. Jhin 2 wasn’t enough to get Ersinne past seventh, and KokuluNanæ was left high and dry in last. 

Since the Final Lobby gives out double points for every game, everyone still had a chance going into the night's final game! The first player to lose was Stellar Minhee. He had an interesting idea of running a Mutant team with Draven holding a Mutant emblem, but ultimately it didn’t amount to anything. Ersinne was next to drop as he ran Arcanists but couldn't hit the Viktor or find a bulky frontline. Ch1weyLAN and Sneed fell in that order, with them running Hextech and Syndicate teams, respectively.

On to the top half of the lobby. KokuluNanæ ran an interesting Chemtech Arcanists team led by Ahri 2, but it wasn’t enough to go higher than fourth. Not even Viktor with Manazane could catapult him further. Even though dpei didn’t have much in the way of synergy, he did have two Jinx 2 units, and that was enough to get him third. 

In the end, all that was left were the top two players on the total points leaderboard, Spethom and Ueckar. They had pretty different teams, as Ueckar played Mutants while Spethom played Challenger Bodyguards. Eventually, Ueckar could no longer fight back against Challenger Zeri 2, Jhin 2, and Draven 3, all being amplified by Backfoot 2. 

And with that, everyone’s points for the night were locked in. History was made a week early despite next week’s Fight Night: Rising being the historic centennial anniversary. Not only was Fight Night: Rising the first week to feature a player with at least sixty points since the revamp, but it had two! Both Spethom and Ueckar hit that legendary point threshold, but due to the tiebreaker, Spethom won Fight Night: Rising 99! That marks his second straight win in a row. No one was even close to them, as the other two players to advance to the hundredth Fight Night; Rising were dpei with 40 points and Sneed with 39.

Congratulations to Spethom for not only winning Fight Night: Rising 99, but also achieving the highest total points in Fight Night: Rising since the revamp! (tied with Ueckar!)

These upcoming weeks will be one of the biggest since the start of competitive TFT events. Will you be here to join us? Tune on May 12th at 9 PM EDT at to catch the hundredth anniversary of Fight Night: Rising!

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