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Fight Night: Rising Week 94 Recap

After an exciting finish last week, Fight Night: Rising is back with thirteen new competitors to compete against our top-three placing players from last week. C9TG Upsetmax, Kayndrew, and PoisonEnder are all back to try their hand at the $300 prize pot and the chance to yet again come back for next week’s event! 

That won’t be easy though; among this week’s competitors is Yippeemaokaiyay, who would go on to compete in the Challenger Series just a few days later. On top of that, all four are in the same starting lobby! With that, let’s get into the action!

The opening lobbies for tonight's Fight Night: Rising!

Lobby A

The first game of the night was all about Mutants, with Yippemaokaiyay and Rokuyo both getting top-four using Mutant-Bruiser comps. However, it was Yippemaokaiyay’s four, two-star five-cost units that propelled him into first while Rokuyo only managed fourth. Not even WizardTFT’s decked out Draven was enough, nor was Kayndrew’s Irelian and Sivir power combo. With those four rounding out the top half of the lobby, last week’s players PoisonEnder and Upsetmax found themselves off to a rough start.

If Upsetmax was a bit shaky after Game One, he didn’t show it. He took a Twitch-Innovator comp to victory, while the rest of the top four consisted of the other two competitors from last week’s Fight Night and Yippemaokaiyay. Meanwhile, Otenrab and Hulahooper were going to need a miracle to advance to the Final Lobby after neither had finished in the Top Four so far. 

In a relatively short game, WizardTFT clinched the win at only Round 6-3, hitting a Bruiser Crown that allowed Wizard to commit to an 8 Bruiser powerhouse consisting of only two-star units. Yippemaokaiyay and PoisonEnder got the silver and bronze medals for Game Three, followed up by Hulahooper achieving her only top-four of the night. 

Lobby B

The first game of Lobby B ended with guffree hitting the first three-star four-cost of the night and securing first place. His Orianna and the rest of his Innovators placed right above Coralie, Dishsoap, and Tlyee, all three of whom played Silco’s. Not only that, but the top three players all played Tahm Kench. 

Yordle-Arcanist comps are fairly common, but it’s not as often that we get to see Yordles taking a back seat to Six-Arcanists. That’s what Tlyee used to win Game Two, with Ahri and Viktor heading up a team that had both Meditation One and Three! CashstacheTFT was the only new player to enter the top-four in Game Two, with guffree getting seventh after running a Six-Striker team alongside gaardo. 

Tlyee got the privilege of entering the Final Lobby on a two-game hot-streak after winning yet another game. He picked up the first win of the night without hitting level nine after no one else was able to take care of his Viktor that dealt nearly all of his team’s damage. He double-eliminated CastacheTFT and Wrandifan to win the game, leaving guffee to round out the top-four. Lobby B also finished with two players never able to crack into the top-four, in this case being Blaznavac and gaardo.

So after both of our opening lobbies wrapped up, the top eight players had been determined. For a second week in a row, the Final Lobby consisted of four players from Lobby A and Lobby B. Lobby A contributed Yippemaokaiyay, WizardTFT, PoisonEnder, and Kayndrew. This makes it the first time in over a month that a player, C9TG Upsetmax in this case, didn’t qualify for the Final Lobby after winning a game during the opening lobbies. The four players joining the Final Lobby from Lobby B were Tlyee, guffee, Wrandifan, and CashstacheTFT. 

The scoreboard going into the Final Lobby.

Final Lobby

After Yippemoakaiyay won the first lobby of the day with Mutant-Bruiser, he decided to get rid of the Mutants to lock up his second victory of the day. After pivoting from a Mercenary early game using the Mercenary Crest, Renata Glasc and Viktor allowed him to clean up the game with an eleven-round win streak. Guffee and his Colossi managed second, followed up by Kayndrew and Wrandifan. Socialites from PoisonEnder and Strikers from WizardTFT got them fifth and sixth places respectively. Despite Tlyee going into the Final Lobby with the most points, he ended up getting seventh place, leaving Cashstache with eighth. 

The final match of the night wasn’t as long or thrilling as last week’s, but was just as surprising nonetheless. In eighth place was Yippemaokaiyay, who, despite winning the last game and being a prime candidate to win this event, couldn’t end the night off strong. He ran a Hextech comp, which hasn’t seen much success in this or the previous Fight Nights since the release of Set 6.5. Yippemaokaiyay lost at Round 5-2, the same time that Tlyee and Wrandifan also bit the dust. Wrandifan and his Socialite Strikers etched out Tlyy by two health points to secure those precious extra points. Fifth place took a couple more turns to be decided but ultimately was secured by PoisonEnder’s Socialites, who was followed up one turn later by guffee’s own Socialites receiving fourth. 

Kayndrew claimed the first podium finish of the Final Game. He hit the coveted three-star Malzahar that every Mutant comp desires. He hit so many in fact that he ran another two-star Malzahar alongside the first! Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to stop both him and the second-place finisher from winding up with no health at Round 6-3. That honor of first runner-up was bestowed upon CashStache. He got that success with Hextech Strikers, two traits that haven’t had the most success at this event. Ultimately, though, WizardTFT took the Final Match’s crown with his dashing Debonairs and VIP Syndra.

With all of the night’s matches over, the points standings were finalized. For the first time in Fight Night: Rising history, three players tied for first place! Due to the tiebreaker being a player’s average placement, the winner this week is Yippemaokaiyay! The other two players with forty-six points were WizardTFT and guffee, with Kayndrew rounding out the top four. That means those four will be returning for another week, and Kayndrew will be returning for his third week in a row.

The scoreboard after the end of the Final Lobby. Congrats to Yippeemoakaiyay!

Tune in this Thursday at 9 PM EDT for the next edition of Fight Night: Rising!

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