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Fight Night: Rising Week 93 Recap

After a one-week hiatus, Fight Night: Rising has returned! After YT KupoTFT dominated the last Fight Night, finishing top-four in every game, would he be able to continue his dominance? Would ASIANGUCCISQUAD start the weekend strong before potentially entering the Innovation Cup on the waitlist? With a $300 prize pot on the line, there’s everything to play for!

Lobby A

The opening game of the night looked on pace to be a blowout due to SinglePersona’s dominant Malzahar and Binary Airdrop that allowed him to have five units with full items. However, FloatingTortoise fought with one HP and a dream alongside his Clockwork Sniper team that hit a quick two-star Zeri. Ultimately though, even without the three-star Silco that he was looking for, SinglePersona clutched it out to win game one.

Not a single three-star unit graced the board in game two. Instead, Kyuubi Knight’s Jinx-Socialite team bested all comers and put him tied for first in the leaderboard after two games alongside SinglePersona. YT KupoTFT found himself struggling after his previous performance, starting off the day with just a fifth and a seventh placing. 

Kyuubi Knight took down Floating Tortoise’s mighty Cho’Gath to take his second game in a row as well as top of Lobby A. Kyuubi’s three-star Irelia was ultimately just too much after Tortoise came just one Kha’Zix short of a three-star of his own.

Lobby B

The first game in the second lobby saw C9TG Upsetmax take the ever-popular Innovator team to a solid victory. Esoktft put up a good fight for second with a board consisting of no synergies greater than bronze, aside from the Rival synergy. Speaking of which, Vi featured in each of the top-five boards game one. Not only that, but each player put at least one full item on her. 

Kayndrew and PoisonEnder fought a bitter matchup at the end of game two: PoisonEnder with his Mutant Bruisers and Kayndrew his Twitch Reroll Innovators. Ultimately, Poison's three-star Malzahar and Cho’Gath proved too much for Kayndrew and PoisonEnder won game two. Banana in Pijama got his second straight fourth place as he continued his fight to make it into the money for the third straight week.

It was a classy affair for Esoktft in the third game, as he won with his Debonair team. Despite the efforts of Kayndrew’s Socialite Striker team and Upsetmax’s Clockwork team, the combo of two-star Zeri and Tahm Kench proved too much to deal with.

After the first set of lobbies were all set and done, it turned out that four players advanced from each lobby. On top of lobby leader Kyuubi Knight, Floating Tortoise managed to clinch a spot in the next round, as did SinglePersona and ChungMoney12. In the bottom Lobby A, PhDan avoided getting swept by placing sixth after ending up eighth in the two previous games and YT KupoTFT struggled to find his footing this week after placing seventh in the final game. Unfortunately not a great week for ASIANGUCCISQUAD, as he came up just two points shy of qualifying for the Final Lobby days after barely coming up short for the Innovation Cup. 

Kayndrew and C9TG Upsetmax continued their good performances finishing second and third respectively in Lobby B, ensuring their spots in the final lobby. The last spot was taken by PoisonEnder, whose eighth place in the final game was carried by his first and third in the first two games. Unfortunately, that meant Banana in Pijama coming up just three points short of the Final Lobby, and ending his multi-week streek.

Only eight points separate the top and bottom of our Final Lobby going into game one.

Scoreboard going into the Final Lobby

Final Lobby

After getting two second-place finishes earlier, Floating Tortoise was finally able to clinch a victory with his VIP three-star Draven. Kayndrew and SinglePersona didn’t look like they had much of a chance as Tortoise finished on a ten-game win streak, but lasting forty minutes put each of them in a good position to make it on to next week. C9TG Upsetmax salvaged a weak early board into a fourth-place finish Kyuubi Knight lost his first-place standing in the total points leaderboard after a disappointing sixth-place finish. Despite solid performances from ChungMoney12 and Esoktft in the previous lobbies, a rough game four meant they were going to need an electric performance to make it to next week.

The final game of the night did not fail to disappoint. The first to fall was Kyuubi Knight, who got eighth after going Mercenaries in a lobby chock-full of high-rollers. SinglePersona and FloatingTortoise were next to fall, neither player really able to make something happen. Esoktft was looking strong with seven Mutants: making plays with a two-star Malzahar and a Zz’Rot that refused to quit. Unfortunately, the three-star never came and the normally reliable seven Mutants could only manage a fifth-place finish. 

ChungMoney12 ran a fairly traditional Syndicate-Scholar team highlighted by a decked-out two-star Ahri. Still, it just wasn’t enough to combat the other three dominant comps, and yet another comp that would normally make top-two falls out at just fourth. Kayndrew had a high amount of health throughout the game, combining Jeweled Lotus with a two-star Ahri being protected by two-star Vi and Braum. Even that, though, only made it as far as the start of the seventh round.

C9TG UpsetMax and PoisonEnder were the only ones left past the forty-minute mark. On UpsetMax’s side were a team of all two-star units with every single one of them (besides Silco) sporting three items. All of those units were three costs or higher and included Galio soaking up the Socialite sun and Jhin laying out good damage on the side. PoisonEnder had a two-star Kai’Sa in a spotlight of his own alongside two-star Vi and Tahm Kench that also got to benefit from their own Jeweled Lotus. By round 7-2, UpsetMax had a crushing lead of seventy-seven to eight HP and looked on track to lock up his second first-place of the night. UpsetMax began to lose round after round, but his victory seemed certain as when both players were at the end of their health, it was a one-vs-one against Max’s Galio and Ender’s Kai’Sa. Yet somehow, PoisonEnder brought it back to win a nail-biting final round!  If you only watch one game from last Thursday, that’s definitely the one to watch.

And with the final match completed, the standings from the night were set in stone. At the top was C9TG UpsetMax, who despite coming second in that final game still managed to clinch the week. He was followed up by Kayndrew, PoisonEnder, and FloatingTortoise to round out the top four. PoisonEnder's top four placement moves him on for the second week in a row, while Kyuubi Knight, unfortunately, came up just a bit short to keep his streak going. 

Scoreboard after the Final Lobby. Congratulations to C9TG Upsetmax!

We’ll get to our top four from this week, as well as twelve brand new combatants, this Thursday on the next Fight Night: Rising!

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